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  1. Are you suggesting that Chord DACs have become sentient and are now contributing to what they consider relevant threads? Presumably 'Hugo' will start posting thoughts on USB cables after the next firmware update.
  2. I trust it was a Nobsound LPSU? In which case 'miraculous improvement' would be taken as read.
  3. Lot to be said for some parts of Eastern Europe. One of the most striking women I've ever met is from Brno (Czech Republic) where her looks are apparently considered average - she tells me she has several more attractive friends. Probably need to reconsider my plan to retire to Fort William.
  4. Yeah, but I'm guessing you didn't finish up with an all AudioNote set-up because you typed 'cheap hifi system' into Google?
  5. I've not yet reached the astral plane, but I did have lunch a few weeks back with the MD of a UK manufacturer where I had to confess I'd been thinking I should specify something about cables in my will – there must be around 10 grand's worth here, it would seem a pity to have 'a lot of flex' tossed into a skip on my demise.
  6. I asked Sven about these (S3) when they were first introduced a couple of years back. Quoted cost at the time for 3m pair was 1650 Swiss francs excl delivery, which at the time was pretty much on a par with the cables I ended up with. Obviously the exchange rate now compared to Spring 2016 will have an impact, and of course the price may have risen in the interim anyway.
  7. Surely it's this sort of thing which contributes to Nobsound's peerless reputation? After all if they can knockout a valve amp with built-in DAC for a couple of hundred bucks, who wouldn't have absolute faith in their knowledge and mastery of UK mains requirements?
  8. Alternatively of course something from this range perhaps: Who wouldn't want a bit of Nobsound in their system? Come to think of it, some people I can think of have clearly been favouring 'Nobsound' for years, usually evident when they start speaking and/or typing...
  9. I confess I'm not overly keen on any kind of filtering or active jiggerypokery, so my preference is for something high quality but simple. So I like this: Deco Audio are probably main source, since they do a lot of AudioNote I'm sure they'd be able to advise on suitability for your kit.
  10. notevenclose

    Is HiFI Dead?

    I suppose they would be, with all those pictures and large type frequently being required.
  11. notevenclose

    Is HiFI Dead?

    Depends where you are/were. I seem to recall the likes of the JBL L100 being described as a 'bookshelf' speaker in the US. Obviously their bookshelves were a bit sturdier than what was typically on offer in Yurp.
  12. notevenclose

    Is HiFI Dead?

    It's not the world's greatest turntable, but that series of Luxmans are very pretty. Back in the day I rather fancied one myself. Oracle made a very smart move in completely ripping off the Luxman aesthetic with the original Alexandria – and I did buy one of those...
  13. All the original Mordaunt Short speakers and the later Pageant/Festival/Carnival series have simple crossovers and are easy to drive. I wouldn't see any problem there. I'm not familiar with your Infinitys. Suck it and see. The Kefs I would have thought would be a definite 'no,' I confess I'm not a fan, they always sound a bit constipated to me (sorry) but they seem to work better with a reasonably hefty amp behind them. A mate changed from a Copland hybrid to a Hegel driving them, still unlikely to get me particularly moist but it did seem to waken them up a bit.
  14. It might also be worth having a look at the Lateral racks. No personal experience, but they seem to have picked up a very impressive portfolio of key dealers, including Definitive Audio and Midland Audio Exchange.
  15. I don't think B&O will ever get away from the 'lifestyle' brand image, partly because they've chosen to embrace that with their much of their marketing, and partly because their kit has always had decent industrial design – as opposed to the traditional hifi engineering approach of 'design' being the time you spend rummaging about in an old shoebox in the workshop looking for a set of knobs which more or less match. But you have to remember as well that historically B&O invested very heavily in R&D, and along the way produced some stuff which sounded pretty damn good (and back in the day a range of telephones with sound quality which still remains unequalled). I'm not sure being a 'lifestyle' brand excludes being a 'hifi' brand. In fact I'm bloody sure it doesn't. And where do you draw the line? Is Meridian purely a 'lifestyle' brand? Devialet? I'm not sure the 'I don't care what it looks like if it sounds brilliant' approach cuts it any more. I can't really think of another consumer product category where that would be considered remotely acceptable. Microsoft Zune, anyone?
  16. Mmm, it's at least 30 years since I heard a master tape, so you're just as unreliable a witness as me. Interesting though that there seems to be something of a trend toward using hi-speed reel to reel at hifi shows recently. I wonder why that's popular if streaming hi-res matches it in a more convenient (and almost certainly substantially cheaper) package. (Idle musing dept...). I have a client who plays cello in a string quartet and string ensemble who also runs a recording studio and a drum-tutoring neighbour who's just opened a recording studio with her audio engineer boyfriend. Must remember to have a conversation with them about master tapes. Do they still actually have 'tapes?' I suppose one could also save up for one of these 'crystal CDs' that the likes of Roy Gregory and Wojciech Pacula get so moist about.
  17. Is that based on what you've experienced first hand or what you're reading into the numbers? Just curious.
  18. Yes, I'm well aware of that and establishing provenance is difficult. I actually purchased some stuff in both Redbook and CD quality from Qobuz just out of curiosity (I know, still doesn't guarantee the same source). Which was a complete waste of my time and money. Good God man, I've got a set of mains cables to audition, I don't have time to listen to music as well. What I typically hear from hi-res still leaves me pretty disinterested in pursuing such things further, admittedly not least because the library simply isn't there for the great majority of artists I'd want to listen to. Anecdotally, a mate of mine, sales director of a hifi retailer, has long since largely abandoned CD (always been a deaf b*st*rd, but anyone can make a mistake) but prefers Redbook to hi-res on his Naim streaming doodad, so at least we agree about something...
  19. I have about 140 or so tracks in hi-res, the majority from favourite albums I know well on CD and/or from my own rips. These date from my music server days (Melco). 90% are downloads from Qobuz or HiResAudio. I can hear differences, but they're essentially in terms of what I think of as the 'hifi' aspects, a bit more air around things here, a slightly longer decay here... nothing to be honest which has yet provided an appropriately Damascene moment. Perversely, rather the opposite, it was listening to a hi-res album on the Melco that first instigated a 'hang on a moment' experience. Just a wee bit too ethereal and delicate, but rather lacking in balls compared to the CD.
  20. You think? Any possibility they might be charging a higher price for it, even though the cost of 'production' to them is no different. A bit more storage space on the servers and a bit more bandwidth, but pretty incremental in the grand scheme of things, certainly with respect to the 25-30% extra typically charged for 'hi-res.' Personally I think that's taking the piss, since I've yet to hear a hi-res version of anything which I'd vote for as the best replay I've ever heard.