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  1. I own an IO1 which I use with an SME V on an Oracle Delphi and having owned a couple of 309s a IV and an AN1 I would say ideally you should take the time to compare both arms but if you don't have that time I would recommend you stick with the 309 and move to a IV or V when funds allow and may pick up an AN along the way and decide on your preference. If you buy used your money should be safe in any of the SME or AN arms. I like the Audio Note (which I used on a Gyro) and I am aware that a number of people prefer it to the V but personally I think the V and the IO work extremely well together. Much as I enjoyed the 309s I have owned I think the IO deserves a IV at least.
  2. Transfiguration Axia MC cartridge Great condition with approx 300 hrs use Boxed Body : Solid aluminium, non-resonant with deeply cut away sides Cantilever : 0.3mm solid boron Stylus : Ogura PA (3 x 30mm) solid diamond Core/coils : High grade permalloy square core & 4N silver coils Magnetic material : Samarium cobolt – front, Neodymium – rear. Weight : 7g Output voltage : 0.4mV (3.54cm/s – 1kHz) Internal impedance : 4 ohms Frequency response : 10Hz – 20kHz + 1.5dB 20kHz – 40kHz + 2dB Channel separation : > 27dB (200Hz – 1kHz) Channel balance : < 0.5dB at 1kHz Tracking ability : >68µm at a tracking force of 1.8g at 315Hz. Recommended loading : >7 ohms Recommended tracking force : 2.0g £550
  3. A pair of 1M RAC to RCA tonearm cables will also be included.
  4. SME M2-12 12" tonearm Excellent condition. As pictured. No box. £980 Reduced to £950 delivered (UK mainland) RRP £1799
  5. Reduced to £495 plus delivery. Collection also welcome. I may also be open to selling the M2-12 arm if this would be of interest to any potential buyers of teh turntable.
  6. Reduced to £525 delivered within mainland UK