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  1. Having a clearout of valves I no longer need. P&P 1-4 valves £3, 4+ £5 2 x Russian NOS 6H30P-DR £160 pair 2 x JJ Tesla GZ34 £10 each 2 x Tungsol 6SN7GTB £10 each 3 x Electro Harmonix 6SN7 £10 each 4 x JJ Tesla ECC83S (12ax7) £10 pair 2 x Jan Phillips 5814 £10 each 2 x Jan Phillips 5963 (12au7, Ecc82) £30 pair 2 x Billington E88CC (6922, 6DJ8) £20 pair 2 x Siemens Ecc83 £45 pair 2 x Psvane 12AX7 £35 pair - SOLD 4 x Electro Harmonix 6922EH (e88cc) £10 each or £15 pair 2 x Tungsol 12AX7 £12 pair 2 x Amperex Bugle Boy 6DJ8 (e88cc, 6922) £35 pair - SOLD 2 x JJ Tesla ECC803S £10 pair 1 x TJ Full Music 12AU7 £12 1 x JAN Phillips 12AT7WT £10 1 x Electro Harmonix 12AT7EH £10 1 x Brimar 12AX7 £10 1 x Brimar 12AU7 £10 I will update later with anymore I have available Payment by PPG or BT please
  2. myrman

    FS: Audio Innovations MM/MC phonostage

    Still available
  3. myrman

    FS: Audio Innovations MM/MC phonostage

    This is on hold while for someone to try in thier system. Will report back as soon as I can as to whether he decides to keep it as I know how system dependant phonostage can be.
  4. myrman

    FS: Audio Innovations MM/MC phonostage

    Dimensions are 50 X 30 X 12cm Valves at 3 x 12AX7 and 1 x 12AU7
  5. myrman

    FS: Audio Innovations MM/MC phonostage

    Yes it's valve (see pic 3) I thinks it 3 X 12AX7/EVC83. Can't remember what the other one is. I will check tomorrow and confirm.
  6. myrman

    FS: Audio Innovations MM/MC phonostage

    That's because it is an L2 preamp case but none of the additional inputs or controls are in use. It's a phonostage only. As Rabski says it could be a prototype.
  7. This is a bit of a strange one. I bought this from a dealer a few years back. The dealer had it listed as a P2 but the internals show that it clearly isn’t. Anyway it sounded so good I decided to keep it as I was more than happy with the way it sounded and struggled to think what might better it at the price. There are no internal setting just a title switch on the rear for MM and MC. I have happily used it with a variety of carts. Now that I am down to one turntable there seems little point me keeping it so it’s up for sale I’m asking £300 delivered (within mainland UK)
  8. myrman

    FS: Stirling Black Mamba speaker cables

    Hi Norm. Good to hear from you, it's been a while. I'll pm you my number.
  9. I have a 2.2M pair of Stirling Black Mamba speaker cables for sale (not biwire). They are in excellent condition with WBT type bananas at one end and gold spades at the other. £85 delivered (UK mainland)
  10. myrman

    Bluesound Node 2 streamer

    No sorry. It's sold now. Mods please archive.