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  1. Absolutely correct whitehart. 40th Anniversary 5's only in walnut. Funnily enough 40th Anniversary 3's only in olive. Olive? That's a new one. Can't wait until Monday. 😃
  2. Have no fear gentlemen....yes you! 5 Annies being delivered next Monday.
  3. Selling my legendary Harbeth SHL5 Plus speakers in premium rosewood finish. Fancy the 40th Anniversary These look and sound superb. Absolutely immaculate. Original boxes etc. Throwing in a pair of Something Solid dedicated stands for nuffink. I don’t have the packaging for these. Collection only please. I would hate these to get marked. Retail for these speakers is £3700 and selling for £2300 (or close).
  4. A year later and here again. I kept the Hugo 2 for a while.... maybe 3 months at most. After a while I found I was getting the serious audiophool illness i.e. I was listening to the system NOT the music. The Hugo 2 seemed to dissect the presentation and not involving. Jerry (Jandl100) borrowed it and concurred with my opinion. An internet magazine, The Verge, did a review of the 2 and found the same. Reverted to my, probably, favourite dac of all, the Chord DAC 64 MkII. Only one word for it .... Musical. Sold the first as it has no preamp but no longer require that facility now. This baby stays!
  5. Thanks Phil. If you think they were “magnificent with marvellous controlled bass” you should pop over now. Siemens and RCA valves in my UR Unico 90 and the sound has improved out of all proportion. By far the best I have ever achieved ...... blew Keith’s (deggie) mind today.
  6. Oooh you a tease.....but I like you.
  7. Owned a pair of 3’s and loved them but soon went up to SHL5 Plus. As a shameful box swapper I can categorically say these ain’t going nowhere. Tried many amps and have settled for Unison Research Unico with Mullard CV4003’s. My good wammer mate Keith (deggy) came over and kept saying “Beautiful”. No, he didn’t mean me.
  8. I think Bluesound shades Sonos. The new Sonos software loaded this week is not as good as previous imo. Bluesound software is very good. Soundwise it is more open and dynamic. Everything you have on Sonos you have on Bluesound. It will also handle HD files. I kept Sonos so my wife (or indeed I) can enjoy music streamed to a Play One in the bedroom. I can also play the Sonos via Bluesound using that Dac via a glass optical cable. This gives a great comparison.
  9. Already sold. Put it on ebay and sold within an hour. Now using Bluesound Node 2. The fitted dac ( Burr Brown) is excellent.
  10. Thank the Lord I got my comma in the right place. I bought the Hugo 2 about two weeks after it was launched. Another strange thing is the coaxial in is a 3.5mm. Either a special cable (Chord) or a 3.5 to phono adaptor. Chord said it as to keep it portable. 🙄
  11. Having owned a Chord Dac 64 some time ago I bought a Hugo 2. For some reason no matter how much I fiddled with the filtersand various cables I couldn’t get it to ‘sing’ in my system. Always sounded digital. I much preferred the 64. I loaned it to Jerry (jandl100) and he had the same experience in his system.
  12. +1 for the Bluesound Node. Excellent bit of kit. Improvement on my previous Naim nearly £3000 streamer. Best £500 I have sent.
  13. My Luxman 550ax II is Class A so I switch off when not in use. It takes a good 20 minutes to settle down. I must admit I have never had an SS amp that takes this long. Valve amps are another story.
  14. Owned many.....yes, too many dacs and my favourite was a Chord Dac 64. Recently invested in a Hugo 2. Cracking sound (not using the pre) but disappointed in the build quality. Feels very flimsy for £1800. I also wonder who decided not to have a standard coaxial input. The headphone jack input is ridiculous. Okay one can buy an adaptor but not ideal. Only reasonable coax to headphone seems to be the Chord Clearway. Well that's the gripes out of the sounds superb!