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  1. I agree that Redbook is perfectly capably for distribution, but 16-bit/48kHz would have been better as this would move the filtering higher in frequency and above the threshold of audibility. But even though most of what I buy (mainly classical music) are CDs or Redbook downloads, I don't agree that it is not possible to distinguish between High Res and Redbook with some recordings (I was able to do it, against my expectations, with some PlayClassics format comparison files). I personally don't find the difference in price justifiable but if I had the possibility I would buy all my music in the format that it was produced. Down-resing to CD is not a lossless mathematical process (filtering, dither). In fact I think that once you buy a record you should be allowed to replace a scratched LP or damaged CD for free and get free access to the latest/future remasters or higher-res editions. We, particularly audiophiles, get conned into buying the same recordings over and over again (DSoTM, Kind of Blue, etc.).
  2. By going higher than 44.1kHz the brickwall filter becomes inaudible. Also if you wish to EQ, remove a few pops and click or better still apply de-emphasis digitally it's better to use a higher bit-depth.
  3. I don't think that many DACs convert PCM to DSD. Most people use a file player.
  4. Well... It is a possibility. Another would be lack of training. Years ago there was an online training and testing website called the Philips Golden Ear Challenge. I confess that it took me a while to nail the differences between the highest quality/bit-rate mp3 and Redbook. I learned a lot going through the various test and levels but ultimately gave up before starting the Gold level because I could no longer stomach the corny music.
  5. I don't think that you can rip a CD to DSD but many software players/processors upconvert to DSD. I use HQ Player to upconvert to DSD128 which is the highest DSD rate that my DAC accepts. Most D/A chips are Sigma-Delta anyway so I think that the PCM stream will go through a modulator anyway, might as well use a good software and a more substancial computing power than the on-board chips. It's been my experience with a few DACs that bypassing the internal ASRC sounds better (and measures better as well).
  6. If TV sets were able to reproduce infra-red light that make them higher-fidelity. But would that matter to a human, to reproduce an invisible wavelength?
  7. That sounds terribly unlikely. If true, forget them.
  8. Show music is show-off music, usually simple music played by few instruments to avoid taking the system into choppy waters (Barbie, Bubbles, Krell and the odd Pigeon come to mind). There's often a selection of highly dynamic music / recordings but also recordings with a very obvious (fabricated) soundstage and these are hardly ever an example of dynamic amplitude (compression and gain are soundstage's best friends).
  9. Narrow dynamic range is good for soundstage. I thought that everybody knw about that. Now excuse me a moment while I go to the toilet
  10. I got that. Unfortunately the masses are happy with mp3 and aside from classical there's only a handful of audiophile lables that struggle to entice good artist that write and play good music. . I gave up on shows years because the music played is nothing like what I'd listen to.
  11. I wasn't talkin' 2 u...
  12. No need of high-res or high-fi for pop. Spotify, smartphone, earbuds, done.
  13. From the Oxford Dic: subjective adjective Based on or influenced by personal feelings, tastes, or opinions. ‘his views are highly subjective’