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  1. Many vintage transistor amps used to be able to run two different pairs of speakers independently:
  2. . Assuming that the system has been calibrated, a 95dB peak at the listening spot, if measuring a single speaker, is very loud, too loud for both your speakers and your ears. . Can you show the 20-20,000Hz response just to have an idea where the 1kHz is in level? What's the smoothing on those graphs? . As has been mentioned you really have to measure each speaker separately. If you have enough scope try a few different speaker and listening spot position combinations and compare measurements.
  3. tuga


    I've listened to them once (a blue pair just like this one) and they sound good enough. But I couldn't live with them unless they were hiding behing acoustically transparent curtains. And if I could afford a pair then I would also be able to afford the curtains. So I guess I could live with them after all.
  4. 2019 was a very weak year for me, hardly ever took the camera out for a spin and only managed a handful of keepers. Window of the Truck Store independent music store and café . Inside the All Souls College chapel during Oxford Open Doors weekend . https://oxfordway.net/
  5. Speaker sensitivity defines the amount of power required to produce a particular level of sound pressure and the higher the sensitivity the less power will be needed to attain an identical level. But not all high-sensitivity loudspeakers are easy to drive. If the amplifier has a high output impedance then the combined frequency response will be greatly affected by the loudspeaker impedance characteristics. . This means that all 3 characteristics must be assessed in conjunction: speaker sensitivity, speaker impedance (not the simplistic nominal spec) and amplifier output impedance. Stereophile does a good job in publishing measurements of and describing these characteristics in the technical section. Unfortunately they haven't reviewed every piece of equipment...
  6. tuga


    From the days when she was a virgin, I presume?
  7. One could argue that the higher level/voltage signal is more robust thus the attenuation should be placed at the end of the cable.
  8. tuga

    Dac suggestions

    In my opinion that money would be better spent in the vinyl playback system. You could get a Musical Fidelity v-DAC 2 or V90 for little money or a Chinese DAC but if the Chromecast has a line out then for the purpose you are after it should be enough.
  9. That's not what @rabski was referring to. Choosing music by how well it's been recorded is different from choosing the best mastered release of a particular recording.
  10. That and choosing speakers that restrict the kinds of music you listen to.
  11. It's nice and preferable to have good sound quality but from a musical/artistic perspective sound quality is accessory. Many great recordings were made in mono (i.e. Billie Holiday, Pablo Casals, etc.)... What about Dylan's basement tapes? There's a time in most audiophiles' lives when we obsess with recording sound quality and listen ad nauseam to the same audiophile-approved dozen of tracks. It's a sad time. No wonder people see us as deranged...
  12. A couple of soundtracks that'll make your system sound good: .
  13. A lot of what one regularly hears at shows is flattering and undemanding stuff. Here's another missa:
  14. If I had intended to filter a particular resonance or two I would have had to have measured the offending frequencies but all I wanted was some stickiness and a bit of absorption/decoupling. I would rather have used double-sided adhesive tape but this would have damaged the veneer. Mine was a different problem...