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  1. Psilonaught

    Sharing my heavily modified Magnepan project

    I'll report back once the caps have bedded in. So far they sound worse than the originals, but I'm not too concerned, I'm sure they will open up.
  2. Psilonaught

    Sharing my heavily modified Magnepan project

    Hi all, It has been a long while since I posted on here. I guess I just stopped thinking/ talking/ writing about hifi, and just started listening to music... Anyway, I recently (6 months ago), acquired a beat up pair of Magnepan 1.6 QR speakers. Straight away I realised how every single pair of cone speakers that I had ever listened to were totally incapable of offering REAL instrument reproduction. I was totally hooked in big panel speakers (I'd call them electrostatics except they are not). I then decided to embark on a pretty hardcore modification programme, in order to see how far I could take these already pretty exceptional speakers. These mods focused on improving rigidity and the crossover. I have uploaded a series of photos the process which was as follows: Stripping off the covers Stripping out the panels from their wooden surrounds, which involved carefully removing all the staples holding the panels into place Lining the channels into which the panels rest on the wooden surround with sound deadening foam sheets cut into strips Fasting down the panels with strips of metal (brass door thresholds, cut to size) Sandwiching more acoustic foam onto the back of the panels, between strips of pine wood Building a new crossover using ClarityCap CSA for the HF and ESA Clarities for the HF Bypassing the fuses Building a set of custom stands for them. Anyone who knows about Maggies knows how inadequate the stands are - they move back and forward, and need straining I did the final mods (the caps) today, and I now have them running continuously in my dedicated listening room. You will notice I use a sub (REL strata III). I have set it to a low crossover, so it is very very unobtrusive. The last job is to replace the temporary covers with new ones from and back. I am thinking of going burnt orange, and have bought some mahogany strips to fit down the sides. Please note that the final photo looks like the speakers are right against the back wall of my listening room. In fact they are over 1.5m away
  3. Psilonaught

    Help with upgraded caps for my Maggies

    I have a pair of 1.6 QRs which I am in the process of upgrading, both structurally and electronically. I'd appreciate some recommendations on the x4 capacitors that are listed in the crossover schematic. I intend to keep these for a long time so want decent caps (budget is £200) thanks
  4. Hi all i have a pair of decent bookshelf speakers set into a large 6m x 9m kitchen at one end. I currently use a squeezebox classic running into a little vertex v2 digital amp however it died plus it was clipping when pushed due to the size of the room. When running a classic into an amp is it better to use the digital or variable analogue outputs? I tend to keep the amp in a cupboard set to 12 o'clock and control the volume through the slim devices app. I know the digital output degrades by lowering the word length of the stream, so I was wondering if using the analogue outputs would be a better idea? I have a £100 budget for a replacement amp, so options are vintage Japanese with built in dac or one without... thoughts ??
  5. Psilonaught

    considering buying quad esl63's with a REL strata??

    I read the REL subs have the most sophisticated cross overs so making it easier to integrate? I also read it is better to use two subs when integration subs with electrostatics something to do with noise wave cancellation?!
  6. Psilonaught

    considering buying quad esl63's with a REL strata??

    so I've pretty much decided to go for a pair of 988's as they go for an ave of £1300 on ebay which seems reasonable and a pair of the best REL non-ported subs I can find
  7. Psilonaught

    considering buying quad esl63's with a REL strata??

    Thanks all. So what are the differences other than panel size between say 64, 988, 989 and the newer 2905 systems. As you pay more are you getting what, more clarify, resolution etc? obviously bass will be better on a larger, stiffer, newer version.
  8. I have a large dedicated listening room and have just put my roksan ojans up for sale and considering this combination. I have read that rel is the way to go with esl systems. Also how much better would 988 or 989's be over the 63 with the same sub??
  9. I have a large dedicated listening room and have just put my roksan ojans up for sale and considering this combination. I have read that rel is the way to go with esl systems. Also how much better would 988 or 989's be over the 63 with the same sub??
  10. Would be looking for £250 collection from Cb113qy These are archive photos but mine as identical. The following items were installed in lieu of the original crossovers : Supreme polypropylene Caps Claritycap ESA Range polypropylene Supreme silver/oil Caps All bought from hifi collective No boxes of dust covers
  11. Psilonaught

    Been suffering in silence too long...please help!

    please can I restart this thread. So I have have moved into my barn/coach lodge as we are gutting our main house. I have bought a gigabit netgear router the damn squeezebox STILL can't see the NAS box. I have literally just plugged a powerline (which get's 14mb broadband out of it) into port 1, and then I have plugged the NAS into port 2 and the SB into port 3. Setting up the SB to Ethernet mode allows it to find an IP number, which is further than I got previously, but it hangs at the connecting stage still arrggg! Any ideas? Does the NAS need to be reconfigured somehow to be discoverable? I might try upgrading/reinstalling the readynas SqueezeCenter Add-on
  12. Psilonaught

    Been suffering in silence too long...please help!

    no haven't tried that, good shout, will report back on that one
  13. hello been a while since ive been on here, my issue is partially why. I just cant listen to music on a whim anymore Here is my setup and connections Sky router in main house on a standard BT socket. Router plugged into a powerline 150mb network socket In my barn/cart lodge (power to the barn comes through the consumer unit in main house) My hifi (dac, poweramp, preamp, squeezebox classic, NAS drive I have my nas drive connected to a dedicated powerline socket in the barn Squeezebox also connected to a dedicated powerline socket Squeeze connected to dac via coax So my problem is that in the now rare occasions that I want to listen to music, I cannot get the squeezebox to connect to the nas drive, and its driving me crazy. I never has these problems in London with the same powerline sockets, is the separate barn an issue? I don't see how as I get internet to my TV in the barn fine through the same system. Also after about 1 hour of boring faffing it usually works, but never immediately. the SB classic is probably 10 yrs old now, is it maybe knacked? If so what is a reliable way to pull my flac from a nas drive (which is sitting on the same table) into my dac reliably, so it just "works"? Any help would be appreciated. I am now sitting in my living room listening to a new CD through my TV speakers as the setup is again not working - ARGGGRH!
  14. Psilonaught

    Netflix- vinyl service

    What a load of tosh. Vinyl I mean.
  15. no problems so far. my amp manufacturer advised not to use them too.