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  1. Ps audio hca-2. Incredible amp and requires £2k+ to beat IMHO
  2. Have they forgotten about all those people who use Qobuz on their phones too? Why would I want to download albums locally to my phone in FLAC!? I love the vast collection of hi res stuff available for my home system but that's completely different.
  3. I have a belden coaxial cable and was thinking about buying a more expensive one. Waste of money??
  4. I made some solid silver balanced cables to replace those between the dac, pre and power amps and it took away all the bass. I put back one set of copper and the mix was excellent. More resolution with the same bass. Definitely an audible difference for me. I'm not convinced about coaxial cable differences but to be fair I've never tried anything other than my trusty Belden 1694A
  5. This is the same track via the music cast app
  6. The 24bit version through my magnepans sounds glorious I have to say.
  7. So I've been able to get the track name sorted by using the bubble upnp server, but now it won't play high resolution, see image. This is a 24bit track via the Yamaha app, but only 16bit via bubble? Any ideas?? Should I try a different server service??
  8. If I use bubble upnp the track name shows up, but not if using the Yamaha music cast app??
  9. I'm really liking the Yamaha, only criticism is that you don't seem to be able to show track info when using the music cast app which I find annoying. It just says "Quobuz" the whole time Not that my front end and speakers are sorted, I can start investing in some proper amplification. Looking for a Plinius class a or Classe beast !
  10. Sorry please someone move to the computer based audio forum
  11. After a lot of faffing and swapping of DACs, streamers and music accounts I think I can finally stop! The image is showing a Yamaha streaming 96k 24bit Qobuz into a LKS DA004. I'm going to go out of a limb here and suggest this relatively inexpensive combo would take LOT of ££ to beat. I can now focus on the other elements of my system. Very pleased, and I'd highly recommend both units.
  12. Agreed, very hard to tell any differences between DACs once you start exceeding a couple of hundred quid.