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  1. Psilonaught

    Magnepan LRS (Little Ribbon Speakers)

    Magnepans need lots of room and lots of power to make them sing. The problem is that people try them without remembering this. Only ESLs can give you a similar sound, which is a vast soundstage, razor sharp resolution and most importantly, REAL sounding instruments. I have a large room so use a rel strata III set on a low crossover to boost bass, which won't be enough for some. Mine are 1.6QR running external crossovers with lots of premium teflon caps. IMHO cone boxes just can't create the same emotional connection to the music, and I think that is why people get hooked on maggies.
  2. Psilonaught

    FS - Squeezebox classic

  3. Psilonaught

    FS - Squeezebox classic

  4. Psilonaught

    FS - Squeezebox classic

    no box or working remote (original supplied but it doesn't work), but the unit itself works fine. Supplied with working PSU. Pioneer DVD remotes work fine with these I am told, so assume you need to spend £10 on one. £40 plus shipping Photos to follow
  5. Psilonaught

    Help with Tidal MQA and Bubble UPNP

    I'm still struggling with Bubble UPNP. For some reason my device no longer shows FLAC 16bit and instead is showing WAV, see below. Am i actually getting the full lossless version of tracks based on what you can see in the image?? Does anyone know anything about bubble UPNP ?
  6. Psilonaught

    FS: Bel Canto DAC3/ Preamp PRICE DROPPED TO £500 !

    Price dropped to £500 plus shipping come on chaps that is a bargain.
  7. I recently packed in the squeezebox classic for a Pioneer N-50A (not AE), and at the same time I switched from Deeze hifo to Tidal hifi. I can't get the higher resolution MQA files to output onto my machine however - they all show FLAC 16bit? I did read somewhere that Bubble cannot access the MQA albums on Tidal, so if that is true, is there another android alternative that will? Or should i move again the try Qobuz?
  8. Psilonaught

    Please recommend me a Bluetooth stream capable amplifier

    I might buy an old vintage pioneer a400 to go with it, now that I know I can convert any amp into a streamer!
  9. Psilonaught

    Advantages and disadvantages of pre/power over intigrated

    Separates allow for tube preamp and solid state power. Separate power supplies in separately shielded enclosures is another benefit.
  10. Psilonaught

    Please recommend me a Bluetooth stream capable amplifier

    Problem solved. I already have a Cambridge audio azure 540 receiver hidden in a cupboard so adding this allows me to stream my Tidal hifi account to it. I've been using a squeezebox plugged into it for a couple of years and every time I have friends round they complain about it's weird interface. Now I can just use the native phone app. I probably should have clocked that I just needed to buy a Bluetooth adapter
  11. I need an integrated amp that I can stream my android phone to. It needs to power some q acoustic 2020 speakers in a large kitchen. What is out there for sensible money as this is a kitchen system?
  12. Psilonaught

    SOLD!!! . Usher Dancer Mini 2 diamond DMDs

    Try a pair of magnepans if you think the quads are amazing...;)
  13. Psilonaught

    FS: Bel Canto DAC3/ Preamp PRICE DROPPED TO £500 !

    price drop to £550 plus postage