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  1. Now open to offers as I'd like to move this on
  2. Ah I didn't realize that. Not sure which I used so will check.
  3. Cat cable from a powerline plug into the back
  4. I thought I'd post this here as computer based audio requires decent IT skills. I recently found an old sky broadband router in a draw, and decided to hook it as a secondary router in my listening room in another part of the house via a hard connection via power lines from the primary. The guide I used suggested that I turn DHCP off on the second router, which makes sense. It then suggested a fixed IP address of So the problem is that the internet access the whole network becomes unstable, with the connection, both wireless and wired, dropping out from time to time. The primary router isn't dropping out however which sky confirm when I call them. I'm using fiber max. Should I try a different IP address? Thanks
  5. Psilonaught

    Capacitor porn

  6. Bump. This is now sitting idly on my shelf someone please give it a good home !
  7. I was intending on twisting the two hot cables together once they are sheathed in cotton, and then pull the copper braid over the top. No? I also wasn't sure whether to run twin runs of each hot lead. I bought 0.7mm silver in order to do single ruma, but I can call them tomorrow morning before they ship and order double the length of a smaller diameter?
  8. how that my system has settled down, i have taken the plunge to create x2 sets of 1.5m 99.99% fine silver balanced interconnects. I was able to find on Etsy 2mm cotton tubing as a dialetric which is good, and I am using Neutrik silver XLR connectors. Total cost = £190 which isn't cheap but I think it will be worth it. I ended up having to shell out £50 for 25m of copper 6mm braid, but I can use the rest for some homemade speaker cable at a later date. I will report back once built!
  9. Psilonaught

    Capacitor porn

    Nope, not at all. I made sure that I used a single track that I was familiar with and listened to it once every 100 hours. Each time that I noted the sound was still harsh, I ran the system continuously for another 100 hours and tried again. The break in effect with teflons very much real.
  10. Psilonaught

    Capacitor porn

    Hi all, Just thought I'd let everyone know that the hype around the Russia Teflon ft-3 is not hype, as some will already know. After a frustrating 300hrs of bright and glass harsh sounds these have really come alive. I'm pretty staggered at how good they are to be honest. If you have the space, and can live with the 0.22 max spec, you really need to try them. I would describe the sound as open, detailed and very smooth, with no trade-off in over fruity notes.
  11. Psilonaught

    WTD: network streamer for use as a transport

    Thanks let me take a look. Will need to check for Deezer compatibility
  12. Looking for something to replace my aging squeeze box classic. I just bought a very nice LKS dac004 so I have no intention of using the internal dac, I just need something to provide a nice clean digital output. What does anyone have on offer ?
  13. For sale is my superb DAC3 from Bel Canto. It comes with a remote (no batteries) and the original box. I have inspected the front panel and it is immaculate. You can use it as a dac on fixed inputs, or as a preamp, using the remote (or front dial) to change the volume. Outputs are XLR or Phono. Plenty of reviews from the main sites, all favourable I might add!£1999 Having done my research, £600 is a good and fair price. I am open to offers however. Shipping the buyer's extra cost or collection welcome from CB11 3QY