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  1. Interesting, thanks chaps. I've got the afternoon off so will let my Plinius get up to cooking temperature and try some more critical back to back listening. From my initial session, the direct approach was very enjoyable. It does reinforce how good the LKS is. There is a huge thread here on it.
  2. In order to debug a distortion problem I decided to unplug my valve preamp and directly connect my dac. It is a LKS Da004 which is fully balanced. Having previously tried the direct route with a Bel Canto dac, which was definitely worse than my preamp, I wasn't expecting much. I'm therefore shocked that I think I prefer the new dac direct. Very nice increase in resolution & information retrieval, and not especially clinical sounding. I need a good few hours of back to back, but the preamp might end up being for sale!
  3. I didn't know that. I've decided in this 1.7 upgrade to go for short signal paths, so I'm mounting the cross over boxes in the back on the speakers, rather than using long cable lengths and putting them some distance behind. Like this.
  4. I've bought a 25cm2 function box to fit everything into the back on my new Magnepans, I'm hoping it will all fit I've also got 7cm wide Janzen foil inductors and 158uf of silver gold/ Evo oils to fit. I might need a bigger box...
  5. Well I guess you get what you pay for with the higher value silver gold oils...I thought the Russian K75's were big!?
  6. I've got a bit mad and just bought x2 10uf, x4.3uf and x2 0.47uf silver gold oils... The 10 goes into the HF alone, but the other two will go into a 158uf stack for the MF/LF section. I was thinking sticking with Mundorf and using Evo oils for the rest?? Any other suggestions??
  7. Thanks for all the posts all. I've decided on these bad boys for the 10uf HF cap. I was going to try K75-10 with a teflon bypass cap like I have in my preamp, but the K73 looks interesting and is getting rave reviews. I was going to try 100uf Mundorf Evo oils with 16uf of Janzen superior z for the mid/ low pass. How much do you want for the 100uf Mundorfs Jamie?
  8. thanks, let me take a look and i'll PM you if I want to proceed with any
  9. That's ok unused foo caps also fine, let me know what you have
  10. I'm about to embark on another external crossover modification on my new magnepan 1.7s and I need x2 10uF caps for the top and 116uF for the mid/bottom. Anyone got any decent caps lying about that they want to shift? Don't care if used, in fact used preferred as broken in! Janzen, Sonicap, Mundorf, ClarityCap etc.
  11. Can someone please recommend me a van courier to collect some recently purchased magnepans? They aren't boxed and need resting flat on the bottom of a small van. It needs to be someone who doesn't have any other jobs so the speakers are the only thing in the back! Collection near Sheffield to Cambridge.
  12. I doubt you will see an improvement using a £1k external dac over the streamer's analogue output. You would need to spend a lot more I suspect. That's assuming you have used a decent paper supply on node. I use an external dac for my Yamaha players but only because is it pretty basic, internally. Maybe get a home demo of something first. If you don't hear a difference, you can spend the money elsewhere in the system
  13. Thanks. I've decided to go for the 1.7 maggies. The Martin Logans have a ported and not sealed bass unit, and I therefore doubt they would have as fast bass as a full range panel with a sealed sub to assist at the very bottom.