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  1. padmad

    FS: Apex Teton

    Up for sale is my beloved Apex Teton OTL headphone amp. It drives my HD800 beautifully and has given me hours of pleasure trying many tube combinations. I am still not 100% sure whether I am making the right decision, but like most audiophiles I have an itch to try something else. I have read that it is also a superb preamp but I haven't had the opportunity to use it that way. It comes with the manufacturer supplied tube compliment consisting of : IBM (branded) 5U4GB rectifier. Sylvania 7236 output. Tung Sol 6SN7GT driver. As the amp is very heavy and I don't have the original packaging, I would prefer collection or meet up part way. I am the second owner and it is in great condition. The only blemish I can see is a slight scratch to the left of the front transformer which I have tried to capture in one of the pics. Asking £2800.
  2. padmad

    Focal utopia

    Bargain! Should get snapped up at that price. GLWS
  3. padmad

    FS: Black Cat Digit usb cable

    New years day bump and review of spdif version of this cable:
  4. padmad

    Downtempo Electronica

    Full version.
  5. padmad

    Melco N1A Digital Libary 2x2tb storage

    Lovely piece of kit. I have the N1Z and it is a big step up SQ wise from using a Macbook pro. GLWS.
  6. padmad

    Mourinho Sacked Again

    Looks like Solskjaer and Phelan as a temp measure and hopefully Carrick and Mckenna still have an input.