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  1. Yeah but it is a proper amp.
  2. Tarzan

    Gorgeous Gadgets

    That's the one!
  3. l own this amp... very good it is too.... with poncy valves in it even better.
  4. Can you tell us more about this amp please looks interesting.
  5. Tarzan

    Gorgeous Gadgets

    Cannot recall what episode of Doctor Who these were from? They are pretty mind.
  6. No need to go that far - would a nice satellite dish umbrella done the job?
  7. That looks one contented pooch.
  8. Love it! Well done Rabski. What a stunning looking bird The Song Thrush is.
  9. Those Crows can be nasty- glad it got removed from The Swallow's airspace.
  10. @Gromit- when is Harley going to get his own YouTube Channel? @oldius Blue certainly looks to be settling in.
  11. What lostwin said- try Pete's Pylons for the Gyro and be amazed- they are off the charts.
  12. What a picture that is!
  13. That is why Dagenham is the cultural capital of Essex......in Ilford l saw a SONY 940 amplifier in the street.
  14. Oh no its not...……..
  15. Would 10mm sheets of Polystyrene sandwiched between two sheets of MDF ( can get it from work for Freddie Freemans) be any cop as an isolation platform any tried this approach? Tried it and ………………………………………………………………………………...Bingo! definitely isolated the Gyro from its surroundings, borne out by a worthwhile uplift in sound.
  16. Yes, have heard a few pairs of Maggies, one of my WOW! moments in this hobby was listening to a large pair with a nicely specced Gyrodec at the helm ( cannot remember the amps or model no of the Maggies, however l had Jim Morrison right in front of me and life size also heard the smaller ones and they are very good too- great imaging.
  17. Arrggghhh missed this- blooming bargain that is.
  18. l own the amp in question.... but not heard the KEF's..... the Vinny ( with poncy valves ) is off the charts for sound quality, and value for money, you can get home loans of it ( which l did.) That said do not know how it would match with the KEFs l use ProAc Tablette 10 and Audionote ANK/LX with mine, good luck.
  19. That is one of the prettiest Garrard 401 ever.
  20. Where is that chaps PPE? Irresponsible l call it.
  21. Looks lovely the Garrard does- how is the Rega arm on it Graham?