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  1. This is where l purchased mine from, quick and unfussy service.
  2. Nurse! Nurse! Darth Vader ProAcs. GLWTS.
  3. Correct, don't get invited any more.
  4. This x 45- R1 or bust, or at least some super high mass stands....
  5. Needs more valves that phono stage does.
  6. Wow! Enjoyed watching that- they have some mental kit there.
  7. Also the Aurorasound looks well cool.
  8. What has 'Alien' got to do with this thread?
  9. What on Earth are you lot on about? Is this English?
  10. You won The Lottery or something?
  11. x2 Nice curtains them.
  12. Hi Anto'nio, l have a Gyro SE and added another Spyder- not a full plinth kit and l got more bass and a little more of everything really, however bass was the most difference l would say.
  13. Skylan ( from Canada mind) make superb stands for Harbeths, look well smart and sound good too.
  14. The price l was quoted for The Lexus was indeed bi-wired- it weighed a ton! Was also told by a AN Rep that 'you need bi-wire with our speakers...…' read from that what you will... mmmmh.
  15. @Bazzer hope Dexter is on the mend Mate.
  16. @Chivas l am using VD Blue at the moment..... and finding them really nice with my K/LX was quoted a price for bi- wire Lexus- the price put me off a tad, however glad it is working out for you, they do say that more Audionote brings more musical joy......
  17. l bought a Titan Audio mains block as l one l lashed up was a tad dodgy to say the least...
  18. Tarzan

    Hi there

    Have you not got better things to do on holiday? On a more serious note welcome ABROAD.