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  1. On ‎26‎/‎09‎/‎2019 at 20:42, robbie010 said:

    Just had to show off the new deck..... classic Garrard 401 in homemade layered ply plinth with Acos Lustre GST-1 tonearm! Yummy


    Oh FFS. :love::love:

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  2. 33 minutes ago, divedeepdog said:

    Having had a 1.4kg pure copper mat that was indifferent swapping to a Tenutu thats over 2kg I'd suggest weight is a contributing factor?

    I agree with all the positive comments.

    I've also said elsewhere I think it's a bit heavy on a Garrard bearing,  but with no evidence we shall have to wait and see? I've got a 3rd party bearing on mine.

    Sorry l thought you  said  The Tuento weighs over 2kg.

  3. 5 minutes ago, uzzy said:

    It does make you wonder if the improvement in sonics is down to extra mass (not just the reduction of vibrations if any).  In my experience turntables with more mass (platter and subchassis if suspended or platter if not suspended) makes the sound cleaner and more articulate with better defined and deeper bass.  So I am not surprised at the results - what would be interesting is to put an acrylic platter mat on top and see if that adds or takes away anything.

    When I had no soft mat on my turntable I made a mat from fabric interfacing (think starched cotton about 1mm thick) which made me feel more comfortable about my LPs being in contact with a hard surface.   That would only cost you a couple of quid or less to try on top of your Tenuto .. (it can be a pain lifting off with records if you have a static problem though) ..  

    Did you try it with the orginal Garrard mat on top and or underneath to see what it does to the sound?  I guess that was not possible if you have very little room for maneuver on VTA - 


    Also looking as cool as f--k helps.:geek:

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