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  1. That T/T looks like it means business!
  2. Daft Punk 'Discovery' CD. 50p thrift shop find.
  3. That and the Internet with hifi forums on them.
  4. Tarzan

    Newbie Intro's

    Welcome back aboard.
  5. You have to love Collies.
  6. Where was the Hobby shot taken- great photo that, thanks for posting.
  7. Lenovo owner here- things are bomb proof.
  8. Congratulations Daughter and congrats for taking after your Mum. Seriously well done.
  9. ProAc loudspeakers do seem to possess serious musicality and convey emotion in music easily.
  10. Gyrodec/Audionote Arm 1/ Hana SL is a true VFM combo let me tell you.
  11. This is where l purchased mine from, quick and unfussy service.
  12. Nurse! Nurse! Darth Vader ProAcs. GLWTS.