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  1. It would be like the Caped Crusader being de- masked.
  2. Why do those speakers appear to grow larger in each image?
  3. Get the smoothest, highest quality kit with them...they will sound superb!
  4. Tarzan

    Valve info

    Think l asked this before what are the smoothest, fattest sounding ECC83 valves ta, did not get much feedback last time.
  5. That Harley is a lovely looking pooch Richard.
  6. Which one is the flat coated Retriever Richard?
  7. Loved the Vesta Chow mien - in fact had one a couple weeks ago- deelish!
  8. How about your good self Cloth?
  9. A sparky has to disconnect the cooker l believe and connect up its replacement.
  10. Had the Vinyl one a few days and l like it, it is quiet, very nicely built ( l believe it is third hand) the previous owner " had a it a couple of years and did not change the valves, and do not know if the original owner did either", so with this in mind l am going to change them, 1x 6FQ7 and 3 x 12AX7s so any idea what to go for thanks.
  11. No, it was a second hand purchase had it a day now...... It is blooming big.
  12. Cheaper than Townsend Podiums too!
  13. Tarzan

    Old v New

    l had a set- sold them found something l liked better- with a nice profit. Ker- ching.
  14. That is two reasons not to attend. ( Sorry.)
  15. Audionote Arm1 V2-looks stunning, sounds stunning, very musical- how do they do it for the price?
  16. Don't worry lads will let you know Saturday, picking up an Art Audio vinyl one ( Definitive Audio tweaked) phono amp- ave it!
  17. Thanks Gary, my K's sit on sand filled Audionote K stands, feet are Soundcare Superspikes, which in turn sit on Townsend Podiums.... in the room the bass is tight but not the punchiest in the world, would filling the stands with something like Atabites/leadshot remedy this?
  18. Too many! l need some storage suggestions..... or maybe streaming here we come.