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  1. Really starting to enjoy the Vinyl One, very musical indeed, great bass, cohesive sound.
  2. It has to with all the IKEA chopping board isolation. Would just like to add what a mental looking ( and most probably sounding system) there Sir! Enjoy it.
  3. Will have to take The Google challenge on that one. Did the Isoacoustics feet work for you?
  4. A chap l know in the trade and who's opinion l respect, his mantra is " get the right size speaker for the room!"... This l believe l have done, my room 11' 12' and do get a good sound ( in my opinion) however taken some work and expense, that said l know l will never get very low bass.
  5. "Gentlemen you cannot fight in here- this is the cable room!"
  6. Or we knew what it was. Looks cool whatever it is.
  7. It would be like the Caped Crusader being de- masked.
  8. Why do those speakers appear to grow larger in each image?