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  1. Just a few stupid questions on the VV- have been merrily cleaning me records, how dirty has the record cleaning solution have to be before it needs filtering/ changing? Also running out of IPA and have been cleaning away with a very low concentrate IPA..... so can you use just de- ionised water as the solution? The records still seem to come out of the VV with great results......
  2. Frankie Valli and the four seasons - greatest hits.
  3. Tarzan

    Bug bears in hifi

    Not forgetting the "zing" as well.
  4. It would certainly need big jaws.....
  5. Tarzan


    Reckon Cloth Ears of this Parish would be unable to say the same.
  6. The bass unit certainly does not look right or to be more specific the dust cap in the bass unit.
  7. A belated Happy Birthday and a nice present there- enjoy.
  8. The obvious answer is to try both ( if possible.) Have to admit not heard of a AN arm on a SME T/T, however l have purchased a AN Arm 3v2 the dealer told me that they had fitted AN arms on a few LP12s lately..... Any road good luck.
  9. The Red Dawns are a bright but do some good things- the newer Nordost are supposed to be warmer/ fuller if you like the Nordost sound.
  10. Did not realise Doctor Who was an Audiophile.
  11. S500 with AN K/ ANJ or Impulse horns.
  12. Probably Radient Red may have - even if he did not attend the Jumble.
  13. What a luverly grain on your ATC's Rob.
  14. Tarzan

    Newbie Intro's

    Welcome to the nuthouse ( in a nice way) Dean.