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  1. Tarzan

    Twitchers Thread

    Keep the piccies coming lads they are brilliant - well done.
  2. Tarzan

    Audia Flight Owner's Club

    It comes with a Pallet people.
  3. Brilliant thanks for posting.
  4. Tarzan

    Freestanding Acoustic Panel

    Never mind showing off your DIY skills does it/they work? Looks professional that.
  5. Tarzan

    Are you music or hi-fi first person?

    Both.... however luv ma choons bruv yeah.
  6. Lets please not forget whether to Cryogenically treat the beast or not to treat it.
  7. Tarzan

    Took the plunge again....Harbeth & Sugden

    Good show!
  8. l myself have this cable and it is off the charts VFM let me tell you, possibly all the cable one would need.
  9. The amp looks like a SONY ES of the future.
  10. Tarzan

    RIP Niki Lauda

    RIP Niki.
  11. Tarzan

    Are you keeping your old stuff alive?

    Picking one of those up is likely to scratch you alright.
  12. Tarzan

    Ken Ishiwata leaves Marantz

    Did he want to put his signature on your girlfriend l wonder?