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  1. Morning all, as tile suggests, Wam taxi from Hornychurch Essex to Dursley Gloucester, transporting a pair of Impulse H6 loudspeakers to Reference fidelity products for an internal and external wash and brush up. Cheers.
  2. @marko What is the platform under the 2.1x?
  3. What handicap does Breia play off?
  4. Could not discuss my ultimate man cave on a public forum.
  5. Waiting on a Hana ML to bolt on the end of the Arm3. ( Have the Arm 1/ Hana SL at the moment so wanted more of the same. The dac is plumbed in.....and sounding very nice- dealer said it is a long break- in with AN dacs.- His words not mine.
  6. Yes just saw that and have edited my post accordingly.
  7. Just ordered a Hana ML- 3 week wait. Looks interesting the ART9.
  8. These have to be tried just for the manufacturers name alone.
  9. GLOAT ALERT! Audionote Arm 3 V2 and Audionote Dac 0.1x in der house.