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  1. Tarzan

    New turntable

    The plinth itself looks shiny?
  2. Tarzan

    New turntable

    Are you responsible for that stunning piece of kit Mr DDD?
  3. Tarzan

    What's yer bits'n'bobs?

    It is images of Garrard T/T that make me want one- lovely!
  4. Tarzan

    Instant Kwoffee

    Daft question which is the best one and why?
  5. Owned EPOS ES11 years ago- very nice speakers indeed.
  6. Tarzan

    Class A SET amp/ speaker match question

    B'jeepers those amps aren't shy are they?
  7. Tarzan

    Kralk Audio TDB-8

    -At both sentences.
  8. Tarzan

    Laskys and Tandy

    Great thread! l had forgotten about Laskeys ( stupid getting old) often used to walk round the Romford branch to lust.... at thee AR EB1O1 T/T, the Marantz CD273SE, which purchased there, big open spaces full of hifi gear back in the day when music was more important to people than it is today.
  9. Tarzan

    Your Pet Photos

    …. Mick the Chick....
  10. Tarzan

    Your Pet Photos

    Have you named him yet?
  11. Tarzan

    Dunkirk: A civilians view

    Blooming interesting that PP, you are absolutely correct this story had to be told.... people can learn from this ( especially the youth.) The hell some folk back then went through so we can live how we live to day. Thank you.
  12. Tarzan


    Years ago l heard an Exposure X/ Arcam CD Player/ EPOS ES11 speakers and have to say it was one of the most musical systems l had heard, would like to listen to the new stuff also.
  13. Are there any other sizes as my GP Armboard tweak only allows for 5mm spacer. @huwge welcome to Pete's Pylon's Club, they really are something!