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  1. Tarzan

    Carry on and on and on....

  2. Tarzan

    Storming Area51 anyone ?

    Yes- a mighty fine cable designer it has to be said.
  3. Tarzan

    Carry on and on and on....

    Carry on films Favourites today; Abroad Screaming Camping
  4. Tarzan

    Tell me more about Hybrid Class A

    Yeah but it is a proper amp.
  5. Tarzan

    Gorgeous Gadgets

    That's the one!
  6. Tarzan

    Tell me more about Hybrid Class A

    l own this amp... very good it is too.... with poncy valves in it even better.
  7. Tarzan

    Tell me more about Hybrid Class A

    Can you tell us more about this amp please looks interesting.
  8. Tarzan

    Gorgeous Gadgets

    Cannot recall what episode of Doctor Who these were from? They are pretty mind.
  9. Tarzan

    Sky HD+ set top box has (almost) died

    No need to go that far - would a nice satellite dish umbrella done the job?
  10. Tarzan

    Your Pet Photos

    That looks one contented pooch.
  11. Tarzan

    The Gallery - photos only !

    Where is that Colin- looks beautiful. With a poignant image.
  12. Tarzan

    Twitchers Thread

    Love it! Well done Rabski. What a stunning looking bird The Song Thrush is.
  13. Tarzan

    Swallow's Nest

    Those Crows can be nasty- glad it got removed from The Swallow's airspace.
  14. Tarzan

    Your Pet Photos

    @Gromit- when is Harley going to get his own YouTube Channel? @oldius Blue certainly looks to be settling in.