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  1. The single best way to avoid static is to not clean your records whilst they are on the turntable platter - not even with an ant-static brush! Having said that, the relevance of static is hugely overstated IME. In fact, the only real issue is that it can be blooming annoying if you use a felt mat. So called anti-static record sleeves make zero difference IME. Most new records arrive with a significant static charge but after one, or sometime two, playing's this discharges and doesn't return irrespective of what kind of sleeve I put it back in to.
  2. I’m not personally a fan of streaming in general and don’t use Spotify either - but then I would have a multi-box hi-fi (and, in fact, do have just that ;)) and micro components hold little interest for me.
  3. Or they could just buy the little Kef active speakers that were on dem elsewhere. They include amps, DAC, streaming solution - they even do Bluetooth between each speaker - 1K for the lot. You just stream Spotify directly from your phone/tablet to the speakers.
  4. On the bonded ones you can always see grey glue residue where it has squeezed out between the main chassis ‘kite’ and the glued on brace. On th spot welded chassis you can always see the spot welding marks (small round minor depressions) where the two are bonded.
  5. Paul, of RFC, has asked me to tell anyone interested in contacting him to please put it off for a couple of weeks as he has had a death in the family and has all he can cope with at present - so, please don’t be offended if you receive no response to any queries - I’m sure we can all sympathise.
  6. Was that a Rega by any chance, they have something of a reputation for running fast....
  7. Apparently it’s not “variation on the same turntable”, whatever that means...
  8. Hmm... well I look forward to reading your new post because, so far, what you want to know is as clear as mud! Edit: I see your last post, promising further explanation in a future post, was an hour ago - are you still composing it, or just given up?
  9. I think the OP is asking “if you use a digital strobe to measure the speed of the platter, and you see the speed varying on the the strobes display as the platter rotates, how much variation from true 33.3rpm is acceptable?”. If that is the question then my own answer is none - no speed variation from one platter rotation to the next should be seen. I have a digital strobe for measuring platter speed (I have loads of ways of measuring platter speed) and if the digital readout meter is used then the speed is absolutely stable. Wow should be pretty easy to hear for most people. Flutter cannot be heard directly in the same way wow can, but does impact the sound. Edit: I see the OP is using an Inspire turntable based on the Technics 1200/1210 and I wouldn’t expect any speed variation/drift (when measuring with a speed strobe) unless there is a fault.
  10. I’ve literally no idea who you are - but I’m sure you’ve made some interesting comment somewhere.
  11. Call yourself a moderator, you’re an embarrassment - you couldn’t be more partisan! Check your facts before climbing aboard your high horse. I wrote that I hadn’t seen any invitation and, until pointed directly to it, I hadn’t. It’s no wonder though as it is buried on page three of the forum. If there are any apologies to be handed out then they should be coming from you. You only see my comments as ‘bitching’ because you do not have a more mature response - respond to the questions rather than handing out insults. Why on earth, with this kind of browbeating, pathetic, bullying verbiage would I be encouraged to promote this event. This is an all time low for the Wam
  12. I realise you are only a keen amateur sycophant but you should consider going professional, you’re that good.
  13. Yeah, I can’t imagine how I missed it on page three with no replies.... With the speed threads are created on pfm it will be on page 6 in a couple of days.
  14. I’m well aware of what the show consists of having been to every one (other than the last) and both showed and contributed to others showing. You didn’t answer my question though - therefore I presume this is an effort to make up numbers (over 50 rooms have signed up in the past) by providing a back door for banned members to exhibit (and, of course, sell more rooms). P.S. What on Earth is a ‘Super Wammer Plus’, is it just below a ‘Mega Wamer Ultra’? oh, I’ve not seen any invitation on pfm, the largest UK audio forum......
  15. So, if I could just clarify, this is the opportunity for other forums to buy two rooms at the show (though anyone could just join the Wam if they wanted to exhibit - assuming they hadn’t already been banned)?