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  1. Beer? I'm on wines and spirits this year. It's one of the few times I get a wobble on and has become the 'Done Thing' for some stupid reason. Self harm on a massive scale But we are due a catch up. Just leave that tablet where I can't abuse it
  2. Well, with you lot fgs Happy new year to all at yours too mate. Just realised it's not going to be long before the rack gets it's annual clean while all the stuff is in the van
  3. Shut up moaning you massive fanny Spent most of that day (2 bloody years and he's still whining about it now) avoiding your music
  4. bandit pilot

    BK subs and antimode

    Are those super spikes M8 Ron? Might be interested.
  5. bandit pilot

    Phillips 544 speakers

    Edited the 1st post so it's easier for browsers to see. Thanks for adding the info and GLWTS Thread tidied. For future reference, if you plan on selling anything else, you could fill in your profile to state your location.
  6. bandit pilot

    Technics sl1210mk5

    No, I don't intentionally break the rules, but I did for a little while until I got a chance to upload one NB: The Achromat/Headshell and cart are not included in the sale.
  7. bandit pilot

    Technics sl1210mk5

  8. bandit pilot

    Technics sl1210mk5

    Good condition with the stock arm and I'll chuck in a cart so it's plug and play. No lid and collection or meet up only £500 or a swap for something interesting?
  9. bandit pilot

    For sale very rare Proac Studio 3 speakers £2200

    They look like these and are of the right vintage for around £70 a piece.
  10. bandit pilot

    Searching for a rich vinyl like sound in digital music

    Why not? That was me 5 years ago. Now I'd choose it over cd any day. Digital is convenient but it doesn't do music like vinyl. End of. I've had/got some lovely digital bits and there's just some things digital cannot do. Unfortunately they're significant.
  11. bandit pilot

    Searching for a rich vinyl like sound in digital music

    Just play records. Everything else is merely playing at it.
  12. bandit pilot

    Soundcare Superspikes

    Same as me, Keith probably doesn't know a supplier of sky hooks
  13. bandit pilot

    Terminator air bearing fitted

    Big thanks to Tim for taking the time to do this. Proper wamming that is! The arm board fits the pod absolutely perfectly which helped set up no end. The Terminator itself has so much adjustment, and being able to adjust the VTA while the record is playing helped massively with the Decca as it really does tell you when it's right (and wrong). As Tim says, familiar favourites had both of us looking at each other, often with dropped jaw at the extra details and layers embedded within some of our best known records. Lots of things unheard going on in the background, new to both of us. The Decca doesn't take any prisoners when it comes to poor pressings, but on the good stuff, wow! Next task is to load some other carts like the Audio Note and Benz onto arms (I have 4) and see if it's the cart or arm that is doing the job. But last night was one of those rare moments where you put a plan into action and it really did pay off, so huge thanks to Tim for being a part of that.
  14. bandit pilot

    Apogee Scintillas

    How much room do they need?
  15. bandit pilot

    2019 £500 Turntable Challenge

    Ah, I was referring to the Impressions which Mike kindly let me (and quite a few others) bunk with a few years back.