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  1. bandit pilot

    FS: Impulse H2

    Crazy. It was this very pair of speakers that sparked all the interest in H2's over the last few years when they received truck loads of praise at Scalford on the end of my MF Tri-Vista 300. One of the best and most consistent speakers I've ever owned. They play anything and can go low. Nothing to dislike about them really and they are a few hundred quid below the going rate now.
  2. bandit pilot

    Wtd Queen on Vinyl

    Complete Works box set
  3. Your room was superb and as said above, I wish I could have spent longer in it. Your experience grasps the entire purpose of the show perfectly. Firstly it feels like an awful lot of effort after humping lots of gear up the corridor, but always ends with a feeling of satisfaction after a weekend of unique enthusiasm. There's nothing else like it.
  4. Another Feickert here that you're free to use mate.
  5. bandit pilot

    Revealing Hifi System – How Is It Achieved ???

    It's an age old shut down for when those claimed so called veil lifting discoveries by people with no logic or evidence to back them up run out of things to say. "If you can't hear it you must be deaf!" blah blah
  6. bandit pilot

    Revealing Hifi System – How Is It Achieved ???

    I've experienced a few revealing systems. I could list the items responsible, but the one thing they all had in common was that they all used the same wires.
  7. bandit pilot

    Revealing Hifi System – How Is It Achieved ???

    Everybody cares. That's why there's a discussion going on about it. Granted, some people care a lot more than others. I don't care at all
  8. I wouldn't ban you. Not sure where the Linn forum fits in with sweariness tbh. I could go for a few choice words on this subject myself
  9. bandit pilot

    FS: TEAC UD-H01 DAC, Tannoy System 600 speakers

    Dunno, can't see them Don't know what happened to your pics, but they're not showing elsewhere either. Or not for me.
  10. bandit pilot

    Linear power supplies?

    This ^^^ is repetitive. I've been a member on PFM and other fora for as long as I have been a member here. Free to browse and post and have. It's a hobby so lighten up FGS.
  11. bandit pilot

    Linear power supplies?

    You can always ignore the repetitive threads, or even better, start your own
  12. bandit pilot

    Linear power supplies?

    Where's the harm? I've got no problems with links from elsewhere if they are valuable information and on topic. If it aids discussion and expands knowledge here, where's the downside?
  13. bandit pilot

    Jbl 4430 clones

    Lovely work! I'll be coming for a listen for sure.
  14. bandit pilot

    What Music Will You Be Playing at Kegworth?

    When did you start liking decent music?