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  1. bandit pilot


    I should be able to make this too, Julian. Unfortunate not to have made the first!
  2. I don't get it either. Sticking with AudioNote specifically, I've had J's sounding magical in here. But they were pulled away from corners and rear walls. They really can sound very good indeed. E's on the other hand, as in the models shown up page in the video, I could not tame the bass no matter what I did. That sluggish bass makes my own listening experience unpleasant. Just goes to show that people want very different things from their hifi.
  3. Agreed. Having to go to all those measures to fix a problem simply complicates the original problem. They are the wrong speakers for the room. This is where reviews are worse than useless.
  4. The OP has bought some speakers and is happy. The thread drifted some time back as is the way of the wam
  5. AN's, or any other speakers (dozens) I've had over the years do not go in the corners in my room. Not for my tastes, because I want to hear more of the recording than booming bass. This is a very good example of why I can't take reviews seriously.
  6. I agree that we might like the wording of some reviewers over others, and I also agree that it's futile reading the reviews of a system based on brands you don't like. But there's a massive flaw in reviews that cannot be argued with, and that is the difference between the reviewers and end users environments. I'll call headphones the only exception to that. If reviews were accurate, people would only buy once. That is a very long way away from being the case. Reviewers are paid to tell people what they want to hear. Literally!
  7. A reviewers listening experience and interpretation are as unique as ours, as are the rooms they review things in. It's a vague idea at best how that bit of kit will work somewhere else with different systems. Reviews are for marketing.
  8. That's a lot of speaker for the money. Put simply, the best Rega speakers I've heard.
  9. heard some fabulous reports about this amplifier at your recent bake. It's a lovely thing!
  10. I've seen these in the flesh mate. Manny is a good bloke. Treat yourself.
  11. I remember when they were clearing stock of those at around £700. The fact I never bought one has haunted me ever since.
  12. Photos don't do it justice. Lovely place, 2 minutes walk from the town center and overlooking the river. We had a fantastic weekend and look forward to going back. Being so close to the lakes is very handy too. Just to be clear, this is not a holiday let, but an extension of Nigel's home, full of creature comforts and short of nothing. Very highly recommended.
  13. Tri Vista 300 or kw500 was the best I ever got from them. Those big watts SS amps really did it for me, and seemingly many others at the time Also tried with Canary 300b ref mono's which sounded just dead and awful.
  14. If you want new out the box I'd say possibly not. But as posted above, something mint but used would practically triple your budget. Don't get me wrong, those 3020's sound impressive for the price but you don't get quality drivers or crossover components.