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  1. Now SOLD (not surprised). Thanks all!
  2. Thanks! Glad you're still enjoying it I was actually very close to buying this one from my friend but that would not be reasonable at the moment...
  3. Hi all A close friend of mine is selling his VdH Colibri XGW. He bought it in 2017, new, had it factory mounted at Brinkmann's on one of their TT, but unfortunately, the stylus was damaged during transportation. My friend sent the cart back to VdH where it was fully rebuilt. Since he'd bought another cart in the meantime, he's left it in its box ever since, a bit freaked out at the idea of mounting it. So it is new, unused. Worth mentioning, VdH reduced the width of the wooden top slightly to allow easier mounting on a wider range of tonearms (Brinkmann's headshell, for example, can complicate mounting of wide carts). One of the great advantages of VdH is the very moderate cost of retipping (having destroyed one of their carts myself by tripping over my TT, I can confirm it's a big plus). SOLD SOLD SOLD Cart ships from France
  4. Hi guys I own four Lamy 2000s, my favourite fountain pens in the world, can't rotate them all so letting go of one. This is the steel version, absolutely mint, has barely been used and just a few month old. Worth mentioning that all my Lamy's have nibs fitted to my taste at the factory. I.e, you are guaranteed one of the best nibs on the market. I have two Montblanc pens and they don't even come close. New RRPP £240. Selling at £180 shipping to England included in its original box. This is a piston filler, so you won't be fiddling which cheap converters. This pen will be indistinguisable from new, cleaned, with piston greased. https://www.penheaven.co.uk/lamy-2000-brushed-steel-fountain-pen JB
  5. New in box, just inked once to check nib, all docs, cartridges, converter. Fantastically smooth nib. One of the best fountain pens on the market regardless of price. Nib is smooooth. This is german engineering at its best, just closing the cap is quite an experience... £100 ONO shipping (from France) included.
  6. I have several devices on one of these, I can confirm it's great to replace those 10 remotes you have lying around...
  7. Check there, they have a few. Edit: removed website as they seemed a bit shady.
  8. Yes I don't think you should be afraid of moving them way closer to the back wall. I have my Amphions 50cm tops from the back wall in a 60 sqm room and have fantastic bass. Now of course each room is different. PS: nice to see someone with an eye for contemporary design Very nice rooms.
  9. That is A LOT of speaker for the money. One of the genuinely great speakers I've owned, balanced, delicate, transparent, and not power-hungry.
  10. The driver is indeed a proprietary Scanspeak (it was made to Merlin's specifications).
  11. You might want to specify which version and age these are. Great speakers with a reasonable footprint, very very musical.