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  1. Power Inspired AG1500 in excellent as new condition - little use due to system change and has ben siting quietly in the rack doing nothing- this replaced an extrememly expensive Pure Power unit - sounded just as good. Collection from Bury St Edmunds area or will courier at buyers risk and expense. £300 plus postage if required.
  2. STILL FOR SALE NOW WITH 4 KITCHEN WOODEN CHAIRS 6x4 collection from IP31 - also on E Bay £95
  3. SOLD to a wammer for peanuts who wants to look at it, but I need the room for house move.
  4. Owned a few Tube Tech amps including the huge one - synergy? Yes, they did close up some years ago (sad story - founder's wife died), attempted a temporary come back but he went off to the USA, but their amps are very serviceable.
  5. ok - although initially firm on price would listen to offers - needing to downsize. Can include pillow for coffin case. Did I mention Mick Taylor had a go on it some years ago? Maybe put's an extra tenner on value?
  6. This has a rare "coffin" padded case - rather unusual. Elderly wammers could utilise and save on funeral plans.
  7. Hohner JT60 plus white lined coffin case! A rather rare and superb Jazzmaster style guitar made by Hohner in the early nineties in England and developed by the electrical guitar technician - Alan Entwhistle It has a Jaguar/Jazzmaster shaped body and it is in mint condition with a tortoiseshell scratchplate, with three pickups and one volume and two tone controls with a three-way selector switch. It has an innovative wiring system invented by Alan Entwhistle and by using various combinations of the controls and three-way switch, various sounds can be achieved, I have a copy of instructions. It has had little use and may benefit from new strings This guitar can produce stratocaster sounds, telecaster sounds, Gretsch sounds and more . There is a blue one on E bay for £450 and the cream ones around £400. One of the most amazing guitars I have ever owned. I have never seen one in as good condition as this one. I am downsizing – I will throw in the case a total bargain at £250 – collection or plus postage – price is very firm! Please note picture below, further pics here:
  8. Yet another amp from my past . . . sigh. Out performed any of the later Krells I had - incredible pix there. They usually need servicing but it looks as though this one is right up to spec. GLWTS The next quandry is which pre to partner with.
  9. now SOLD Now offering free postage within UK Important: I had not noticed that there is an MC and MM phono input on the rear, however I am unable to confirm working order as have not access to a turntable - sorry! Just to add - following some research these seem to go for around £300. The last one on E Bay sold for over £350 with 35 bids.
  10. FS Kelvin Labs integrated amplifier MK2 SOLD. No original box but will be well packed. Rather rare and sought after integrated amp Kelvin Labs ... small 'cottage industry' Brit company that preceded AVI. Low power solid state class A amps - 20W per channel sort of like early Sugden. Has been compared to a mini Krell KSA50 This one in excellent working and cosmetic condition excepting small ding on corner of heat sink - see picture. Balance control can be slightly noisy sometimes but I never used it - have been advised that bypassing it improves sound path. I bought this a couple of years or so ago from a respected and trusted forum member with who I have had many dealings. He assured me it had been recapped but did not have receipt - but had been serviced and sticker is on the rear. Bought for a second system but now selling as really need a higher powered amp (which I have just acquired!) I have hardly used it as been too busy with house renovation. Description from previous owner: “The MKII features heatsinks! Despite being Class A, doesn’t get that hot. Best suited to average floor standers. Inefficient bookshelf speakers need not apply. It sounds sweet and detailed, and has something of a cult following. Sounds beautiful throwing vocals well forward into the mix but not in a hard way, more palpable. There isn't a phono stage. This has been recapped so should make sweet music well into the future.” A Wammer posted about these amps: “Great amp, I use mine as a class A power amp (just turn the volume control to max) and it's fab. Will show many an expensive amp up. “ Pictures here:
  11. It happens! Just wondered - Cheers
  12. I may be wrong. . . but i think I used to know you in Manchester, were you a fireman and worked with Albert of Bespoke Audio? If i am wrong put it down to senior moments.