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  1. I've always used sterets(isopropyl originally then changed for something less effective) for both the platter and the belts. Doesn't seem to have harmed the belts, yet.
  2. Toying with the idea of making an appearance at the show Is it worth chucking some old kit in the boot and seeing if anyon is interested? Plan would be to donate a fair % of sale price to charity (mental health) Off the top of my head I have; Chrome Bumper Nac 62/140 and cables Arcam DV139 Audiolab CD8200CDQ but there's probably more in garage/loft
  3. I'm interested in the perceived improvements from obs 1 to 2? If there had been Bedini amps around a few years ago my amp path may have been different but tbh it's hard to take a punt having settled in with my baby Bryston a good while now (it replaced a Dynavector that is beautifully matched to my Arcs). As a complete(ish) aside AN Meishu -> Obs, absolute rubbish and Bryston 4BBST -> AN Es likewise, despite all being superb bits of kit.
  4. I use a Linn DS --> Bryston 4BSST and it sounds just fine. It's not my 'critical listening' system but I've no complaints, although the Obelisks make anything sound OK tbh. Previously I had (still up the loft in fact) an audiolab 8200cdq which had the option of either digital or analogue preamp function and although they sounded different I had no real preference and was therefore happy to go with the DS and digital only. If you don't need an analogue input...
  5. any one heard the new Meishu?
  6. yep, iPad great, iPhone and Mac book pro crap, is my take
  7. Way back I used rothwells between an EAR pre and a pair of Alectos with no obvious ill effects
  8. On one of the new oral anticoagulants, rivaroxaban No obvious provoking factor just ‘shit happens’ Feel positive though
  9. My DVT was confirmed last Saturday, only 3hrs in A&E Now on anticoagulants potentially for life, to be discussed at 3 month mark Particularly frustrating as I'm actually pretty active Anyway, have been playing a lot of vinyl as an upside 😊 It's a lot more comfortable now and I managed a swim yesterday, planning a Decent length, but gentle stroll tomorrow Have had to scrap skiing this year though Bugger
  10. Wow It should look great Looks like an Orbe platter at the moment, somehow 'hollow' for the weights to fit in? Going to be heavy too I expect, am looking forwards to seeing it.
  11. Shahinian are 'local' for you? I recommend not listening to Obelisks as they need even more than the Dynavector, I ended with Bryston(also local?) but the Arcs are astonishing for the money and incredibly room tolerant lmho
  12. I've a Majik DSM backed up by Dynavector HX75 (the 100watter) Lovely combo driving a pair of Shahinian Arcs which whilst OK with just DSM absolutely shine with that extra welly.
  13. Somewhere between 3-4000 lps and similar cds with 14,020 on the NAS (according to Kazoo) although that includes all the cds (never pay them just stream) and a good proportion of the vinyl. I've duplicates all over the place, mono/stereo etc. which used to concern me but more chilled now. If actually 'listening' then it's always vinyl, if just 'background' then streamed and usually Qobuz rather than NAS as I'm always after something new. I sort of wish I could be arsed to catalogue my vinyl in order to prevent my purchasing yet more duplicates but can't see it happening.