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  1. XJC


    I'll try and get this right from the start. This is not a criticism of the owner nor the mods. They have to adhere to the laws of the land 'n' all that pish. If I on the other hand decide to give away a legitimately purchased product as gift. This is my right . This forum however cannot be seen to condone such wanton flagrancy of some law that is certainly decades out of date. I have been shaking my head for about Forty years on this and written many pages of diatribal artefacts. Unfortunately the best I can come up with is: It's just fucking wrong. Let's all bend over and take the corporate legal shafting up the arse again. Home taping did not kill music, they're still at it. Exploitative wankers. I do apologise because It's so fucking difficult to be eloquent when your hairs are up. Oh! and by the way, don't loan your book. It's against the law! WTF are libraries all about? Rant over. X.
  2. XJC


    Anyone fancy the download code? Couple of really outstanding powerful tracks that remind me of a female Eddy Current Suppression Ring. I may have to question your musical integrity in order to discriminate the grabbers. Give me a PM. X.
  3. Definitely a sense of communal loss here today, very sad indeed. I shall quietly reflect over some Thomas Tallis this evening. Alan.
  4. I think I'll have a tribute tonight. S'pose you could call that an an evening of Dividedalienplaybax. Respect. X.
  5. Bevis And Twink - Magic Eye Close lobsters - Janice Long Session Nick Drake - Five Leaves Left Nick Drake - Bryter Layter Nic Jones - Penguin Eggs All original vinyl 'cept Nick drake which are the 76 release. I know fine well I'm not special or deserving enough for the 1st pressings. I have excellent taste in partners, she has none. Well done Mrs X. X.
  6. XJC

    Male grooming

    I don't know if I'd go so far as to call it personal grooming but Mrs X takes an electric sander to my feet and then douses my fungoid nails with tea tree oil. No more athletes for a while. X.
  7. Our work here is done! Nice to meet you Paul and Stuart and a shout to all those that helped out. All we need now is for Kille to lay the last post saying the tt disnae work. X.
  8. M74 southbound J11 Happendon services. I could be there 1630hrs. Maverick2000, if that ties in with your homeward journey let me know. I've pm'd contact numbers. X.
  9. M74 southbound J11 Happendon services. I could be there 1630hrs. Maverick2000, if that ties in with your homeward journey let me know. I've pm'd contact numbers. X.
  10. Haud yer wheesht, I've reached out to the guys coming north. They will contact me. X.
  11. It has been noticed, leave it with me for a day or two. All is not lost. X.
  12. XJC

    Any Scots?

    45% is not a substantial minority in anybody's book. I will agree that the currency issue was/is the Achillies heal of the arguement. To offer anything less than the pound would have been a campaign loser from the outset. My personal opinion is that it does not matter what you trade in, albeit pounds, dollars, groats or sheep. The measure is in in the quality of product and service, both of which are internationally tradeable. This was not marketable to the public and the SNP knew it. It is only my opinion that the Scottish government was looking to go straight into the euro, again not a vote winner. Educating the masses, I wonder if it invites a heap of trouble? The religious men knew it over a thousand years ago. Not much has changed really. X.