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  1. I have x2 six metre lengths of Chord Rumour 2 speaker cable. Each length of 6 metre cable has a pair of banana plugs on ONE end only. £120 inc. postage
  2. Nothing will be replacing it, only selling because of a change of circumstances
  3. I am selling my Audio Origami 12 inch PU7 tonearm which I have owned from new. It is the top of the line fully chromed model and has just been serviced by John and not used since. This model is now well over £3000 new.It has Cardas 33 ga ofc internal and van damme super ofc external wiring. It is a truly wonderful arm. £1450
  4. The thicker extra plinth is still for sale as the deck has been sold without it. Open to offers
  5. Due to a change of circumstances I have decided to sell my Nottingham analogue Dais. I have owned this deck from new and it is in excellent condition and perfect working order. It comes with a second thicker plinth which I purchased from NA as an extra. I may be able to deliver personally within a reasonable distance £2800 ono
  6. It is the later Dais not the original. Thanks for all the advice and I shall now consider my options
  7. Thanks Robbie. Mine has the speed control as well and an extra platform, which I remember being quite expensive to buy. Not that I expect a great deal more for the deck because of that
  8. After quite a few years being away from forums and hifi in general, I have decided to sell my Nottingham analogue Dais. The problem is that I have absolutely no idea what it’s worth. The deck is in perfect condition and has an extra base and two arm pods ( NA and Rega ). Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  9. People who own them, keep them!. Nuff said.
  10. fro

    Unique system

    I use Art Audio Adagio monoblocks, using the KR52bx valves. Might be the only set in the country but not 100% sure.
  11. Matching them correctly is the key. Get it right and they are as good as it gets IMO. I've had many speakers at my home and none have been close to the Utopias, in the context of my system. The build quality is also top drawer, unlike a lot of speakers, that look like they've been knocked up in a shed.
  12. I've heard a few of the Transfiguration cartridges including the Orpheus and I thought they sounded superb!. If I was in the market for a new cartridge, they would be top of my list.
  13. I've just bought some KSL SPc speaker cable which I tried in my system. Whilst I found it to be pretty good, it just couldn't compete with the stuff I already have. It sells very easily 2nd hand though !.
  14. dom_ I wouldn't worry about the sorting the arm, best to junk it when serviced. Why would you junk the arm pray tell?. The headshell on it's own is highly sought after and the arm (Bogen) is a fine sounding beast, when paired with the right cartridge. Get the deck serviced, stick a denon 103 on the arm and you'll be in for a treat. Go on the Lenco forum and get some informed opinions. Oh and don't listen to people who give advice about things they know nothing about!.
  15. I've tried countless speakers in my system at home and I've yet to find anything that beats my Utopias as an all round speaker. No bass problems either. In fact the performance of some of the 'highly rated' speakers on this and other forums were laughable compared to the Utopias. If there had been something better out there within the same sort of price range, then I would have bought it!. This, obviously, may be dependent on the system you have and the type of music you listen to.