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  1. I had one for a while. Very decent DAC though the massive blue display was annoying and I had a very weird electrical issue which meant whenever I turned on anything else electrical (desk lamp, light switch, heater etc) the DAC would stop for a second or so. Never had that with any other component before or since??
  2. Had mine for two months now - just do exactly what it says on the tin. My days of box swappingg are over. Really good sound (equivalent to a decent £1-2k amp and £1-2k speakers) plus all the digital gubbins and streaming built in. The Tidal part of the app isn't as good as the one from Aurlaic or Oppo yet but hopefully they can continue to improve it. The DSP really helps you tune them to the room / taste. I did try a nice Rel subwoofer with them but preferred the sound without it - more than enough bass, I actually have it turned down to the minimum setting.
  3. What is your mains voltage?

    In reality the UK supply is still at 240v (normally a touch higher) and Europe is closer to 220v (often a touch lower). By callling it 230v +/- 10% the EU covered everyone. Some manufactures do make speical UK export versions of their amps etc set-up for 240v.
  4. Always wanted to be a porn star still practising hard.
  5. For all that they were a bit too big (physically and sonically) for my room and despite the fact I made a huge profit on them I don't half miss the Zero's.
  6. Was hugely impressed with these when I heard them at Nicks, the bass slam was really surprising. Not too disimilar in looks and sound to my old Revel Gems, but a bit cleaner and faster sounding.
  7. Scalford 2017. Radio Interview. Tuesday 7th March

    Count your blessings.
  8. Living voice OBX-RW series

    They changed cabinets (the original ones have a picture fram effect on the back panel). Also the outboard crossovers had some changes. More info about all the changes here: http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews/livingvoice/avatar.html
  9. Power Amp/s advice

  10. Highendaudio.nl - any feedback?

    Excellent dealer - been around for ages so wouldn't have any qualms about buying from them.
  11. Don't think you are allowed to link to your own ebay sales. If you want to sell it on here list it with a price.
  12. Mastersounds 300b

    Looks very nice - could be quite interested in it for myself. Can I ask why did you sell (see you have an Audio Note Oto SE now), and how much for?
  13. Step Up Transformer

    When I had a turntable I used one of these with a Graham Slee Reflex M to great effect with a Transfiguration Temper V. If you can persuade him to ship to the UK would be a great buy: https://www.audiogon.com/listings/phono-sound-tradition-live-mc-903-hashimoto-mc-step-up-2016-12-14-preamplifiers-89519-reno-nv I bought mine after first hearing Rabski's self made HM3 based SUT.