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  1. Damn right I listen to it intently. I’m not going to waste precious valve life hours on background music. I’ve got a portable player for that.
  2. monya

    Fuse direction

    I replaced the fuse in the back of the grounded grid energiser for headphones with a ‘Black’ and had to drop the volume by a notch. Didn’t bother reversing it though - that would be silly wouldn’t it?
  3. Bought the Focal Stellias a few months ago for closed back listening via a Benchmark dac. Not bad at all.
  4. I’m using an Aries G1 as the streamer into a Benchmark HGC. Sounds very good to me on Qubuz.
  5. I guess here in the UK we are lucky to have dealers offering most products within a reasonable distance of travel compared with the USA. Must admit buying blind doesn’t appeal on high end gear. Synergy rules ok.
  6. The Studio Connections cables (Black Star) are very good but system dependent as with all stuff at this price level. Personally I’m a fan of Atlas Asimi cables but also silly money but just happens to do good things between my CD player and headphone energiser. The good things meaning a great sense of space within the soundstage in my case.
  7. As new with receipt dated July ‘19. Less than 10hrs use and bought as a temporary stop gap. Complete with all packaging. £180 delivered.
  8. nooooooo! A fuse too far....
  9. Going to try Mark Grant’s Oyaide Silver coax so got my feet in both camps - decent cable and plugs but not made by big name co. who have add. budgets + distributors etc.
  10. So can someone recommend an excellent dac with headphone amp included as I’m on the lookout. Budget under 4K please. It’ll only be used for headphones eg Focal Stellias.
  11. monya

    What is Streaming?

    Assuming fibre internet is available would it be fair to say that wireless streaming is capable of handling hi res from tidal or qubuz into a streamer eg Auralic? To cut down on wiring.
  12. The Link arrived yesterday and over the weekend I’ll see if I can set it up wirelessly with an Audioquest Dragonfly Cobalt attached then into some focal headphones.
  13. For streaming I’m going to try this + an Audioquest Cobalt as an amp/dac