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  1. Socks

    Here you go: I have some and they wear well.
  2. Gift Gaff

    I use giffgaff. They use o2 network and had no problems at all.
  3. Are Headphones a Viable Alternative

    I agree with this mostly:
  4. Lots of amusing spats to read differentiated this forum from others that are sanitised. Appreciate that some got upset from time to time but with a thick skin was great fun.
  5. Recommend me an espresso/coffee machine

    Just ordered he Delonghi 4200 as it generally has good reviews and doesn't cost too much. Sourcing the beans seems a bigger minefield but working on it.
  6. Are Headphones a Viable Alternative

    I now listen to headphones 90% of the time whilst the system sits idle and if this continues I may well sell it. Am happy with Stax 009's and expect even greater things when a new amp comes along soon. No room interference is a big factor.
  7. Looms

    Mix n match for me. More fun! Not that it matters because they all sound the same anyway......
  8. If you sit all your equipment on a carpet and then on a purpose built rack you will probably hear a substantial difference I would hope. You could argue that my equipment is so poorly designed that it is affected by external supports I suppose.
  9. And how do you measure a good wine from a poor one?
  10. Thank you very much kind sir. Such posts are a tonic in themselves!
  11. Holy moley Mark - what a story. Many thanks for the sound advice. You're quite a philosopher these days and I can see why.
  12. Cable madness

    Look at reference fidelity components. I use the Venus between phono and pre. Uses Furutech bits and sounds fine. The cheaper versions are vfm too.
  13. Makes my stent look like small fry in comparison. That experience must have been hell.
  14. A though provoking reply Steve. Much appreciated. Must do something for the BHF myself - its personal now!
  15. Cheers folks! Onwards and Upwards!