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  1. Thank you. That made me realise. im gonna get a tt as it has a phono input and run it. God knows what itll sound like, but it will be from my mum
  2. So, ive been clearing mums flat out after her passing.....ive found a panasonic 2800 amp, tuner and a panasonic tape deck, with vu meters. plugged it all in it works! question is it worth running a 2 system with it all or sell it? Ebay they seem to be £70ish...
  3. What a bargainlicious bargain of bargain type. Someone snap these up, stunning
  4. Center speaker question? As you may know i have opticon lcr all around, would there be any benefit from getting a opticon vokal center? as an aside just got another pair of altecos, oh and a kubik ...doh
  5. This week i had the pleasure of having Andy Moore, ex arcam dirac guru, at my home to get the best out of dirac. Boy was i pleased, two channel is superb in my room now. Very happy. Even he was impressed by my dinky dali
  6. Ive just had my nad professionally calibrated by Andy Moore, previously at arcam. Unbelievable now with two channel. What an absolute professional who really knows his stuff, and, can talk to you about it without frying your brain. Result Dirac in two channel, absolutely stunning
  7. Funnily enough, im not like that. I should be ..but im not, weirdo i am
  8. Im thinking of soundproofing two alcoves my neighbours have a noahs ark of animals and think nothing of leaving them 10 be fair to the dogs its about 4 hours before they start or if the damn kids are playing out the front..roll on winter
  9. How can you not like f&f movies but watch that hahahahaha
  10. What amplification do we all use with dalis? Im thinking of getting rid of the nad