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  1. mac2006 wrote: The problem is that after this 'public relations' statement of deniability was issued, Windows 7 users have torn it apart by citing numerous examples that contradictthe explanation. I appreciate the threads are long (especially the 3rd one) and could bore any reader to death so I'll summarise the response to date. Jun 2009-Jan 2010 (8 months!)- Many posts from unhappy W7 users re: battery life 04 Feb 2010 - MS finally acknowledge their customersand agree to investigate the problem in conjunction with OEMs 08Feb 2010 -MS deny the OS is to blame 4 DAYS to conduct a full investigation, with multiple hardware manufacturers, affecting multiple products, potentially using different hardware / firmware / BIOS / Drivers....and we are to believe this is a thorough investigation? BTW Mac, I agree with you and don't see what the problem is either. Where we fundamentally disagree is that you believe the MSdenial and I, along with many, many W7 users, don't. Strange though, don't you think, that when users test under a dual-boot with W7 then XP they experience these results on battery only. a) W7 -15mins online, critical battery message, OS shuts laptop down. Now, re-boot the laptop to XP (without charging the battery)and; b) XP - laptop runs for 2 hours no problembefore shutdown. The common denominator appears to be W7 yet in the space of 4 days MS can confidently state it's not to blame!
  2. Just bought a Samsung N140, 250gb withWindows 7 Starter at a great price only to learn that there may be a serious issue with battery life in terms of run-time and premature degradation. OEM replacement batterywould be > £100. As yet there's no solution to orownership of the problem and deniability is rife. This has been ongoing for 8 months so here's my options: 1. Swap for another N140 withslightly inferior spec of 160gb andXP Home 2. Keep the N140 250gb and install an OEM version of XP Pro 3. Keep the N140 250gb, run with Windows 7 Starter and pray that I'm not affected I talked with Samsung Support and the Retailer and both claimedno knowledge of the issue (allegedly) so I gave them some forum threads to look at. It seems that even if you dual-boot to XP/Vista or clean install over Windows 7 you may still have the battery issue if 7 has been run once. I think this is a disgrace. Anyone got any experience?
  3. AOpen desktop, hardlyused by me or previous owner.Turned on for 1st time in prolly 6 months but would not power up. Opened the case, turned power on and noticed acrid smell coming, I think, from the PSU (model KC-300 ATX). Can't see any signs of damage to the motherboard but can't be certain. Is it worthwhile replacing the PSU either myself or professionally or just buy a cheap, used base unit? Can't see me using it for much other thanvery occasionally ripping and burning. Web article indicates thatreplacement is idiot proof.
  4. Got £400 of these and want to buy a netbook and cheap PC base unit. Comet and Argos accept them but their 'collect from store' items don't have what I want. I could exchange them for other store vouchers and lose £40 (10%) for the service. With the exception of ebay,where else can you sell or swap them?
  5. gthang wrote: :^Been buying from Slaters for 25 years and I wouldn't go anywhere else either. They'll kit you out with the full regalia including quality shirt, tie &shoes. Try them - you won't regret it.
  6. My PC has CD Rewriter and DVD ROM drives. Need to add a DVD Rewriter. Nothing too expensive but reliable. Thinking about dual-layer in case I need to burnlargefiles like 8gig sat nav DVDs. What do you recommend and should I retain both existing drives whilst adding a 3rd?
  7. I could have sworn I typed alleged genuine discs in my original post:dunno:. I'm always wary of ebay cheapos. Thanks for the advice anyway guys.
  8. Both are dirt cheap on ebay for genuine discs. Roxio 10 reviews suggest it is easier for novices to use. Any thoughts? 'As Good As' or 'Better' software available for free from
  9. Plug

    Nice Rack !!

    You have a PM.
  10. highly recommended to me by a professional French Polisher and it gives great results. I use aerosol Caretaker and it might do the job of cleaning and polishing your veneer. If not, try Wood Restorer. Caretaker is available in Asda. A word of caution - cover the floor well with sheet or newspapers andDO NOT get polish on vinyl, lino, tiles etc. The beeswax is very slippery and a bugger to remove.
  11. Is this a good dealhere? I hear good things about Nero software for formatting and burning CDs and DVDs.
  12. If he banks with RBS and you lodge cash at your local RBS before 3pm (might be 3.30pm?) then he'll have access to the dosh that day. Can't speak for other banks, I'm afraid.
  13. Something to chew on:D
  14. I understand you need new cloth and spray carpet adhesive. Can get these cheap @ Maplins. I don't have any fancy tools like clamps, just your usual basic household toolbox items so, is this an easy DIY job?
  15. JANDL100 wrote: U r most welcome Jerry and very kind of you retain my anonimity. I PMed ya onlybecause I didn't want to starta potential war along the lines of "cheap wires must be crap cos they're,!.Also PMed Gazjam about a £14 squid replacement wireless moose. He seems well pleased too:oj:. I'll make a concerted effort to post in threads rather than PMs, in future. Yours cheaply, The AnonyMouse Wammer