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  1. Lightweight Over Ear Bluetooth Headphones.

    Thanks, I'll take a look at those. The sony's I had previously looked at but discounted because as per my OP I will NOT consider anything over 250g.
  2. The only pair I can find are Bose QuietComfort 35 version 1 (version 2 is too heavy) My problem has been that many of the manufacturers don't quote weight figures, or they do on some models but not others I will NOT consider anything over 250g OR anything other than over ear, however good they are. My max budget is £300. Not necessarily looking for premium sound but does need to be at least good+. I'll happily go with the Bose, but would be nice if there was an alternative. I've done lots of searching already and the vast majority seem to be up around the 300g mark. So I'm looking for positive replies, please. i.e ones that definitely fit my requirements, not have you considered a/b//c etc. as I don't have too much time before I need to pull the trigger on an ebay sale. Thanks in advance
  3. Vinyl Racks/Display

    Saw this a while ago and it should be fairly straightforward. Even paying someone to make if you're not up to it Still cheaper than buying and can be scaled up or changed to suit your needs
  4. That would be TOWIE then
  5. ARB

    Yes please, pm it over. Thanks
  6. ARB

    Only ever seen them crop up occasionally on ebay, do he/they have a website?
  7. What's yer bits'n'bobs?

    That's very interesting, might be worth investigating one of those. How big a difference did it make, ie what was the speed fluctuation before and what is it now?
  8. Anyone help me out with this SME tool

    Still confused, I've never owned a 10a turntable. I have owned an SME 20/2 turntable but so long ago not sure what arm was on it. Was the 20/2 only sold with the series V arm?
  9. I'm clearing out my bits and came across this SME adjustment tool. But 1, what does it adjust & 2, for which model. My guess is VTA? but can't find anything on the web to confirm
  10. Koetsu Black Price

    I never really like the idea of a 3rd party retip on an expensive cartridge. I'm sure people like expert stylus do a great job. But ultimately what you get back will not be a Koetsu black. It might sound very good but still not the same sound as the original IMO.
  11. Top up your vinyl collection: 1700+ records

    He's showcased his collection by showing 10 pics of 16 albums so roughly 10% Now you have to assume that anyone but an idiot would put up the ones of highest value to entice the buyers. After all, he does say he has gone through and valued them all. And what appears in this top 10% a whole bunch of film soundtracks, compilations and god forbid even a magic roundabout album. The condition looks poor at best. I would be stunned if there more than 20 out of the whole lot that was worth more than £1 each
  12. 12" Tonearm suggestions

    Assuming you want something a bit different from the SME. What about a Thomas Shick, I used one to great effect on my SP10, looks beautiful as well (£1,300). If you want something closer to the price of the Jelco what about an Ortotfon AS-212. I've not heard one, but they are supposed to be pretty good value.
  13. What's yer bits'n'bobs?

    J.H.C at 48kg a piece that better be one sturdy rack you've got there.
  14. wilson sabrina

    I wasn't talking about the sabrinas, I've no idea if they were listed before the sale and if they were if the price was the same or higher. I had previously been looking at 2/3 other items most notably the Boenicke's which have been for sale for quite a few months now at £4,199 and in the sale are still £4,199. My point still stands I believe it not really ethical to call it a sale unless you actually reduce your previous prices.
  15. wilson sabrina

    I got all excited there when I saw the word sale as there were one or two items in the list I had looked at before, yet despite now have the tag of an Xmas sale there still exactly the same price as they were prior to 27th December. I thought that was a breach of trading standards rules. Correct me if I'm wrong but don't items offered in a sale legally have to be previously sold at a higher price immediately prior to the "sale". it may well be that these laws don't apply to 2nd hand goods but still IMO very misleading to call this an XMAS sale when there has clearly been no change in price.