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  1. alphatoner

    FS:JIM ROGERS JR150 LOUDSPEAKERS, With Custom Stands

    Sold subject to final payment
  2. alphatoner

    FS:JIM ROGERS JR150 LOUDSPEAKERS, With Custom Stands

    now reduced to £499
  3. alphatoner

    FS: Line 6 175w Guitar Amp

    Now £85
  4. alphatoner

    Tonearm Grounding query.

    Yes, there is hum (through speakers) at higher volumes, which is why I want to check for the correct grounding method. ps phono stage is in the amp and neither TT or amp can be moved.
  5. alphatoner

    Tonearm Grounding query.

    Uzzy, thanks but that link is related to an arm with a screening can and 4 pin connector and it's internal tone arm grounding wire. That's not what my question relates to, mine is about the external ground wire on the cable. The internal ground on my 3009 presumably is grounded to something in the lower area (as per the vinyl engine post) but I can't see it without taking the arm off again. Something I would prefer not to do. So to try and hopefully simplify my questions below is the cable, where is the best place to attach the cables ground wire at the tonearm end?
  6. alphatoner

    Tonearm Grounding query.

    I have an SME 3009 arm which has been converted to RCA Connectors. This is fitted to a Michell Gyrodec. Between the two I use a Van Damme tonearm cable which has separate earth cables at each end. Obviously, at one end this attaches to the gnd point on my amp.phonestage. But where is the best place to ground at the TT end? There is knurled nut underneath the armboard. I'm currently using this but not sure if that is the correct thing to do. Is this right or should it ground to one of the bedplate nuts of the SME or some other point? Thanks in advance.
  7. alphatoner

    FS:JIM ROGERS JR150 LOUDSPEAKERS, With Custom Stands

    Now reduced to £549
  8. alphatoner

    Kralk Audio

    I heard them at a show 4/5 years back not too long after launch the original BC30 I think. From memory, they were about £5-600 at the time. Very impressed and imo great value for money.
  9. alphatoner

    All in-one box

    With that sort of budget, you could go for an Accuphase E-370 or poss. E-470 both will take the optional MM/MC phono board. Or maybe better still the Luxman 507UX. If the mcintosh 9000 is too expensive there is 7900 on ebay within budget
  10. alphatoner

    Amp recommendation for Boenicke please?

    They may well be, but as previously stated I have absolutely no intention of going down the DIY route and even if I could find some pre built (or get someone to do it for me) selling on if they didn't work would be just too risky.
  11. alphatoner

    Amp recommendation for Boenicke please?

    A bit of an update (and thanks for all the input) I should point out I'm not necessarily expecting to find the end-game amp. I'm doing a bit of trial and error. As I'm only going to buy 2nd hand any demo is pretty much impossible. My question regarding power was simple I'll try a higher powered and see if it made a difference. If it didn't I would just sell it and try a different route. I realise there is more to it than power, but I thought to try something with lots of wellie, but make sure I can sell it on without losing too much money was worth a try. there have been a few recommendations on here (not many relating to high output amps though, which was my original question. It isn't a question of saving up as my budget was always in addition to my Sony, but as it happens I had an offer on my Sony which I took. So that releases up some extra cash and gives me a budget of about £1,200 2nd hand. Which, if that's not enough then I've probably bought the wrong speakers. Because this should get me an amp with a new price well in excess of £2k and I personally don't believe ANY amp is worth more than that. I've got my eye on a couple currently on ebay so may well take a punt on one of those.
  12. Take all the videos you want, but if they paid by paypal they WILL get a refund regardless of who booked the courier. If you want to be safe the ONLY way is either payment by BT or Paypal gift. 99.99% of buyers will refuse to do anything other than std paypal knowing that seller is ALWAYS liable if they do.
  13. Ok but I'll repeat Beejays question What exactly was loose inside that caused the damage?