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  1. wilson sabrina

    I wasn't talking about the sabrinas, I've no idea if they were listed before the sale and if they were if the price was the same or higher. I had previously been looking at 2/3 other items most notably the Boenicke's which have been for sale for quite a few months now at £4,199 and in the sale are still £4,199. My point still stands I believe it not really ethical to call it a sale unless you actually reduce your previous prices.
  2. wilson sabrina

    I got all excited there when I saw the word sale as there were one or two items in the list I had looked at before, yet despite now have the tag of an Xmas sale there still exactly the same price as they were prior to 27th December. I thought that was a breach of trading standards rules. Correct me if I'm wrong but don't items offered in a sale legally have to be previously sold at a higher price immediately prior to the "sale". it may well be that these laws don't apply to 2nd hand goods but still IMO very misleading to call this an XMAS sale when there has clearly been no change in price.
  3. Ebay sale

    Everybody else has correctly told you, your error you sort it. But if you don't want to sell to international buyers then change your settings to reflect this and they won't be able to bid. (search block international bidders, in the help section). If you do want to always use the Global shipping program it's safer, easier, cheaper and much less risky for the seller.
  4. Focus & Aperture rings query?

    thanks, in that case, it's faulty which is a shame.
  5. Focus & Aperture rings query?

    Thank Colin, Yes, the rings move but should something actually happen? so, for example, I change the aperture but it doesn't do anything it stays wide open.
  6. Focus & Aperture rings query?

    Hi Guys, Never was much of a photographer but I have found an old Chinon F1.4 lens and no longer have a camera. My question is should the manual focus & aperture still operate even when not mounted on a camera? Also when I look close up through the rear I can see some slight swirl marks on the front glass but nothing visible when looking from the front, are these just cleaning marks and does it mean a problem for use? Many thanks
  7. There used to be one I know, but unless it's been moved to some obscure part of the forum, I can't find it anywhere. Anyone able to enlighten me as to where it's gone?
  8. Auction of quality hifi stuff on the 12

    Yep, that's fairly typical of conventional auctions houses. Which is why I never understand all the gripes about ebay's 10%.
  9. Velodyne sub gone pop

    I tried Graeme, but he really only does valves not SS kit. Henry (toprepairman) is not taking on work at the moment but in any case is a bit too far. So sadly looks like I might be looking for a new sub.
  10. Elite Audio Pre-Season Sale

    asking me for a password to enter the guest area. I'm guessing that shouldn't be happening.
  11. Velodyne sub gone pop

    That was my first thought and tried that but no luck It's finding someone close enough to make it worth the hassle. about to go away for a few days but will try that when I get back, thanks.
  12. Velodyne sub gone pop

  13. Velodyne sub gone pop

    Recently my other half took the plug out of the back of my Velodyne sub (CHT-10q) becuse of a hum. I stupidly plugged it back in without switching it off first. Big spark from the socket on the amp and now dead. I'm guessing there will be an internal fuse (but doubt it's that simple) but anyone any ideas of a local repairer in the Herts/Beds/Bucks area? or should I just write it off and get a replacement. I should add I've tried taking the back plate off but failed miserably and don't want to force it. Thanks
  14. another t/t

    Of course, that explains everything. what a dumbass I am not to realise. Thanks FF
  15. another t/t

    Any particular reason why you can't google it yourself?