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  1. alphatoner

    FS: A lovely selection of Classical Vinyl box sets

    2 x LP sets reduced to £6 3 x Lp sets reduced to £8 4 x LP sets reduced to £10 8 x Lp set reduced to £20
  2. alphatoner

    wireless headphones around the £100 mark

    If he uses them out and about, will he want/need noise cancellation? if you do Lindy BNX-60 are very good value for money. I had a set for a while and for the money they would be tough to beat. £88 delivered
  3. alphatoner

    Solid wood HiFi rack

    Price reduced to £80
  4. alphatoner

    "Audiophile Vinyl " my foot !

    Can you point me at any of the sites you have found? I've tried google searches but never yet found a vinyl quality reviews.
  5. alphatoner

    "Audiophile Vinyl " my foot !

    Thin on the ground would be a big understatement imo, I've never come across any.
  6. Surely everyone knows by now that the moon landing was faked. So by using that logic, the BBC has never actually existed. Everything you think you have seen for the last 50 has just been a dream. The good news is that this also means Piers Morgan is only a figment of my imagination.
  7. alphatoner

    Cause of a very loud click/pop on Vinyl

    Do you mean a duplicate of the same LP?
  8. alphatoner

    Solid wood HiFi rack

    Dimensions Overall H=75, W=60, D=42 Internal shelves (all 3 the same) H=16, W=48, D=40
  9. alphatoner

    Solid wood HiFi rack

    Made from light mango wood this cost me close to £300 and is still in new condition £90 collected from Berkhamsted HP4
  10. alphatoner

    Decent quality (but non-audiophile) 0.5m mains cables

    Take your existing leads cut the plugs off to length and wire into a 4-way hydra plug which also comes with basic surge protection built in. That's assuming these are still classified as electrically safe. search multiway mains plug on ebay.
  11. alphatoner

    An unexpected treat

    Just back from a very nice week in Lake Como. While there a not was stuck under the door advertising a free concert the next evening at the local Anglican church overlooking the lake. We went along out of interest, beautiful church and a totally unexpected treat from a local musician.
  12. alphatoner

    Cause of a very loud click/pop on Vinyl

    Thanks guys, I have already swapped the goldring/ortofon back and forth several times, always with the same result. There is also the factor that this issue is not unique to onee album, It happens with others as well. So to me, that rules out a pressing fault and leaves me with Uzzy's option of the stylus profile. But that, in turn, makes we wonder why other 2m owners don't have the same issue.
  13. alphatoner

    Cause of a very loud click/pop on Vinyl

    Yes, it is earthed, but very much doubt it's that as the noise is always in exactly the same point. Static would vary in its location and frequency. Or is that a wrong assumption?
  14. This is an odd one (to me at least), I recently bought a brand new 2m black. I put on an album, also brand new and got several very loud click/pop noises. At first, I thought it was a badly pressed album, however just in case I ran it through my RCM, still the same, put it through again and still the same. I then tried a few other albums a couple were ok but most produced the same result. I then put my Goldring 1042 back in and perfect no issues at all. Never had an issue like this before and I've no idea what it might be. I'm confident the cartridge is set up correctly but I did double check the tracking, alignment, vta etc and all ok. Is this just a faulty cartridge or is there something else I might be missing? Thanks in advance. Ian
  15. alphatoner

    boenicke Owners Club

    It's not the weight. It's the insurance. Would want to risk £4k of speakers to a courier without cover. I know I wouldn't.