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  1. Doh, no not revolving ads, just realised I run an adblocker so see no ads at all. Now unblocked to support the Wam.
  2. Keh! what orange banner, I see nuthing.
  3. It's not just the top though is it? all down at least one side is the same. In any event it's just way too uniform to be sun damage.
  4. Excellent condition, Comes with remote, power cable the Arcam box (but not the original internals) Looking for £180 + P&P Payment Paypal (F&F) or BT
  5. Long shot I know but I've got an antique 3 stone 1.14ct ring set in 18ct yellow and white gold. Valued last year by the diamond trust at £4,000 (authentication certificate included). Available at a massively reduced price. Pm me if interested.
  6. alphatoner


    Can't be a coincidence can it?
  7. 2 x LP sets reduced to £6 3 x Lp sets reduced to £8 4 x LP sets reduced to £10 8 x Lp set reduced to £20
  8. If he uses them out and about, will he want/need noise cancellation? if you do Lindy BNX-60 are very good value for money. I had a set for a while and for the money they would be tough to beat. £88 delivered
  9. Can you point me at any of the sites you have found? I've tried google searches but never yet found a vinyl quality reviews.
  10. Thin on the ground would be a big understatement imo, I've never come across any.
  11. Surely everyone knows by now that the moon landing was faked. So by using that logic, the BBC has never actually existed. Everything you think you have seen for the last 50 has just been a dream. The good news is that this also means Piers Morgan is only a figment of my imagination.
  12. Do you mean a duplicate of the same LP?