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  1. alphatoner

    Yet another thread from me asking for help

    Isn't that exactly the point I made in an earlier post?
  2. alphatoner

    Guide to price for a second hand Michell orbe

    Ah yes, so he did. In that case £2,600 is definitely over priced.
  3. alphatoner

    Guide to price for a second hand Michell orbe

    As you mention it needs a new stylus, I assume that means it has an arm, the price would therefore entirely depend on which arm. A Gyro with an Orbe platter upgrade would I believe work out more expensive than an Orbe original (and not be as good imo) For an Orbe without an arm in mint condition I would expect to pay £1,700+ If Matador got one for £1,450, then he got a stonking bargain, mind you not sure how much the AC motor will downgrade the price.
  4. alphatoner

    Yet another thread from me asking for help

    Maybe a silly suggestion, but are you sure that you haven't just blown the fuses? There is the fuse accessible from the rear panel, but there are also two internal glass fuses on the PCB.
  5. alphatoner


    Given the price good condition (and even rubbish) 301's go for that's a stonking bargain.
  6. alphatoner

    TT Speed, What's an acceptable variation

    LOL, who would have thought that a question on TT speed would prove more difficult than the government being able to get a vote through parliament. Two people have so far understood the question. What most of you seem to think I'm talking about is what I would call fluctuation which the speed of an individual turntable constantly changing. In my use of the word, fluctuation applies to a single entity whilst variation is used for the difference between multiple entities. Although it's now clear many many people use the word variation to cover both circumstances. So the revised question is. If you bought a 2nd hand TT and it sounded fine, BUT you then measured it and discovered that it was running fast, How fast would that need to be before you went back to the seller and asked for a refund. This is an example and I'm only using it as a way to explain the question and to be honest I would now seriously doubt there actually is a correct answer, just a variation of opinions
  7. alphatoner

    TT Speed, What's an acceptable variation

    Nope not what I mean at all. I'm not talking about variation on the same turntable, see new post below
  8. alphatoner

    TT Speed, What's an acceptable variation

    Obviously, I'm not good at explaining things as I thought my questions was very simple. When I say variation in speed I do not mean speed during playing, so not a changing of the speed. The speed is static. To me it was simple is there a range that is generally accepted as OK. Clearly not as only Bazzer has actually given a range and everyone else seems to discuss all sorts of other interesting things without actually answering the question.
  9. alphatoner

    TT Speed, What's an acceptable variation

    Thanks for the replies, I am not able to measure wow/flutter (and have no interest in doing so). The only measurement I can actually make is RPM speed using a digital tachometer. So if you were measuring the speed using a digital tachometer, what would be an acceptable range when testing for 33.3rpm. If bazzer is correct then anything between 32.97 & 33.63 would be with acceptable limits So is +/-1% an acceptable variation and if not what is?
  10. As per title, For 33.3 and 45, Without being OCD about it what +/- variation would you say was acceptable? Thanks
  11. alphatoner

    boenicke Owners Club

    I just wish I was rich enough to buy a new pair of speakers for £12k+, Let alone buy them keep them 2 weeks and then sell them at a £3k loss. I'm definitely not envious honest
  12. alphatoner

    boenicke Owners Club

    Much as I'd love to buy the W11's. Surely it would be so much simpler to return them for a refund. Even if you had to hire a small van and drive them up there yourself.
  13. alphatoner

    SOLD: Hana SL MC Cartridge

    Sold on ebay
  14. Thanks, Simon, not sure why I didn't see that in my search. So Basically £2k brand new, direct from Hattor.
  15. Looks beautiful, how does the price compare to new, can't find any details anywhere. And do you have the specs please?