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  1. alphatoner


    Stands Have now arrived, as expected not very substantial, but they do look absolutely right IMO. Do they make a difference to the sound, not that I can tell. But still happy with them
  2. alphatoner


    Rob, Yes, I did. But they have not arrived as yet. Ian
  3. alphatoner

    Acoustic Energy AE1 Classic Reference Series Speakers

    To be fair to Fernando, It looks like English is not his native language, and I think maybe you are misjudging his grammar as anger. But I could be wrong.
  4. alphatoner


    Thanks for that Miles, can you tell me the width of the stands at the base as you look at them from the front, please? Cheers Ian
  5. alphatoner


    Thanks for the input guys, very helpful, having had them a few days now are; Drivers in or out. Most definitely in. much tighter bass and greatly improved soundstage Amp power. I got my specs wrong it's 90wpc into 8ohm & 140w into 4ohm. from the 1st few days I would say 14w is enough for my needs. I might experiment later but I'm not rushing to change atm. Stands. I emailed elite and they offered me the stands at £225 delivered, Seems a lot for such a simple stand, but on the other hand they do look right for W5's. They also look VERY unstable. Miles can you answer; 1, what is the overall height of the stands? 2, Do the W5's bolt to the stands? and 3, are they as unstable as they look? Thanks Ian
  6. alphatoner


    I've just received my ex Demo W5's from Elite Only the standard version though and I didn't get the stands. I'm wondering if I should have done. Any W5 owners here use the Boenicke stands and how do you find them? My amp is another potential issue. My Sony TA- F707-ES outputs 90wpc into 8ohms and 120wpc into 4ohms. What do you guys think, is this enough? Playing with the positioning at the moment, do you guys have the side drivers facing in or out and did you notice any significant difference?. Alpha
  7. alphatoner

    SOLD: Velodyne EQ Max 8 Subwoofer SOLD

    Now sold
  8. alphatoner

    B&W 804s nautilus Loudspeakers in black

    That's emporium for you.
  9. One of the channels on my Sony ES amp has serious issues. So, I'm looking for a temporary replacement. Maybe something like a Marantz PM5005/6005 or one of the more recent Yamaha's. Not limited to them, just examples of the level I'm looking at. So anybody got anything gathering dust. Thanks
  10. alphatoner

    What's yer bits'n'bobs?

    A tiny little parcel arrived yesterday and these didi things were inside
  11. alphatoner

    Denon starter T T

    Puzzling, It's listed as a DP-300f, but the pictures are of a DP-30L
  12. alphatoner

    SOLD: Velodyne EQ Max 8 Subwoofer SOLD

    Price drop to £180
  13. alphatoner

    FREE Qty of MDF + large shooting board

    Shame, it's off to the tip today
  14. Velodyne one of the best sub makers around and renowned for there musical ability. This one also comes with built-in equalisation for better room integration. In beautiful unmarked condition. The finish is dark wood, (walnut/rosewood?) Comes complete with set up instructions microphone for EQ and a remote control (more useful than you might think) Looking for £200 now £180 Collected from Berkhamsted HP4 I do have the original packaging and could ship at cost (but at buyers risk)
  15. alphatoner

    free MDF

    Iv'e put an ad in spirit of the wam for a qty of mdf + a large shooting board for anybody looking for some diy materials, probably suitable for small speaker build or similar.