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  1. alphatoner

    Nytech Audio CPA402 Stereo Power Amplifier

    That's certainly true, but if they truly were world renowned surely their reputation would have continued, even if they didn't. Which would still mean lots of hits. But does your reply mean you disagree and you think they were renowned all over the world? or just that the comparison wasn't fair. Doesn't really matter though. I didn't post to start an argument, it was only an opinion which all are entitled to disagree with.
  2. alphatoner

    Nytech Audio CPA402 Stereo Power Amplifier

    Well, I guess I can, but it depends on how you define world renowned. To me, that means a bit more than known all over the world (eg Amstrad). However one of the easy tests is google pages. B&O 28,000 000 Name 81,000,000 Sonus Faber 6, 930,000 Even Amstrad gets you 4,310,000 (even if you limit to Amstrad audio you still get 1,500,000 But Nytech Audio garners a lowly 71,700 and even then past page 4 none are actually about audio They may indeed have been reasonably well known in the UK at the time. But famous all over the world, I doubt that very much
  3. alphatoner

    Wanted to Buy

    That depends where you point the nozzle.
  4. alphatoner

    IC Ortofon SPU Royal N Cartridge

    That was quick, well done. But god that text with the yellow background was just awfully difficult to read, I stopped halfway down it was such a nightmare.
  5. alphatoner

    Linn Isobarik DMS Speakers

    Jesus when did you get the 90's? I never saw that mentioned in any thread.
  6. alphatoner

    Linn Isobarik DMS Speakers

    Maybe 25-30 Years ago I had a pair of these and really enjoyed them. I paid £600 for them and resold a year later for about £500ish. Browsing through ebay (as I do) I saw a pair at £21,000. No surprise as I've seen these a few times on ebay along with the others in the £10k+ range. But I wondered what was the cheapest they go for and found the cheapest pair at £795. Not too bad I thought given the way LP12's have escalated in price. Took a look at the detail. But Whoa, this is not for a pair of speakers but only for replacement grills. How in gods name can a pair of speaker grills cost £795? I know we often talk about the stupid price of some cables, but at least there is some engineering involved. But 4 pieces of foam for christ sake.
  7. alphatoner

    Nytech Audio CPA402 Stereo Power Amplifier

    According to their website, they were "world renowned in the 70's and 80's". So how come I've never heard of them?
  8. alphatoner

    2020 Spreadsheet Now Live

    Been a few years since I last took a room at the show, so time for another bash.
  9. alphatoner

    eBay, £1 selling offer - warning

    Personally never had a problem relisting and still getting the £1 deal (or at least I've never noticed) I don't always check, but usually do if I see a high bill. I seem to get the offer at least once a month and sometime more if there is a bank holiday. I have even cancelled and relisted straightaway and still only paid the £1, I'm not saying others are wrong just that I've not had any problems and at a guess save myself between £50 & £150 every month. I do let one or two go through each month which are outside the deal just in case they stop offering it.
  10. alphatoner

    eBay, £1 selling offer - warning

    Yes just go to to your account page and click on the fees tab which you should see about 2/3rd the way down, just under the heading current balance
  11. Brilliant well reviewed speakers only a few of months old and in mint condition, switching to AIO pc so no longer needed. £55 + P&P
  12. alphatoner

    eBay amp sale damaged in transit - what now?

    Even if I'm wrong and refunding is against the rules. It doesn't change the fact that it would be a big mistake not to refund a paypal payment and demand cash for an expensive collection only item. I think I would sooner risk minor ebay violation than losing my money and an expensive item
  13. alphatoner

    eBay amp sale damaged in transit - what now?

    You quote the policies link (as I did) the requirement is specifically to OFFER paypal. It says NOTHING about forcing you to accept it. As you say time to accept you are wrong perhaps?
  14. alphatoner

    eBay amp sale damaged in transit - what now?

    Well if my listing gets cancelled, I'll agree you're right. But if it doesn't I assume you will be equally magnanimous and accept that you got wrong.
  15. alphatoner

    eBay amp sale damaged in transit - what now?

    You are misrepresenting what the refund is for. It is NOT the first box, that is if you don't want to complete, this is a refund and you do complete the sale. Please get your facts straight. Regarding ebay policy, it couldn't be clearer I'll highlight the relevant bit for you