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  1. alphatoner

    YAMAHA A-2000a power amplifier

    and the geography fail of the year award goes to........ Mind you VAT would still need to be paid.
  2. Pending the arrival of a new turntable, my Gyrodec is up for sale. It has the original AC papst motor and standard power supply It has been upgraded with the following Revised springs with split turrets Densodamp chassis damping compound SME Arm decoupling kit All of these were carried out by the previous owner This is the full Gyrodec with plinth and is in beautiful condition I do have the original box but would strongly recommend collection. But If you really must have it couriered I will do this, but you would have to accept total 100% responsibility for loss/ damage in transit. Asking £1,200 The collection would be from Berkhamsted Herts (HP4)
  3. I need a pair of these and I'm hoping someone might have some tucked away in a draw. Failing that some knowledge on what size they are (I think M2.5 x 25mm) and I can just buy a pair from my local hardware shop. Cheers Ian
  4. alphatoner

    advice on treating a veneering project

    That's great guys thanks for all the advice. As I already have the Danish oil, I will just stick to that as the easiest option
  5. alphatoner

    advice on treating a veneering project

    I have just made my first attempt at veneering and it has gone surprisingly well. My query relates to how I protect the finish. I have some danish oil which I could treat it with, but I'm also thinking that a top coat or polyurethane varnish might be good to finish this off. Would those two stages be the right thing to do and if so any recommendations on what varnish. And if not what should I do instead? Many thanks Ian This is the practice side, I have yet to do the reverse side. This will be used as in insert for my turntable support.
  6. alphatoner

    Fair Price for SME 3009 Tonearm??

    If you want a nice clean 3009 (series 2) you should expect to pay £250+ Anything below that and the condition tends to be less than good.
  7. alphatoner

    LP Protective outer sleeves?

    If you want strong thick vinyl you need 180gm. I've been using THESE ONES for years and at £30 per 100 they are stonking values. Blake sleeves are often quoted as the ones, but I've always found them much too thin and flimsy for my liking
  8. alphatoner

    FS:JIM ROGERS JR150 LOUDSPEAKERS, With Custom Stands

    Sold subject to final payment
  9. alphatoner

    Tonearm Grounding query.

    Yes, there is hum (through speakers) at higher volumes, which is why I want to check for the correct grounding method. ps phono stage is in the amp and neither TT or amp can be moved.
  10. alphatoner

    Tonearm Grounding query.

    Uzzy, thanks but that link is related to an arm with a screening can and 4 pin connector and it's internal tone arm grounding wire. That's not what my question relates to, mine is about the external ground wire on the cable. The internal ground on my 3009 presumably is grounded to something in the lower area (as per the vinyl engine post) but I can't see it without taking the arm off again. Something I would prefer not to do. So to try and hopefully simplify my questions below is the cable, where is the best place to attach the cables ground wire at the tonearm end?
  11. alphatoner

    Tonearm Grounding query.

    I have an SME 3009 arm which has been converted to RCA Connectors. This is fitted to a Michell Gyrodec. Between the two I use a Van Damme tonearm cable which has separate earth cables at each end. Obviously, at one end this attaches to the gnd point on my amp.phonestage. But where is the best place to ground at the TT end? There is knurled nut underneath the armboard. I'm currently using this but not sure if that is the correct thing to do. Is this right or should it ground to one of the bedplate nuts of the SME or some other point? Thanks in advance.