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  1. So, I guess that means all those vintage valve amps have to go.
  2. You will be needing pictures & location for this to abide by the rules, or the ad will get pulled.
  3. Woodwork! and general making stuff. Even just a folding bench in the garden & some tools can produce things which mere mortals will be dazzled by, such as;
  4. In a true democracy all have representation irrespective of how their vote was cast. In a referendum this is not the case, it is not a truly democratic process. We can see this in the fact that 52% of the voters want 100% of the spoils.
  5. Terminated in an IEC plug. a touch over 1.8m long. New Music Works cables seem to start at about £180, so I'm asking £35 including mainland postage. I'm in Walthamstow if you want to pick it up.