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  1. karlinamillion

    I have got tickets to see .......................

    Incoming; Future of the Left @ Lexington, Fri 8th Massive grunt from Ex mccluskey Hey Charlie @ The Lexington Tues 12th, grungy pop Piney Gir & The Lone Taxidermist @ Paper Dress Vintage, TLT is an up & coming genius, Piney Gir jolly pop fun Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard @ The Lexington, 22rd March, grinding stoner rock Damo Suzuki @ St Marys Church, Walthamstow, unexpected treats expected Otoboke Beaver@ The Scala 2nd May, Jap Punk & great joy John Cooper Clarke @ Bexhill 16th May, nice seaside treat Fightmilk @ Old Blue Last 20th June, biting sarky pop Will squeeze a few in the gaps too
  2. karlinamillion

    Transformer Details & Component Identification help?

    Yes, that looks like a thermo fuse, if things start to overheat it will shut the amp down. This must be connected to a no volt switch (which requires the user to actively turn the unit back on such as used on lathes) in order to prevent the unit coming back on 'unattended' as it cools down.
  3. karlinamillion

    Can I determine wattage from a schematic?

    Please shoot me down if I'm wrong, but wouldn't the max (possible) wattage out be the voltage out of the PSU (when considering single or dual rail) into the impedance quoted on the speakers? (V²/R ~ish)
  4. karlinamillion

    Gaggia Classic expresso machine

    So, I think I have put the switch back together right, so I'm putting this sale on hold for a while while I experiment...
  5. karlinamillion

    Michael Fremmer, stereophile

    But what about the cables inside the speakers from the terminals to the crossover to the drivers? Why is it they rarely get a mention?
  6. Many years ago I had the chance to drive a C5. The whole thing flexed quite a bit, and the 'throttle' was just an on/off switch so regulating speed was a thumb intensive activity. If you did full lock at full speed it would tip up and deposit you on the road. On the upside, the handle bars under your knees made for quite a comfortable and layed back ride. Till a juggernaut ran you over that is. Clive Sinclair was a brilliant innovator, often well ahead of the available technology, but not so good on the business side. Oh, and Class D/Digital amps can be fantastic, and the fact is pretty much all of the music you lot listen to has gone through a digital process at some point.
  7. karlinamillion

    Gaggia Classic expresso machine

  8. Was doing the spitting coffee thing, but I have broken the switch assembly! Doh! Heater , pump etc all good and comes with the Gaggia grinder, which is a good few bob in itself. £30 OVNO collection only, I'm in Walthamstow NE London.
  9. karlinamillion

    I have got tickets to see .......................

    Bit thin on the ground at the 'mo, but so far; Future of the Left (from the ashes of the mighty Mclusky) at The Lexington Feb 2nd, this will be a storming gig. Hey Charlie at the The Lexington, 12th Feb, all female grunge Damo Suzuki (fron Can) at some church in Walthamstow 23rd March Otoboke Beaver, female Japanese Punk, excellent! 2nd May John Cooper Clarke in Bexhill, 16th May. Heres Otoboke Beaver in Bethnal Green, (as filmed by me!)
  10. karlinamillion

    Dieter up my turntable!

    Also just ordered one, thanks Jamie
  11. karlinamillion

    Harbeth 40.1/40.2 vs Spendor SP100/R2

    I very much agree with this. The dubbing theatre (Circa 30ft x 40ft) I used to work in had a pair, and the low bass was too much, and flabby. But voices were very natural, and voices are probably the most important sound that will come out of your speakers. Now using Harbeth 30's in a smaller room, and much better. Remember, don't be seduced by the fashion for excessive bass!
  12. karlinamillion

    DIY Turntable?

    Here's what I did with my old Source TT https://hifiwigwam.com/forum/topic/36509-dieter-up-my-turntable/
  13. karlinamillion

    Mains shield earthing?

    Can I have a link please
  14. karlinamillion

    Mains shield earthing?

    It's not complication, it's the conflation of mains and signal cable. Signal cable is carrying in the order of a volt, mains cable 230 volts+. If you drive your car into a one brick thick wall it will fall over. Into a 230 bricks thick wall, not much will move!. Unless your lounge is built half way up an electricity pylon, sheilding will make a slither of sod all's difference. At the risk of causing offence, I suggest you don't fiddle with mains and just buy a decent distribution strip such as an Olson one https://olsondirect.co.uk
  15. karlinamillion

    Streaming / Digital Advice

    Or Raspberry pi with volumio, then usb to your dac. If it doesn't have usb in, a hifi berry Digi board will supply coax and optical digits out. This will cost about £35 for the pi, same again for the digit board if needed. Volumio is free, and controlled by your phone or tablet. Consumption is about 4watts tops, so you can leave it plugged in without feeling too guilty.