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  1. karlinamillion

    Squeezebox Touch for sale

    Hi Simon, The SB touch does have a built in server ( the bit that takes the music on the hard drive and organises it and turns it into something you can plug into your stereo), but it's only really suitable for a smallish music collection, my guess would be about 3000 tracks. The ideal way to use it is to have a NAS (network attached server) with your music on it and with the server software on it, it's not as complex as it sounds, but some computer skills will help I am also planning on putting my NAS for sale on here soon.
  2. karlinamillion

    Squeezebox Touch for sale

    In very nice condition, with original box. I have given it a testing with network, usb, and SD card, all good. Optical, coaxial, analogue out and headphone out all good. On the (slight) downside, there are a couple of very light scratches on the screen, and rather oddly, the remote, which is a Logitech unit doesn't fit in its cubby hole in the box. I sold a SB Classic some years ago and I think I got the remotes mixed up. It has all the same buttons, just is a little longer, and of course works fine. £120 plus post at cost, or you can pick up in Walthamstow, NE London. Oh, one other thing, thats the wrong instruction manual in the photos! The right one will be in the box!
  3. I've never used them, but have chatted to the owner who seems nice, Armstrong audio, in Walthamstow, about 100m from Blackhorse rd tube (pun not intended)
  4. karlinamillion

    Best streamer for RPI

    There is a shutdown option on Volumio, select the 'cog' symbol (settings) near the bottom of the list is a shutdown option
  5. karlinamillion

    Best streamer for RPI

    My understanding is that Volumio runs in RAM, so as long as you don't have a hard drive attached directly to the Pi, pulling the plug should be fine. Having said that, the power down module mentioned in the second post would lend a lot of reassurance.
  6. karlinamillion

    PVR advice please.

    With hindsight, I'm not sure. I might be conflating with GJO's posts.
  7. karlinamillion

    PVR advice please.

    My TV, a 5/6 year old Samsung TV has lip sync adjustment by delaying the screen. For two optical outs from one source; CPC optical splitter
  8. karlinamillion

    PVR advice please.

    Do you use the optical out to go to your stereo? If yout telly has an optical out you could use that, the big advantage is that the sound will always follow the picture. Downside is that your need the telly on to listen to radio.
  9. karlinamillion

    PVR advice please.

    I'll try that on mine, see if it resurrects the 1/3rd of the buttons that don't work....
  10. karlinamillion

    PVR advice please.

    Most stuff is HD, but a 500gb disc encourages watching programmes rather that keeping them for ever till one day you delete them. I'm sort of thinking the Manhatten T2R of maybe 3TR, sort of fancy a change away from Humax, not that Humax aren't excellent.
  11. karlinamillion

    PVR advice please.

    There's no scart socket just HDMI I'm sort of leaning towards Manhatten, the remote looks a bit cleaner. On my Humax remote the buttons on the right hand side all failed!
  12. karlinamillion

    PVR advice please.

    Hi MIAV Freeview, its doing the random green screen thing, something to do with the handshake between box & telly. I briefly had a Panny, I didn't get on with it & if you were watching via an app you couldn't record. I will keep the HD!
  13. karlinamillion

    PVR advice please.

    My Humax is khaputt. Not so concerned about 4k, so Humax or Manhatten?
  14. karlinamillion

    Your Brexit song

    Young Marble Giants; Final Day https://youtu.be/Fygy9RDhREg
  15. karlinamillion

    Circular saw recommendation for speaker box building

    The OP has now got a saw, so my post is a bit academic, but I bought a Makita mains plunge saw with two rails & it fantastic, so much easier than using a regular circular saw with a side gate. For all sorts of tools, D&M are excellent, first class service, like John lewis was 20 years ago, only better. https://www.dm-tools.co.uk/