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  1. karlinamillion

    Biggest Scores.....Biggest Losses

    Many years ago I was given a Transcripters Hydraulic Reference TT for free. Had it about 5 years, then sold it for £100, the moment the money changed hands I regretted it. About 10 years after that the guy I sold it to phoned me up & said do I want to buy it back ....for what i paid for it
  2. karlinamillion

    Melco best app

    Could someone explain what an 'uncompressed' FLAC is as mentioned on the first page.
  3. karlinamillion

    Speaker stands on a suspended wooden floor...

    Something that's important is that the sorbothane (or whatever your using) needs to be matched to the weight of the speaker and stand. Too much compression reduces the decoupling, not enough allows the speaker to move. I use sorbothane getting under my JM Reynaud speakers and it makes quite a difference, the floorboards use to sing along, but no more. Also are the speaker s facing in line with the floorboards or across,? Floorboards are fairly thin, and supported on about 18" centres (think of them like a guitar string), but joists are much beefy, and effectively braced by the floorboards going across.
  4. karlinamillion

    Facts vs Myths

    'Listening rooms' as opposed to 'My Lounge', so any info from that will be not much use. 'Most rooms' US rooms? UK rooms?Brick built? Plasterboard? Horizontal ceiling? In the roof space?... Anechoic chambers are/should be all the same, bar size which limits the bass extension. This means you can compare the technical specs of different speakers in a fairly even way. An anechoic chamber is like a straight road. All cars doing the same speed will cover the same distance in the same time. A lounge is like a twisty road, another lounge is like a different twisty road, and so on...
  5. karlinamillion

    Facts vs Myths

    Correct, as this is the only way to be able to make some sort of comparison between models. Now if the HiFi industry decided apon a Standardised Lounge...., but the chances of that are F.A.
  6. karlinamillion

    Facts vs Myths

    Mmmm, yes 'resolution/definition' in a system.. Essentially it is limited by the maximum frequency, in the same way the maximum resolution of an optical microscope is limited by the smallest wavelength of the light being used. So that is 20 kHz tops for us humans*, which any amp worth its salt will do. Ditto speaker . So hands up who can hear 20 kHz. I doubt very much that there are more than 5 people on this entire forum that can. my guess is that 80% here will struggle over 12 kHz**. And accurate reproduction of a sound in that sort of frequency range is a moot point as any 'definition' in it will be of a higher frequency... Add to that the frequency response of speakers in a room will look like a cross section of the Alps. There is a similar thing going on in the TV world, where 16K is being developed, but is way better that your eyes. *Yes I am aware that some forum members may be partly non human. ** Be careful 'testing' your ears with frequency sweeps etc and thinking 'Ooo, I can hear 15 kHz clearly', the chances are your hearing a much lower resonance of the tweeter.
  7. karlinamillion

    Raspberry Pi running Volumio as a music server

    I have a Pi 3B+ running Volumio, with the files on a small portable HD plugged directly into the Pi. About 14,000 tracks. I tend to set it scanning and go & do something else, but it see's all of them. I use the USB out to a DAC. I also have a HAT with optical & digital out. Selecting the similar board from HiFi Berry gets it working, though I'm not sure if it sounds as good as the USB out, but this offends my objective sensibility's, so I'll hold fire on that one. I find Volumio excellent and stable. I did try piCore but found I was having to fiddle with it every few days. Volumio also did everything I wanted 'out of the box', in particular getting the HD on the network. As the HD plugged into the Pi appears on my network I rip to my laptop, run over the files with Bliss and/or Media Monkey to sort out the tagging & cover pic, then copy them to the Pi HD & two other HDs as back up. Copying over the network is a little slow, but its a one off event. The fact that you have your files on a NAS may be slowing the scanning down. If you don't want to be arsing around with Linux etc, then Volumio is the way to go.
  8. karlinamillion

    Over-priced Hi-Fi Kit

    There is a lot of the "Veblen goods" thing with super expensive hifi, where desirability increases due to increased price, thus increasing the status of said item, and thus it's owner. I have a friend who worked in a French restaurant which offered good food at low prices. Result, no customers. The owner near to doubled the prices, result full restaurant! Veblen goods
  9. karlinamillion

    Eames Lounge Chair

    I have a genuine (Vitra) Eames lounger, and find it amazingly comfortable. Have spent up to 5 hours drifting away with my cans on & it's lovely! Surprised to see the 'rocking forward' comment, as mine doesn't rock at all, just swivels. They are firm, unlike a lot of furniture today which equates softness with comfort. After all most car chairs are pretty firm, and people spend hours in them.
  10. karlinamillion

    Over-priced Hi-Fi Kit

    Looks like something a doctor would stick up your bumhole.
  11. karlinamillion

    Silent fridge freezer

    Maybe a timer that switches it off for, say, 2 hours, then back on again, least you forget and wake up to a puddle and a load of defrosted food.
  12. karlinamillion

    Silent fridge freezer

    Also important to make sure the feet correctly level the fridge, any twisting of the cabinet can increase noise. Might be worth popping some sorbothane like feet under it to.
  13. Plus some potatoes, carrots, and leaks. Probably picked by someone from eastern Europe though!
  14. Yes, the exchange rate. Like when the pound dropped 18% after the referendum. And as Credit Agricole are saying; "stay conservative, avoid GBP"
  15. Ahh, that old chestnut. Similar to the 'if the pound drops it will make our exports cheaper as thus sell more' old chestnut. Except every bit of HiFi is stuff full of electronic bits made in China, copper wire priced in US Dollars, and lots of other bits & pieces which have to be imported somewhere in the supply chain, and will cost more due to the pound dropping, so the final product will, at best, stay the same price, or go up. Or maybe even go bust. The pound will certainly drop as the Brexit date looms, (who would buy sterling when there is nothing but uncertainty on the horizon?) and the price of pretty much every thing will go up. Be prepared for inflation at 5% +