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  1. I was relaxing with some tunes in the lounge the other day, when my wife puts her head round the door and asks... “do you want something to eat?” mmmmmm.... I pondered... mmm .. what are the choices? she replies...Yes or fucking no !
  2. Interestingly WB were using Chord amps in their dems at that time. ( or was it the other way round ?). IMO the Simaudio I have now is better by far. Worth investigating before you proceed with a 1200E.
  3. I had the 3200E / 1200E combo some years ago in my box swapping days. The build quality is superb & they looked fantastic with the integra legs and 1200 E light show. SQ wise I could not get on with them, they sounded a bit sterile & un involving in my system. Maybe it was a mis match with my speakers (WB Acts if I recall). Sold them & bought a McIntosh 6900 integrated which I much preferred & which I would still have today if it were reliable.
  4. The MDAC capacitor problems are well documented, but Is anyone aware of any reports of MDAC+ having similar issues ? Have Audiolab got their act together with the newer model?
  5. ....they seem to be having trouble.. That must be one of the worst dems I’ve ever seen, although admittedly I don’t speak Japanese. All that talk, faffing about & huge expense to play a record . When they eventually got it going we got....Danny Boy ! I was expecting a magnum opus at the very least.
  6. It’s true Simaudio kit is expensive in UK. But then it’s expensive in US / Canada. Compare for instance vs McIntosh... Moon 600i (v2) $9000 in home market. £7800 in UK (was £7300 last year !!) McIntosh MA252 for example is $3500 in home market. £4500 in UK !! Simaudio not crazy price after all ? Maybe a bit of a bargain.
  7. Had my 600i about 3 years now & love it. After years of box swapping (McIntosh, Audio Research, Bryston (twice), Marantz, Chord etc.) it seems to be the perfect balance of superb SQ & bomb proof reliability. Turnitup, you asked about thread size on the feet. If it helps, the thread on my 600 feet is 1/4 UNF.
  8. Last call before new year eb@y listing.
  9. I’ve just bought a new Marantz HD DAC 1. £425 !! Really excellent dac & headphone amp almost as good as my Headmaster. For the amount of time I spend listening to phones (minimal) it would be just fine, but can’t bear to part with the Sugden somehow. Not tried the DAC 1 as a pre amp but has great write ups. I can highly recommend it, especially at the price , they’re a steal. Fabulous build quality-as well.
  10. A much simplified system these days. Not done any box swapping for a while either, except the new Marantz DAC 1. The rack is in a dimly lit corner so wouldn’t photograph very well, but you get the gist.
  11. Bermp. Now £500 delivered.
  12. Thanks orbscure. Tried to load pic but file size too large apparently..Unsure how to re size on this ipad so offered email instead. MT