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  1. Those in the market for a new dac might look at the Audiophiliac on youtube. Steve Gutenberg was so obviously genuinely impressed with this one.. GLWTS Tezla.
  2. Interestingly WB were using Chord amps in their dems at that time. ( or was it the other way round ?). IMO the Simaudio I have now is better by far. Worth investigating before you proceed with a 1200E.
  3. I had the 3200E / 1200E combo some years ago in my box swapping days. The build quality is superb & they looked fantastic with the integra legs and 1200 E light show. SQ wise I could not get on with them, they sounded a bit sterile & un involving in my system. Maybe it was a mis match with my speakers (WB Acts if I recall). Sold them & bought a McIntosh 6900 integrated which I much preferred & which I would still have today if it were reliable.
  4. The MDAC capacitor problems are well documented, but Is anyone aware of any reports of MDAC+ having similar issues ? Have Audiolab got their act together with the newer model?
  5. ....they seem to be having trouble.. That must be one of the worst dems I’ve ever seen, although admittedly I don’t speak Japanese. All that talk, faffing about & huge expense to play a record . When they eventually got it going we got....Danny Boy ! I was expecting a magnum opus at the very least.
  6. It’s true Simaudio kit is expensive in UK. But then it’s expensive in US / Canada. Compare for instance vs McIntosh... Moon 600i (v2) $9000 in home market. £7800 in UK (was £7300 last year !!) McIntosh MA252 for example is $3500 in home market. £4500 in UK !! Simaudio not crazy price after all ? Maybe a bit of a bargain.
  7. Had my 600i about 3 years now & love it. After years of box swapping (McIntosh, Audio Research, Bryston (twice), Marantz, Chord etc.) it seems to be the perfect balance of superb SQ & bomb proof reliability. Turnitup, you asked about thread size on the feet. If it helps, the thread on my 600 feet is 1/4 UNF.
  8. Last call before new year eb@y listing.
  9. I’ve just bought a new Marantz HD DAC 1. £425 !! Really excellent dac & headphone amp almost as good as my Headmaster. For the amount of time I spend listening to phones (minimal) it would be just fine, but can’t bear to part with the Sugden somehow. Not tried the DAC 1 as a pre amp but has great write ups. I can highly recommend it, especially at the price , they’re a steal. Fabulous build quality-as well.
  10. A much simplified system these days. Not done any box swapping for a while either, except the new Marantz DAC 1. The rack is in a dimly lit corner so wouldn’t photograph very well, but you get the gist.
  11. Bermp. Now £500 delivered.
  12. Thanks orbscure. Tried to load pic but file size too large apparently..Unsure how to re size on this ipad so offered email instead. MT