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  1. As an alternative, how about Audio Note ANK’s?
  2. Not a definite as yet but just seeing what’s out there. Possibly looking for ANJ LX’s With Blue Hemp drivers, preferably Olive or would consider Poplar or Madrone Burl. Would also consider High Gloss finish. Thanks for looking. Marko.
  3. Thanks hski. I’ll certainly check out the Olsen!
  4. ‘ Cheap hifi system’ - not too sure I typed this into google? If I buy an AN CD, it’ll be pretty much a full AN System and it won’t be the first 😀😀.
  5. Thanks Miles. I’d spotted this on The Deco site the other day and will contact Peter this week. Pricey @ £400 though!
  6. I need to get on the case soon, so thanks for your recommendations so far!
  7. 2 and 6 on the block wouldn’t accept plugs so I took the end plate and tops off. The pieces of plastic and the springs which goes back and forth to accept the plug on both of them had become dislodged. Tried to refit but no joy. First time I used this 6 way in our new house last week - tripped at the the consumer board and all the sockets went out. I’m no Sparky so certainly don’t trust any handiwork here!
  8. My trusty Wychwood Audionics 6 way mains block with surge protection went ‘west’ this morning, as it refused to accept plugs at 2 points. I investigated and far too fiddly for me to sort out. So I am looking for something similar and thought I might get some recommendations from you guys. Input needs to be IEC so I can use my Audio Note mains cable. Thanks in advance! Marko.
  9. Many thanks Gary for your very comprehensive response to my enquiry. Makes interesting reading and I completely agree with Chivas’ comments re appreciating your time and commitment with your engagement on this Audio Note thread! Marko.
  10. Anyone know the current RRP for the AN CD2.1x/11? Thanks. Marko.
  11. Beautiful piece of kit Martin! Good luck with the sale.