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  1. marko

    Red Wing Boots

    Kicking this into touch. Thanks for looking though!
  2. marko

    Red Wing Boots

    £110.00. Incl mainland U.K. RMSD.
  3. Lovely pair of Size UK 8 Red Wing Boots in Dark Brown. I bought the wrong size so hardly worn. Original box. Please PM me an email address for pics. For sale @ £120 (think this is half new price) including mainland U.K. insured RMSD. Thanks for looking. Marko.
  4. marko

    Stereo Coffee LDR Passive Pre

  5. marko

    Stereo Coffee LDR Passive Pre

    £90.00 collected, £110.00 UK posted.
  6. SINGLE input battery powered Stereo Coffee LDR (light dependant resistor) Passive Pre. Bought this a year ago from a work colleague to use with Audio Note power amps. I now have an AN power amp with volume control, so this is surplus to requirement. I’ve owned many far more expensive Passive’s and in terms of value for money, I’d happily use this in preference to them all. Battery charger has a crack in the plastic casework. Not too sure if this is in common with all SCPP’s, but the unstepped volume control works ‘anti clockwise’ rather than ‘clockwise’. This cost me £170, but as one of the last pieces of kit I plan on selling, happy to let go at a bargain price. Price is £110 collected from Harrogate or £130 to include next day fully insured RMSD. Please pm me an email for photos. Think that’s it! Thanks for looking. Marko
  7. Think this Audio Note Oto Phono SE Signature is actually Level 2. Anyway, absolutely superb amp! Good luck with the sale of your system Andrew.
  8. marko

    Maplin in receivership

    Been frequently visiting Maplins here for years. Could never work out how they ever keep going.
  9. marko

    Amp repairs in Leeds

    Not too sure if this is the right place for this? A friend is looking at have a Roksan integrated (which has a minor fault) repairing in the Leeds area. Any recommendations please? Thanks in advance. marko.
  10. marko

    audionote thread

    Many thanks Rob for your thoughts re The Isis Cables, much appreciated! Your experience with AN Cables is far more comprehensive than mine. With the AN system I have now, I figure Isis will be a great addition. I’m hoping the 4 Isis cables will deliver a deeper, richer and smoother presentation. I’ve gone for one to the distribution block and one apiece for Amp and Cd. Just acquired an IC as well so will get this up and running over the weekend.
  11. marko

    audionote thread

    Subjective of course - all the AN speakers I've ever owned sound 'muffled' when placed in corners. Haven't given up though, as I'm going to make 'false' corners out of 18mm Birch ply just to see what happens. Noticed that some folks on here use Isis cables of one sort or another. Just wondering what Isis mains, interconnects or speaker cables bring to the musical presentation in comparison with what they'd replaced? Any thoughts would be gratefully received. Thanks. Marko.
  12. Y'up - had some expensive speaker cables from many years ago. Compared them to cheapo (total cost about £3) Maplin's and couldn't really tell difference. Sold the former. £400 in the bank - sorted! Hmm, could be going deaf in me old age!!
  13. marko

    Quadies Unite!

    Many thanks Kevin, much appreciated! I was confused (I'm easily confused!) regarding the tape input so will set as you recommend. I do have an attenuated lead arriving so this should cover all eventualities. Your thoughts on 303/405, again very helpful. Cheers. Marko.
  14. marko

    Quadies Unite!

    Thought I'd re-visit a QUAD amp combo. I found a really nice 33 last week. Was wondering whether a 303/405 is best for driving a pair of Audio Note J's (93dB) to deliver the deepest bass. It's many years since I had a QUAD pre so: With imputing a CD into the 33, is the tape replay the correct input and if so, where do the tiny screws need to be on the board? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks! Marko.
  15. marko

    audionote thread

    Not having a room now.