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  1. one word daily

  2. SOLD Little Bear P8 valve pre/headphone amp

    Jerry, this looks like sent.... And here we are on Monday evening after a nice listening session on my new headphone amp - arrived very well packed and very quick - huge thanks Jerry, pleasure doing business!!
  3. Crushing chest pains preceeed a heart attack - bollocks

    SCary reading, but it is fantastic to hear of the progress that has been made over a very short time - our parents generation seldom got the chance to look back at several attacks - they were lucky to survive the first one. Two good mates, both younger than me, both recovering from "out of the blue" heart attacks, it really does focus the mind. British Heart Foundation are getting a donation off me very shortly.
  4. What is great about the 'Wam ?

    Okay, my turn. Years ago a bloke showed up for a bargain hifi stand I sold on ebay. He asked if had heard of the "Hifi Wigwam". I hadn't, so I tried it straight away he left. Within an hour I could see the post he put up gloating about the absolute bargain hifi stand he bought cheap off some mug on that was Borats Baby..... I forgave him, and have attended many of his awesome bake-offs since, met some great people, eaten great food discovered some great is what is great about the 'Wam. I recall the threads discussing some kind of "super Bake off" in a bigger place than some poor sods house....the idea became Scalford. I went to the first one, and I haven't missed one is what is great about the 'Wam. Most of my current kit is from the Wam Classifieds. I never sold anything else on Ebay after Rik stiffed me....but I have done some great deals on here and met good people doing is what is great about the 'Wam. Much of my listening is stuff I discovered on the WAC thread, at Bake-offs, the show, or through discussions on is what is great about the 'Wam. The Car park is a great place to vent, and to hear others do the same, often with eloquence, humour and is what is great about the 'Wam. There are many very knowledgeable people posting on here, many with great insight, or technical knowledge, or broad experience of different kit, or deeply silly notions about foo, or just plain different views. There are some proper characters here, and some we have lost that are missed, but the whole remains greater than the sum of its is what is great about the 'Wam. And cats.
  5. Very Sad News

    Cas, So sorry, I hope thing get easier over the coming days.Deepest condolences.
  6. Christmas alone

    W Well not really - being a vegetarian can be a valid or even necessary lifestyle for many people, and peace and goodwill to them. I specifically referred to the "Fucking Vegetarian" which is the high-maintenance, attention seeking, selfish twat subset of the whole Vegetarian group. Everyone knows one. Don't invite them to Christmas dinner. They are usually whining, whey-faced immature bastards. (With apologies to Serge, this statistical measurement is based on my limited sampling of two different Fucking Vegetarians, so my assumption that 100% of them are fake, narcissistic,misguided and miserable might be skewed.) The advice still stands. Don't invite them.
  7. Christmas alone

    Just me and wifey, son and his new flame. Who is considerably easier to be around than his old-flame, who only survived the one xmas, and managed to be offensive and a pain in the arse in equal measure. Fucking vegetarian too. FFS as if making one spectacular meal isn't hard enough without that. Wifey's family are all lovely and easy to deal with on Boxing Day, and my parents god bless them are my big brother's problem this year - in Australia until mid Jan. Amazon Prime trial, Netflix, some BBC, lots of Tunes (double vinyl Cocteaus from Santa), all with silly games, beer wine and whisky, chocolate and shit loads of unhealthy snacks. Bring it on! All the best to the Wam and its denizens, lurkers and mods. Have a good one.
  8. Whats The Worst Concert You Have Ever Been To?

    The thread began with Barry White - my brother saw him start a riot in Sydney Opera House by being utterly awful - riot police arrived and took a listen, then just kept order whilst the crowd were all refunded their money! Saw UFO last week - 37 years after my first time - and they were very tight, but the PA and overall mix was not great.Still enjoyed it for old times sake! Chemical Brothers when I saw them were like listening to the CD, which I suspect we probably were....... Worst gig sound ever was a pub band I used to see regularly in the eighties. I couldn't walk out - I was the sound engineer.....
  9. It's not been a bad day!

    Congratulations Rick, enjoy grandfatherhood!
  10. Martha RIP

    No poems, just sending good thoughts. Very sorry.
  11. Small System suggestions needed

    Having a think. I could use the XA 50s to power, but would need a pre-amp. Quite fancy something valvy, or unusual, small and good looking...... I am now looking out for bargain Wharfedale Diamonds - the 9.1 aybe or the 10.1 that Dan recommends......wish me luck, suggestions for alternatives very welcome.....
  12. Small System suggestions needed

    Can't do actives, as the amp has to drive already in-place ceiling speakers in two other rooms. Thinking maybe a Cyrus? but what speakers would people suggest, other than actives?
  13. Small System suggestions needed

    I thought about Actives a while ago, but I need to share the amp with the Ceiling speakers in the other two rooms. I loved the little actives Sodders showed at Scalford a while back, but can't go that way here.....
  14. Small System suggestions needed

    Okay, I need to change some kit, it has been too long..... Main system would benefit from a newer, bigger amp to get even more out of the Martin Logans, but this will have to wait. In the meantime, I realise that much of my time is spent listening to the Denon UDM30 all-in-one on my desk. It is a great piece of kit, but I need to pass it on to my wonderful wife for use in her retreat......which gives me an excuse to upgrade. I need to build a wish list of bits to meet the following constraints: Speakers will be against the back wall and only 2 to 3 feet apart, on my desk, so about 2 feet from my ears! The System outputs through a QED switch to three sets of speakers (the desk pair, bathroom ceiling, and bedroom ceiling) - the power and current delivery must therefore be able to cope with the varying load as speakers are switched in or out. Footprint needs to be less than 16" front to back, 10" wide. The Source will be a Squeezebox (probably a Duet - the Touch is getting hard to buy at a reasonable price!) I have a half-width CD transport (Audio Note) I might want to add, so I would like to have flexibility of the inputs. So, suggest away. I guess valves would be a poor choice with the speaker load changing? I have a pair of XA50s doing nothing - what pre could I add? I have a Bere*+*+ DAC - could that be used as a pre? Or is there a class D solution I should look at? Speakers - tiny Tannoys would be my dream, but way out of budget - so small, great sounding monitor type boxes - but which ones? Front ported or sealed etc. Overall cost to be under £500, used kit, and the best value and sound balance I can find. So fire away, all ideas and suggestions welcomed!
  15. More insanity in America

    So back to the issue at hand. Truly tragic that any single individual can carry around sufficient hatred to gun down 50 people at close range - close enough to see the fear and panic. Thoughts go out to the victims' friends and families.