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  1. hahaha, I must obviously be a bit of a "lady-man" reading this, because I switch off straight away whenever I have to perform repetitive analysis tasks. Or maybe I'm simply childish? Fiunny thread. Loving it!
  2. What a refreshingly honest and interesting post! Congratulations. I read this one from beginning to end – unlike many of the others! OCD, as you generously call it. Or basic boring ‘nerdiness”. it’s all rather tiresome. A shame I do not live in the north-west because I feel rather confident that I would enjoy having a bake off at your house. SP
  3. congratulations on what seems like a fantasy dream "am I dreaming?" moment... My first proper TT - an still have it here.
  4. Hmmm, I'll have to do some research about Steichen then... Thanks for the tip
  5. Can you manage to make a stop on Dartmoor on your way down, or when you travel across from Dorset to north Cornwall?
  6. Enjoying Hector's list, a couple there that I'm unfamiliar with. But I'd certainly add these names: (interesting that many seminal names are often from the US) Sebastião Salgado Ansel Adams Irving Penn Alfred Stieglitz Yousuf Karsh Nick Knight John Heartfield Arnold Newman
  7. Hi Tim, I have a set of 4 metre Ensemble MegaFlux FSF Speaker cables (banana both ends). Do your research and let me know if you're interested... SP
  8. Thanks Rabski, Hmmmm, sounds like quite a lot of extra tinkering is involved. Considering that most times when I start tinkering with stuff, I usually end up breaking something, or simply making it worse. It might be wise for me to stick with my phone stage... Is the idea that you use a SUT - INSTEAD OF - a phone stage? or in conjunction...?
  9. After seeing rabski's comment on the recent thread "Cart options to consider when in Japan". Rather than hijacking that thread. It's better to start a new one I thought. It has prompted me to consider the fact I might have been going wrong all this time in not using a SUT myself? I thought a high-quality Phono Amplifier like I use (Ensemble Dirondo) was enough? yes/no...?
  10. WTF!!! - I wander if they're still "mates"...?
  11. Yep agree with that. South Devon/Cornwall rains a lot. But when Spring comes, it's heaven here...
  12. Yikes, that'll mean mine too! (considering we're on the same TT)
  13. Same as Von Krolock for me: a New Old Stock Roksan TMS2... But I do remember blowing about half my grant at College on some hifi equipment... Irresponsible beyond belief... But Oh-so-Lovely anyway