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  1. Hi, I have a 1m pair of KCI Sparrow interconnects with Xhadow RCA connectors (the Xhadow plugs alone cost £60 a pair) you can have for £65 delivered if you are interested. My initial sales post is here :
  2. The PS Audio UK Distributor are advertising NuWave Phono Convertor (demo black or silver) for £1000 (No connection to me just happened to be browsing their site recently)
  3. Silkworm sold Sparrows now £65 delivered to uk
  4. Still for sale and open to offers ( bidder seems to have disappeared despite encouraging response
  5. I have for sale two pairs of KCI cables, both sets in excellent condition: 0.5m KCI Silkworm + with Xhadow RCA connectors (Looking for £250 - original retail > $1000 ) 1.0m KCI Sparrow with Xhadow RCA connectors (Looking for £75) A quick search online will provide some historical information on KCI cables (review example , which were widely admired around ten years ago. I moved to active loudspeakers some time ago and have decided it's time to see if anyone is interested in some of my, now, unused cables (more to follow!) Thanks for looking John
  6. I have a Zesto Andros PS-1 well within budget, PM if you are tempted Andros PS-1 Phono Preamplifier Review.htm/ZestoAndrosPS-1PhonoPreamplifierReview.htm John
  7. frielj


    I've used them often; sometimes a delay but always received everything and generally at a very decent comparative price
  8. I have a Pro-ject phono box RS for sale - punches well above its weight. Immaculate, all packaging £340 plus delivery Now sold
  9. frielj

    WANTED Compact Camera

    Tel, I've got an immaculate X100S, hardly been out the house!
  10. Free ticket available to sold out gig by The Strumbellas Just pm and I'll send my e ticket
  11. My business travel plans to London have just changed and I'm almost certainly not going to be able to use my ticket for the Strumbellas sold out gig at the Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen on Tuesday 5th July. I'll know for certain early Monday morning and will be happy to send my e-ticket to the first person to express an interest. John