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  1. This seems to have gone the way of SACD, or am I mistaken? Love this comment on RA website BTW
  2. erh, does RA know about this?.........if so, it'll be on sale in next catalogue......
  3. Remember when SACD and DVD audio were competing for the "next leap forward in sound quality"? At the time, I read an article in HI-Fi News which stated that SACD massacres CD, quote from author " once you have heard SACD , you will never want to listen to CD again." I wonder what happened to him.........and SACD...........and DVD audio.
  4. I had some RFI once, but my ears rejected it. More specifically, my left ear cancelled out what was going into my right ear, and vice versa.....
  6. Are we talking evolution or revolution here?
  7. My power amp was manufactured around 1993, so it recently celebrated it's silver anniversary. I have owned it for around 10 years. It has a superb "grip" on my (relatively inefficient") speakers and is the best amplifier I have ever owned. It runs relatively cool because of its power supply(SWPS), which may help its longevity. I certainly agree with " if it ain't broke, don't fix it".
  8. Chord power amps will drive anything apparently. Run mainly in class A, only switching to Class B in most demanding situations. My Chord SPM800B (1995 vintage) drives my relatively inefficient Tannoys (85 db/w) extraordinarily well. Conservatively rated at 160 wpc, Runs cool too due to SMPS, and not "backbreakingly heavy"
  9. Shame. The Leeds shop gave me my first introduction to "high end " CD by offering an ex- demo Marantz CD 17 for 300 squids(RRP 800). In champagne gold too! It was the centrepiece of my system, until some a*****e broke into my house and stole the lot.(MF amp, Tannoy speakers) Fortunately I was insured and got a good settlement, eventually. Some clown from the loss adjuster attempted to convince me to have a Marantz CD 5000 as replacement, claiming that the only difference was the CD text feature! To cut a long story short, my source is now a Marantz CD 17 mark 2.
  10. Steveh

    Snake oil

    ekans oil is preferable because it is non-directional........
  11. just clearing pronunciation up............
  12. FWIW - Historically(, Shahinian recommended Creek amplification. I cannot find a reference to it now, but I understand that Creek amps will drive most speakers rather well. I used to own a Creek pre-power, driving Tannoy speakers. I stlll have the Tannoys, and now use a "clinical" Chord amp. which is as transparent as they come IMHO.
  14. TRIO KD1033B turntable(Ortophon FF15E cartridge) AKAI GXC 706D cassette deck ROTEL RX503 receiver GOODMANS ACHROMAT 250 speakers Deep joy(Stanley Unwin)....