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  1. Superb track! One of my favorites of all time but it was a B side of the 'Promised You A Miracle' 12" which came out in 1982. It was a massive track apparently in the clubs of Ibiza in the 1980's (before the scene there got big and commercial). Produced by Steve Hillage.
  2. Superb compilation! High quality grooves from start to finish:
  3. Beth Orton & William Orbit - Water From A Vine Leaf (1993)
  4. No, don't do that. Just add British ones which you feel are worthy and have not as yet been listed. That Mills track you selected was an absolute blinder! It's just a shame he's from Detroit and not the UK.
  5. Nice slab of Detroit influenced 'British' Techno out of Scotland but whizzkid (he knows his onions) has already selected it - see post No 34.
  6. Nice one Graeme! Mr Mills is no doubt a fine purveyor of somewhat challenging, experimental electronic music but he is from Detroit, Michigan, USA! This thread is The Great 90's 'British' Electronic Music Bakeoff. Tracks which originate from Britain only please. We are not Xenophobes. We all acknowledge a great deal of quality 90's electronic music emanated from outside Britain but this thread is for British tracks and artists only.
  7. You come across as a creep and an Islamophobe. Your simplistic, ill-informed take on the situation leads you to hold the opinions which you do. Unfortunately, there are now millions of people across the country who share the same viewpoint as you and their number is growing all of the time. I suspect you are sympathetic to the alt-right movement which is gaining traction at this moment in time. I suspect you listen to the likes of Tommy Robinson as well as Douglas Murray. No one has time for extreme Wahhabi Islam (including most Muslims). I believe more should be done to root it out. It is a perversion/corruption of peaceful Islam which plays into the hands of the Islamophobic agenda of the alt-right. You must stop equating extreme Saudi Wahhabi Islam with Islam as a whole. This conflation is dangerous and untrue.
  8. I am also quite a fan of Wobble. I was an amateur bass player in my youth and admire his style of playing (dub influenced). I would recommend picking up this box set collection of his best material if you get the chance, nicely packaged with good sound quality:
  9. One of my favorite compilations with good sound quality on both vinyl and CD. An eclectic selection of Latin jazz, disco, funk, afrobeat, drum and bass, electronica and soul. Well worth picking up!
  10. Cheers for that link Alex, very interesting. I was aware that they were part of an activist collective but did not know that their sound system had traveled to Bosnia at the height of the conflict. Sadly, Keith Robinson, the founder of the Desert Storm collective, passed away in September of last year:
  11. Great Axelrod compilation, well mastered, with good sound on both CD and vinyl (this is not the case with all Axelrod re-issues from the late 60's early 70's period).
  12. Modern day Krautrock influenced, psychedelic rock/electronica album by Richard Norris formerly of The Grid. Superb album with very good sound - a modern day psych classic.