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  1. lower bullens

    Guess the album cover

    A bit more (of Vladidmir Ilyich)
  2. lower bullens

    Guess the album cover

  3. lower bullens

    eBay amp sale damaged in transit - what now?

    I've used them as well, never been messed about as a seller.
  4. lower bullens

    Awesome You Tube Music

    A classic
  5. lower bullens

    2018/19 Football Season

    Not long back from Spurs, good away point against one of the top 4 to finish the season. WHAT A DAY TO BE ALIVE
  6. lower bullens

    2018/19 Football Season

    UEFA hold a public ballot for tickets for the finals, it may be those tickets that are on stubhub. There were 4,000 available for the CL final, I missed out.
  7. lower bullens

    Lake District. Walking/parking

    Drive to Ulverston, park the car, walk to The Laurel and Hardy Museum.
  8. lower bullens

    Guess the album cover

    I thought that was Radar from MASH.
  9. lower bullens

    Bob Harris Gig Guide - Worth a look

    Bandsintown works for me, unfortunately the 42km radius I’ve set from where I live includes a fair bit of the Irish Sea
  10. lower bullens

    Guess the album cover

    Flaming nora, I’ve got nothing by this band and not sure if I’ve heard anything by them, but I thought I’d seen it somewhere before. Stackridge - The man in the bowler hat. I had to google Stackridge albums and I can’t post a new one as I’m on holiday and posting on my phone, so a free go for someone.