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  1. This may help
  2. Looks a bit sci-fi to me, but I have no idea.
  3. The penalty in saturday's game was re-taken because Declan Rice encroached in to the penalty area and then cleared the ball after Fabianski had made a save.
  4. Brilliant , reminded me of me ! , but in Liverpool in the mid 70's not Luton in the mid 80's
  5. What's the verdict on Iwobi @greybeard @Tarzan ? I think he''ll be a good signing for us .
  6. We're going to need a bigger bench
  7. It’s out on the 25th of October Mac
  8. First single from Maz O'Connor's new album , Chosen Daughter. San Francisco , video by Marry Waterson.
  9. Oh right, I suppose the other one stuck in my teenage mind more due to the Polish goalie and Brian Clough’s clown remarks.
  10. He didn’t play in that game in 1973, it’s probably Norman Hunter you’re thinking of.
  11. I’m with you on Bobby Moore, first person I thought of.
  12. It’s beyond a joke now, I paid £565 for my season ticket, four and a half games at the price you were changed Colin. I’m in Bremen and the ground was full (apart from an upper tier that wasn’t open) for a friendly against premier league also -rans, so the market’s there , I can’t believe the clubs still need to milk us with the amount money coming from the broadcasters, but what really drives me mad is that money never finds it’s way to grass roots/kids football.Rant over,COYB,
  13. As with many things in life, take the lead from Homer
  14. This band has more members than you may expect