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  1. I think a management team of the 3 of us could get a tune out of that Belgian team , his success there doesn't prove anything. Although I'm sure he's a lovely bloke he ruined my holiday in Kiev when he picked Alcaraz that night.
  2. I've got a lot of time for Kenwright and Moyes , they rescued and stabilised the club after the Johnson debacle. Unfortunately Kenwright still thinks he's in the boys pen watching Roy Vernon and he's definitely a soft touch regards former players , Moyes has blotted his copybook too often after leaving ( including telling a female reporter she'd get a slap).
  3. To be honest Ron , I think the only reason Ferguson is still on the staff is to keep onside the fans that think passion wins matches. He's now associated with at least 3 failed managerial regimes and no-one knows what he brings to the team. Manchester United and Chelsea have got far better players than us and for all the trophies the U-23s have won over the last few years only Davies has been a regular in the first team squad, only Lundstram , belatedly , has gone on to relative success elsewhere. The priority has to be survival.
  4. Duncan Ferguson in charge for Saturday , what a time to be alive.
  5. Is it a woman in profile with a red scarf ( or something) round her neck ?. I hope it’s not because it’s driving me mad .
  6. I used this for my turn a while ago
  7. I prefer The Philly sound rather than Motown, generally speaking. Have some Sam Dees (don't know where he fits in ) and Angie Stone
  8. I really liked it, there are some things you have to ignore/not think about and just enjoy the ensemble acting. One particular actor steals the show for me.
  9. I got it on download from Amazon when they cocked up and priced it as one album , one day I'll get round to putting each concert on a cd. I was at London Night 2 at The Barbican.
  10. Chuck Connors ?, didn't have him down as a musician. . . . . . . . One for the old fellers.