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  1. lower bullens

    Guess the album cover

    I thought it was Bjork - Debut, but that's both hands and a woolly jumper
  2. lower bullens

    Pro-Ject Absorb-it feet

  3. lower bullens

    Vertex aq Jaya

  4. lower bullens

    Guess the album cover

    I'm quite proud of that clue, it took me all morning.
  5. lower bullens

    Guess the album cover

  6. lower bullens

    Guess the album cover

    Trying to think of a clue , so between you and me gents, don't ask me questions.
  7. lower bullens

    Folk/Acoustic albums

    Going to 3 concerts this week, Ye Vagabonds are thursday's night out on the basis of seeing this video on the telly.
  8. lower bullens

    Guess the album cover

    It's like the Frankie Howerd fan club in here tonight.
  9. lower bullens

    Guess the album cover

    A bit more
  10. lower bullens

    Guess the album cover

    another collar to be going on with
  11. lower bullens

    Guess the album cover

  12. lower bullens


    An opportunity for me to plug the brilliant Ashtray Hearts, they released 3 albums from 2003 to2013, this was my ringtone for a few years . and from Liverpool , Sparkwood & 21 also on my shelves - Willard Grant Conspiracy , Uncle Tupelo , Richmond Fontaine , Whiskeytown , Grand Drive , Jarrod Dickenson , are we putting Fleet Foxes in here ?. Then there's Gretchen Peters, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Roseanne Cash, Matraca Berg , all not quite country or folk. I look in here for new stuff https://americana-uk.com
  13. lower bullens

    2018/19 Football Season

    National Non-league day today, so as the mighty blues aren’t playing and Northern rail have another strike on I’m at AFC Telford v Chorley . It was only in the pub earlier on having a chat I remembered we played them in the ‘85 FA Cup @Bazzer do you remember ?, they kicked us off the park, apparently the bloke who finished Reidy’s day is still living off it now,
  14. lower bullens

    Folk/Acoustic albums

    I was a bit disappointed to be honest Mac, she's got the voice obviously but I think she needs to vary her material a bit tempo-wise. I think she'd be a lot better in a smaller venue as well, the Phil. seats 1700 +. Richard Thompson was excellent (as usual).