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  1. lower bullens

    Folk/Acoustic albums

    Ignore me ! I got the wrong end of the stick on Bandcamp , it's what you've already got. I got a download of one track last week and the cd arrived this week. Our posts crossed .
  2. lower bullens

    Folk/Acoustic albums

    https://bluerosecode.bandcamp.com/album/sunday-dont-wanna-take-a-chance-feat-robert-vincent-ddl he's great isn't he, it was one of the first gigs I went to at The Music Room and then saw him for free at Folk on the Dock, (at the Albert dock August bank holiday weekend if you're up here). He's playing St.Pancras Old Church 4th April.
  3. lower bullens

    What are you listening to right now?

    Christy Moore live on BBC4
  4. lower bullens

    Folk/Acoustic albums

    Yes, I'm going , the new album's waiting for me to download from Bandcamp, I don't know if it's getting a physical release so I'll stick it on a cd.
  5. lower bullens

    Folk/Acoustic albums

    Cheers, just been reading your post on AA , I'll give The Rheingans Sisters a listen, I missed Leveret when they played Liverpool but I'm hoping they come back.
  6. lower bullens

    Folk/Acoustic albums

    Just been to see Ross Ainslie and Ali Hutton in concert, they were very good and I've got a new branch of Folk to investigate , Pipes !.
  7. lower bullens


    One of the artists featured in this week's e-mail from The America Music Association and picked up by Mac @whitehart in his blog. Emily Scott Robinson
  8. lower bullens

    Guess the album cover

  9. lower bullens

    Guess the album cover

  10. lower bullens

    Guess the album cover

    Is it The River ? , can’t post a pic as I’m in the pictures and the film’s about to start
  11. lower bullens

    PP's weekend quiz

    They were all called/christened Harold ?
  12. lower bullens

    What are you listening to right now?

    One of the few times I agree with you old proggers
  13. lower bullens

    Folk/Acoustic albums

    Tonight's concert - McGoldrick, McCusker & Doyle
  14. lower bullens

    What Movie are you about to watch?

    @bohemian @greybeard Chris, Colin, if you can find The Smithsonian Channel on your tv/box they have a documentary about the original Green Book on today at 4.00 pm. It's another channel that repeats plenty of stuff so it may be on later in the week.
  15. lower bullens

    Folk/Acoustic albums

    Tonight's concert - Greg Russell and Ciaran Algar , from their album Utopia and Wasteland