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  1. lower bullens

    Folk/Acoustic albums

  2. lower bullens

    Guess the album cover

    Another corner
  3. lower bullens

    Guess the album cover

  4. lower bullens

    Alan Brownstone RIP

    Very sad news, RIP Alan.
  5. lower bullens

    Folk/Acoustic albums

    Had a look on the shelves - Patsy Matheson - A Little Piece of England Christina Martin - Two Hearts Treva Blomquist - Plain Vanilla Me and with a bit of a country feel Lizanne Knott - South of Graceland Patty Griffin - 1000 Kisses Madison Violet - No Fool for Trying.
  6. lower bullens

    Sugden owners club

    I had one a few years ago as well , bottom of the page below. Looking back I agree, I should never have got rid of my a21A .
  7. lower bullens

    Easy listening

    The voice of an angel.
  8. lower bullens

    Jokes, old or new

  9. lower bullens

    I have got tickets to see .......................

    I'll be going for some free music over the bank holiday http://folkonthedock.com
  10. lower bullens

    Folk/Acoustic albums

    Try these albums No good for no one now by Owen Dogwood winter by A J Roche What's next to the moon by Mark Kozelek Love's truck stop by Matraca Berg ( may be a bit too country). Tim's house by Kate Walsh
  11. lower bullens

    Folk/Acoustic albums

    Hi Mac, there are plenty of folk/roots artists playing in Liverpool at the moment, since christmas I've been to see Chris Wood The Grahams Beth Nielson Chapman Sam Kelly and the Lost Boys Andy Irvine Maz O'Connor Daori Farrell Rura Less well known Josienne Clark & Ben Walker Honey and the Bear Little Sparrow Elfin Bow Amongst others coming up are Fara Ye Vagabonds John Smith Lankum Siobhan Miller. Would you pm me details of your blog please and did you know there's a folk show on friday afternoons on Keep it Country tv ?.
  12. lower bullens


    Anything by Black Uhuru or the Don Letts compilation "Dredd meets the punk rockers uptown".
  13. lower bullens

    The Blues

    The late Michael Burks My mate and I are in this one