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  1. ob1

    Six Pack - Anyone?

    I do tend to lift my wife now and again, didn't help with six pack but hell she's heavy!
  2. ^^^lmao^^^^ These are one fine pair of speakers by the way, if you like sound-stage they will do it...large
  3. Thanks Carl wonder who was the person who introduce Cessaro to Thailand I miss it this year but normally Bangkok High end is quite mental, people dropping millions on a system without fuss! Was Audio note UK there?
  4. ob1

    Six Pack - Anyone?

    I just want to up date on the progress... I have lost 15 kg since this thread started, the six pack is still not really there but I do feel a lot better. I have had a few injuries on the way. some very bad one (back!) Fitness is quite addictive or is it just me like pain!
  5. Part exchange just came in, Vitus 025 MK2 in "as new" condition with manual and remote control. £9,500 Part exchange is very welcome.
  6. If you need to sell, I am looking for Sonus Faber, Krell, Linn, Nordost, Cardas, MIT etc I can't promise I will buy everything but please try me first Thank you
  7. The Soulution 520 preamplifier just have a fantastic review by Alan Sircom on HiFi+, I am a big fan and if I didn't have the 725 here then the 520 would have been my own personal choice. This is as close as perfection as it's get when it come to add nothing and take away nothing yet utterly musical. I am now waiting for the stereo version of sublime 501 mono block to arrive, the new 511 stereo amplifier spec look rather fabulous, in fact....just like the rest of Soulution products, audio engineering at it's best.
  8. Bargain, this one fight well above £500 price range.
  9. ob1

    Six Pack - Anyone?

    Very good answers indeed guys thank you. Wayne you only make me want to do it more now read your post I am up for it big time although I just got my waitress to hold my legs down to do some sit-up, I could just manage 25! Bloody hell that's so bad.
  10. OK it might sound like I am bragging but I use to have a mean six pack, I can't remember when it went but seem like a life time ago. I want them back but at 44 years old, is it too late to get them Any middle age wammer with six pack?
  11. Legendary Esoteric D-05 DAC in excellent condition all round, Supremely natural sound. £2,295 (RRP £5000) Part exchange - very welcome
  12. Latest version, less than 50 hours! They are not as hard to drive as you may read on the net, 100 watts is plenty enough... I even have been driven them with 20 watts valve amps to a great effect. Positioning, again, I can show you that you wouldn't need no more than a metre from the front wall. Imaging is first class, not much out there will beat the 3.7i for layers and soundstage, also can rock quite well too but their plus points are more for those who appreciate Vocal, Jazz and classical. 1 year Warranty They are large so pick up from North Norfolk please. RRP £7,000 My price £4,795. Part exchange welcome.
  13. The Avatar 2 will be for sale but please give me a day or two, I would like to have a listen and understand the Avatar sound. By the way they are immaculate! Thank you fourlegs, a gent to deal with, clever chap too.
  14. LV is now Sold subject to payment Lots of interest on the Living voice, not surprise though...sound great!