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  1. I just saw you had a TT, you were suggesting maybe £1500 a piece and some were suggesting a new deck. I was advising how to get the best sound out of your record collection and where else to put your money for real impact.
  2. I thought the topic was "bored with my system" and having been like that, I thought I could offer some rare insight born of thirty years. Never mind, I appreciate that good advice gets in the way of repetitive debate to an unseemly degree.
  3. Dacs' in 2019? maybe 20 years ago but now? In 2019? WTF are you all waffling on about when you could be enjoying your music?
  4. My rips sound just like the vinyl did Newlash. Whether that's the .dff files I have no idea. Maybe it's because I just ripped them to sides so the playing experience is similar (no remote). I sometimes think the physical ritual of playing an album is part of the vinyl experience. It terms of sound though, yes they sound like the TT's did and sound different to rips of CD'S or PCM files. Just have to say as this is something that people often don't expect with big speakers. Saturday morning. Sat listening to a rip of Uprising - Bob Marley. I've never heard it sound better - particularly the backing singers and the differentiation of their parts. Wonderful. The thing is, the average volume at the listening position is 55db. From my experience of listening with others and to previous setups, that's about a quarter of the volume one would normally need to drive the system to in order to get the full experience. Now if only the keyboard on the laptop was not so loud...
  5. My policy Beobloke was simple. I bought a used SME30/12a which today retails for about the same price as a BMW. I ripped everything to DSD files, then I sold the SME for what I paid for it. The reproduction from the SME was remarkable and the rips are better than any TT I tried since. I bought an LP12/Ekos SE after that and it was frankly laughable in comparison. I will eventually get around to selling my varied vinyl collection which will put further money in the pocket and I no longer need my phono stage (lovely TEAD SRX if anyone's interested ). Meanwhile the money that was in the TT could go into the speakers, as I found was often the case in Japan. The rewards in terms of enjoyment have been remarkable and I did all of that around six years ago now.
  6. I ripped my pizzas to the hard drive. Now I enjoy them better than I possibly could have, preserved in all their glory, and I don't have to get up to change side!
  7. Tony never goes near the pub. You might bump into him in the gym.
  8. Dump everything. Use a computer as your source and buy the best second hand loudspeakers you can possibly afford with an eye on the room and the future.
  9. Tune

    Is HiFI Dead?

    Big Books. Big rooms
  10. Tune

    Is HiFI Dead?

    There was a time when a "bookshelf loudspeaker" meant an LS3/5a or Linn Kan - not a loudspeaker that looked like and could be used as a bookshelf.
  11. Tune

    What is Streaming?

    Wow. Who remembers the introduction of Sky and your neighbours showing off with a dish on the chimney?
  12. Tune

    What is Streaming?

    I still watch and listen using aerials. Am I OK for a while?
  13. Tune

    JBL K2 9800

    Paul Messenger. That surprised me - that he was so candid. It didn't surprise from from a subjective POV though as I think his review, around the time of the PFM trip to Tokyo, set off my interest. I was only listening to an Otis Redding rip last night, at a sensible (ie. not loud) volume, and it was like hearing the thing for the first time such were the harmonics on the lead guitar and the organ. I can't put into words just how astonishingly good they are from the point of view of simply appreciating music.
  14. Tune

    What is Streaming?

    I guess for me, I have an old Mac Mini with various drives (hope they last!) as part of my hifi, feeding an optical output into a Dac. A Mac Mini seems to cost a lot less than some audiophile streamers yet allows me all sorts of possibilities when connected up to the (old) plasma TV. So people would recommend a subsription service? Is there one that offers premium SQ?