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  1. Tune

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  2. Tune

    "Audiophile Vinyl " my foot !

    Not at all - there's no right and wrong. It's pretty much a subjective decision these days IMHO. Most of my listening is to digitised vinyl, It was played back on a £42,500 of analogue front end. The files are played back on a £900 recorder/HDD player. I don't miss the original front end. It did its job. It delivered near perfect analogue masters for converting to my digital format of choice. I would therefore go with the £900 device being an outrageous bargain.
  3. Tune

    "Audiophile Vinyl " my foot !

    I think I've got it somewhere at home so feel free to ping me a message.
  4. Tune

    "Audiophile Vinyl " my foot !

    That's the same speed controller as found on a Technics SP10 Mk3 - one of which appears on each cutting lathe. I know that the SP10 was derived from the Technics/Panasonic lathes but never realised that the pitch controller was the same.
  5. Tune

    "Audiophile Vinyl " my foot !

    The dude has gone seriously overboard on the "Just for Men".
  6. Tune

    "Audiophile Vinyl " my foot !

    Depends on your level of self control. Having no choice puts you in the same place you were with your old player. FWIW most of the albums I own were undoubtedly put together as a "piece" rather than as a random selection of tracks.
  7. Tune

    "Audiophile Vinyl " my foot !

    Honestly it wasn't. If you've ever heard the Shepperton Studios final rehearsal for the Led Zep gig in 2007 straight from the desk in 16/44.1 you will appreciate there is bugger all wrong with the format I'm afraid.
  8. Tune

    "Audiophile Vinyl " my foot !

    I'd say, when I ripped my vinyl collection I ripped it as Side 1 and Side 2. You have to listen to the album as intended unless you want a lot of faff. That IME is a better way of listening that skipping through or shuffling.
  9. Tune

    "Audiophile Vinyl " my foot !

    Just my own experience but, when I wanted to get a really good jazz collection, a group of us went over to Tokyo. We visited the High End show but I also let friends loose in the S/H record stores with the aim of building a first rate collection. The quality of Japanese vinyl is outstanding. The recordings I took from them were equally so. Heavy slabs of properly pressed vinyl, Japan has long had some of the finest pressing plants on the planet. Buying used over there, the prices were way less expensive than buying new audiophile fodder and the collectability sees them only increase in value. Basically, standard pressings from Toshiba or Sony were on a par with the 200g Analogue Productions Ltd Editions that I paid top dollar for over here. Were I to be buying a collection again - say 30-40 discs, I would seriously consider enjoying a week or so in Tokyo rather than paying large sums for audiophile pressings on line.
  10. If they were epileptic it would be more of a "must watch".
  11. What's with the stabilisers? Snowflakes.
  12. So who caught this on Channel 4 last night? https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2019/jun/19/the-restaurant-that-makes-mistakes-review-tv-to-prompt-waves-of-feelings?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other Very moving as dementia is becoming the disease of our age. How many Wammers have family members afflicted by some form of it? We are entering an age where it is remarkably common place and yet we seem to be incredibly unprepared for the challenge of helping sufferers of what is an utterly horrible condition - for a period at least.
  13. Tune

    Hi sensitivity speakers

    Just my personal experience. I've owned the 4332, the 4344 and the 4338 - the former offering the same 16 ohm load IIRC. To my ears they all sounded best on around 100w of Solid state power - even compared to ZOTL amps. Pretty sure that, when JBL launched the 4320, they launched matching SS power amps but I could be wrong there - I often am. Anyway, I use the modern day equivalent and, having used various tube amplifiers with them, I really wouldn't do so again. Experiment though. Sure. No beating listening for yourself.
  14. Tune

    Hi sensitivity speakers

    The Gerbils you show really sound best on decent and stout solid state amplification. Specs can be deceptive. 4333's would also be expensive. Can you still get Audio Note AN-E kits? They work really well with something like your amplifier IME.