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  1. Tune

    Assisted Death

    Sometimes I agree - at other times I'm less sure. I have friends who are convinced my home has spirits and of course, my wife comes from a country where ghosts are accepted as simply being part of every day life - much as you might consider Tesco Club Cards. The thought of an afterlife, when the current one is compromised, is an attractive alternative to the finality you propose. BTW, I clicked on this thread thinking "ooh that looks interesting" with absolutely no idea I had contributed to it recently Pain comes in many forms.
  2. Tune

    Jazz on the BBC?

    I'm honestly not sure there are that many true experts on BBC now. Humphrey Lyttleton was great before his passing but I'm getting on and wasn't even born when most of the great recordings were made. I only really got into it in my forties. In the absence of a real source on radio, I picked up on experts on line then let them loose in a 2nd had record shop. The results were rewarding.
  3. Tune

    Jazz on the BBC?

    Oh the wireless! I'm afraid I gave that one up decades ago and I rather suspect broadcast television is about to go the same way. Would be interested in those who do still use those mediums however. Apologies for not actually reading the thread title...
  4. Tune

    Jazz on the BBC?

    Mike, you can buy classics from Blue Note, Impulse and Columbia for pittance these days so just dig into (no pun intended) those collections and find what you enjoy. For me, the 50's and early '60's work from many are long time favourites but I'm a traditionalist. Cost of experimenting however has never been lower. You will soon find your niche.
  5. Tune

    Garrard 401 vs Technics SP10

    When I look back at the Seventies and the Eighties, it makes me chortle when I think of the disdain most the British audio press had for genuine archival quality sources when comparing them to the Linn LP12 of the day.
  6. Tune

    Assisted Death

    I HAVE just woken up and thought "streuth ! Did I post that? When?" Must have been on the Cotes du Rhone
  7. Tune

    Assisted Death

    I thought it might be amusing to resurrect this (maybe too punlike) in light of personal experience. A year or so after this post and this thread, I did irreversible damage to the brain (without watching Strictly). I form no new memories effectively and, in contradiction to my assertion above, there is no prospect of reprieve. It's no big deal. If today is shit, I've forgotten about it in a week On the other hand, the progression of life is the building of memories IMHO so the option of assisted dying is not an unreasonable alternative. When it comes to issues like Motor neurone disease I cannot believe there is still a body of opinion that prevents assisted dying. Such behaviour is barbaric and flies in the face of the compassion that most of us would show to our pets.
  8. The platter and motor on the Mk3 just had to be seen to be believed really.
  9. Nothing else really proved to be an upgrade as such Tarzan. Even then I would, from memory, put the two rigs in the same performance bracket given the cartridges were very different. I sometimes hear needle drops from both and don't complain about either.
  10. It was a remarkably good (and criminally overlooked in the UK) TT. I still have the twin slate plinths. Eventually I couldn't resist a change and sold the Mk3 for about six times what I paid for it. I still have vinyl rips from it that stand up well against its replacement - which is pretty much as good as turntable replay gets in the 21st century.
  11. Thanks for letting me know and may you have years of enjoyment from them. For any others, I did manage to eventually find the post office in my local town today and everything has gone off safely. Once again apologies for any delay - I'm just relieved I had only cashed one of the cheques! M
  12. Thanks Gary, some others have been contacted because I ended up in hospital on Thursday and am still having issues knowing what year we are in. I used to have to pay a lot of money to a chap in the foyer of the pub for similar results...
  13. Tune

    I did something silly today. ATC SCM150ASL

    The most realistic portrayal of image you will get is from soffit monitors.