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  1. Tune


    GP's are underfunded and overworked. It's that simple. Usual waiting times for a consultant are too high too - the triage is marked from 3 for non urgent down to 1 for priority. They need more funding and the private sector being told by Parliament to **** off!
  2. Tune


    I agree completely with everything other than private involvement. The model was never designed for profit extraction and the ones already agreed are killing it. PFI's alone need the law changing and coming to a settlement figure. We borrow £60bn for the NHS. We end up paying over £300bn. As for private contractors where does the profit come from? The profit comes from us and it is money that could be spent on providing a better service. No the NHS is not "inefficient" - it is underfunded and understaffed. Fix that and you have a health service to compare with the others in Europe. Bring more private companies in and you end up with a healthcare system to compare with the USA. To do the former will mean increasing everyone's NI contribution from 6% to 12%. The average earner receives £30k p.a., so that's an average of £1800 per annum. Now remember that's often for a family of four. One bread earner with a wife and a couple of children at home. To cover that family privately would cost over £12k per annum - because of profit extraction. Look to France, Germany, Holland and Scandinavia and you will see that their "Social Security" systems (healthcare and pension) are considerably better than ours. That because people pay around twice of what we do. A low tax, privately owned economic model, sold by Thatcherism and carried on ever since, might SEEM attractive but, after time, we all end up paying way more than we needed to. The wealthy get very wealthy on the back of that whilst the poor and even the middle class are left far worse off. Private companies need to be completely driven out of the system and it needs to be properly funded through increased tax revenue. Anything else is the destruction of the NHS for your children and grandchildren. The maths are out there and they really are that simple. The issue is getting that message properly to the British public. No one managed it fighting Brexit and the public fell in love with a double glazing salesman. I fear the same will happen to the NHS in the not too distant future.
  3. Tune


    The truth is that the public have to be made to pay more - quite a lot more, for NI. It's political suicide because most people will not get the figures. We take enough on NI to pay for the NHS but we have to fund a pension too which costs almost £100 bn a year. We have to double the NI from 6% to 12%. It's still massively cheaper than private options but imagine trying to sell that at an election
  4. Gil Scott Heron and Brian Jackson - Messages Anthology. Unlike most "greatest hits" BS, this double album is all different versions recorded with Brian Jackson and there's something that just betters even the originals. If you don't know GSH, it's a great album to buy. Double vinyl is lovely.
  5. I lied. They don't anymore. Such is life. I've just tried. I think the neighbour is calling the police. Maybe should have waited.
  6. To be fair, I've used both and they make the same difference. I've just given away a Seismic sink on the "Spirit of the Wam" forum. I'm not saying the Sink doesn't make a difference, it does. The Stillpoints, on certain products have simply been more profound for me. I use the newer ones under my source - simply because they suit it better from an aesthetic POV. I had both. I've had just about all of the buggers at some point I think!
  7. Yes. The balls are free to rotate. Now where's Keith's measurements? Keith! ?
  8. You said you didn't sell "foo" and claimed to have measured something that showed no difference. I would have thought both of those claims should be looked at in perspective. Have you got your measurements?
  9. Keith, honestly I cannot be bothered you can look it up for the internal workings of Stillpoints. Now, as an aside, why would I buy a Weiss DAC202 for over £6k when it will measure exactly the same (and offer the less file playback options) as my Tascam which sells for less than 15% of that? I'm just intrigued because you say you don't sell foo. Do you have the measurements?
  10. I'm guessing you are not a dealer Keith? A bit tongue in cheek but you know what I mean
  11. I can't see an upgrade that would be worth the money. If you could get a used SME V for the money it's a huge upgrade but would need a better cart which you then could not afford. Do not rule out a good MC and step up. I listen mainly to 60's and '70's music, jazz, soul and rock. I had a Lyra Kleos. The results on the right deck are a mile away from any MM I've heard, in terms of the music sounding more authentic and more engaging. Forget the audiofool terminology.
  12. I've always found Stillpoints to offer genuine benefits that's aren't subtle. People don't seem to understand them - the example being Keith's post above. They are not a cup and ball.
  13. Tune


    Remember the unemployment in the late Seventies? I do! I was one of them. It was higher than it is today. The NHS would be fine if it was not (controversially some might say deliberately) underfunded compared with other schemes.
  14. Tune


    Whose genius idea was it originally to allow the profiteers of the private sector into a national asset?