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  1. I suspect I'd quite enjoy those - similar design ideals to my loudspeakers - just giving up some extension in order to maximise efficiency and max output. Somewhat different to a Proac D1
  2. Tune


    Not from where I sit but that's just my personal take on it. I cannot read their website or watch their news programs anymore - preferring C4 and the Guardian. I lean left sure but, the takes on many of the most important decisions of our times, are poles apart.
  3. The Thing is Moo-fi you posted. I simply corrected your statement. The PA sub you used as an example is -3db at 38hz - guess where it starts rolling off... I am therefore correct.There is no argument I also pointed out that they do offer a cinema sub for those purposes. It's called the 221 and is a very different design. I've pointed out how room gain works in domestic environments and in public venues. What I didn't point out, as I was too polite, was the horrible colouration that tapped horns add in order to gain efficiency. As I said efficiency and ultimate level capability is the only advantage the 212 has over the JBL. It's physics. Vis a vis studios, you cannot hold them up. Firstly they are very highly controlled acoustic spaces. Secondly, most engineers rely on a nearfield monitor and the main monitors - the vast majority of which do not even have the option of adding a subwoofer unless they are involved in cinema soundtrack multichannel work. Think of main monitors such as ATC 300's. That's why my friends rely on for two channel mixes, the same with the likes of the M2. Multichannel is a whole new ballgame - but not music based and again, remember the two acoustic spaces. Remember, my argument was with the suggestion (not yours I might add) that, in room, a high efficiency loudspeaker starting to roll off at 45hz was "bass light" suggested a lack of knowledge. I simply tried to educate that poster if you like, using the simple physics involved. I think we would all agree regardless that adding a sub as a foundation for sound effects to an ATC300 main monitor is somewhat different to adding an active 12" to a pair of speakerettes that the wife likes.
  4. Tune


    BBC is almost a national grooming centre for Tory boys these days. It's difficult to watch them being corrupted. Looking at the "What are you listening to" thread, it's so clear how a lot of this is happening. Nostalgia. I'm listening to the Stones but I don't anticipate a battle between two British bands for global dominance in 2021 and if there were, I wouldn't expect either to be paying a penny in tax to the treasury.
  5. Tune

    NHS Advice.

    Same. Having had the experience of falling asleep it's quite nice - loads of times. Apparently when I was woken up a week later from one, surrounded by friends, I cried like a baby. It was nice in there. Better than Slough.
  6. It's also possible moo-fi, looking at specs, that you are thinking of the 221's which use 22" drive units and are a tapped horn design (i.e Coloured) Bear in mind that, again, even Danley refer to them as... "The TH221’s exceptionally low bass response is also perfect for the demands of today’s HD commercial theatre or a one-of-a-kind high-end home theatre". Which is the point really. Even extreme outdoor tapped horns (without the benefit of room gain) are designed with movies in mind. The selling of sub sat systems for domestic music replay is only of benefit if trying to keep the other half happy - and even then only really if using 2 x 22" drive units in a commercial tapped horn at home Proper loudspeaker, designed to dovetail with the room, every time if you want full range reproduction without colouration that sounds like the real thing.
  7. I have to say, I owned a hell of a lot of Proacs and ATC's. The D28 and 25 before it, were some of the very best Proac designs IMHO - along with the 1sc. These were the products the company was built on. I can't really comment on PMC's as I never wanted to own any and the Spendors I owned were far to early BBC monitors to be representative of today's output.
  8. Tune


    I was reading the comments on the BBC News site. The problem seems to be that firstly, the nation remains split down the middle and secondly, that there are far too many Nazis on the BBC these days. Funny that they complain about European imports and the biggest ones seem to be Nationalism and fascism from Germany . edited to add: Apparently referring to Right Wing Nazis ("get them out" "take our country back" "bloody EU spongers") as "Right Wing Nazis" in the context of fearing their rise, breaks BBC regulations aimed at preventing racism... So Xenophobia is cool. Racism definitely no good.
  9. Tune

    NHS Advice.

    Joking apart. I passed out in similar circumstances and wasn't found for 16 hours. It's all too easy for those with chronic medical conditions and one doesn't sit there thinking "I might pass out in a minute..." The problem for the NHS is that they stupidly kept me alive and I'll cost them a fortune for the rest of my life...
  10. Tune

    NHS Advice.

    When passed out?
  11. From Danley's own website - the specs for the 212's, operating frequency range 38 Hz - 200 Hz +/- 3 dB 31 Hz – 200 Hz -10 dB continuous output 133 dB SPL peak output 139 dB SPL sensitivity 104 dB SPL (2.83 Volts into rated Z, at 1 meter), measured in half space driver complement two 12" long excursion woofers dimensions 36 x 15 x 36 inches weight 142 lbs Rated Impedance 4 Ohms Power Rating 1400 W continuous, 2800 W program Now the Gerbils are -10db at 35hz so 4 hz difference or less than 20% of an octave. Now bear in mind the room gain starts at a higher frequency in a typical living room than it does in a sizeable club and you will have, most likely, an almost identical frequency curve. The difference is not in extension but in available dynamic range as the Danleys are designed for far larger or outdoor spaces - their maximum output at front of house being some 12/13db higher than the JBL (not that you would ever play at that level!). Therefore basically, Keith is saying that he thinks your Danley subs lack extension.
  12. Tune

    NHS Advice.

    How do you do any of that if you are passed out?
  13. Tune

    NHS Advice.

    I'm not sure how helpful that advice is?
  14. Where do they start rolling off? Around 40hz? You see my speakers happily "run down" to 20hz in room. Start rolling off just over an octave above that 45hz so 5hz difference. Do you see what I mean?