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  1. Yes, I know that ! But no light. Other speaker is fine.
  2. Hi, just acquired a pair of 2905s. One of the Quad logo lights isn’t working. I presume this is just a bulb change - is it easy to do and how do I get to it ? thanks
  3. Hi i have just acquired a pair of 2905s but one of the Quad logos doesn’t light. I assume this is just a dead bulb - how do I get to it and is it an easy task ? thanks
  4. liffy99

    Power Amp advice for £1k...have search fatigue...

    Lyngdorf amps seriously changed my perspectives (previously used highish end Plinius and Parasound JC1s). Either the 2200 integrated (with DAC) or SDA2175 used for between £500 and £1500 depending on options and model) 200W with low power consumption and an utterly silent background.
  5. liffy99

    Quad esl, 45wpc amp ok?

    I started in' stats with the 57s - just like yours. Sounded so clear in the midrange but ultimately lacking in bottom end and punch. Stands were a must (I used quadropods which got them about 30cm up). Comments about suitable amps are spot on - need to be happy with a capacitive load (my old NVAs really did not like the Quads !). Removing the sound deadening from the inside rear also helped a bit but not by as much as I expected. I've heard good things about rebuilds from One Thing Audio when the time comes to bring the Quads more up to date. Since then I've had Martin Logans, Cadence, Audiostatic and now run some upgraded Finals with corner moving coil bass units. Also had a very soft spot for my old Magneplanar 2.5R ribbons - almost 'stat clarity, easier to drive, but with enough weight - but needed a fair bit of welly.
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    LG 55EC930V OLED television

    Still have our 50" Kuro and its been faultless. 4K aside I'd still rank its picture quality up there with many of today's offerings. Then again it cost £3.5k seven years ago !
  7. liffy99

    Bluray Player for Stereo

    Just got a used Oppo 103 and its brilliant (also plays SACD) and outputs stereo over LPCM via HDMI which many don't if you need to feed a high quality stereo for music.
  8. liffy99

    One sub or two?

    Bit of a newbie question (from someone that doesn't have an AVR receiver) but where there are 2 sub outputs are these usually stereo or do they just handle the same mono'd ouput ? I was thinking of dipping my toes into surround sound but loathe to downgrade my hifi stereo set up (Lyngdorf digital amps, corner passive bass units (cross over at 300+ Hz so not subs in the accepted sense) and electrostatic mains. All I've read is that I'm unlikely to get the same quality for music with an AVR, even an expensive Arcam one or similar. Then again if I had £40k+ - Lyngdorf Steinway !
  9. Does anyone know of a Freesat Personal Video Recorder that has a coaxial digital output ? Panasonic make one for Freeview, but that's as close as I've got. I'd be happy with the Humax 1100S but again that's an optical output. Looking to replace my Humax Foxsat (which has optical output) with something that has coax (and I don't want an optical to coax converter - I already have one and I'm trying to reduce the jumble of wires). Cheers
  10. liffy99

    Quad 2905

    Look nice - how many panels were replaced ? How old are they and your approx. location would be helpful. Ah, Shrewsbury, sorry . . .
  11. Well, one set has to go as I don't have space for both. Either . . . Tannoy DMT15s (Mk1) These fantastic 'speakers have had some of the crossover caps replaced by Mundorf equivalents. They were used in recording studios I believe and so have much higher power handling headroom than the domestic 15" dual concentric drivers (300W rms) and are very effiicient (98db). Complete with custom made steel stands that raise them about 10" from the floor. The cabinets are big (well, 100l so there are plenty of larger Tannoys) and measure about 3' x 2' x 18". Constructed from twin layers up to 38mm thick and braced. They are grey (a mix of grey frame with melamine veneer to reduce resonance) and complete with removable grille covers. At the moment I am running them without crossovers (letting my amp do the crossover stuff) although tbh there's not a huge difference with running them with. They do love bi-amping (crossovers have settings to alter the relative output levels of woofer and tweeter sections). Will post photos in due course. £1000 all in. Final 400i electrostatics + Lyngdorf W210 corner woofers The 'stats had their panels replaced and upgraded 3 years ago by Twinstatic Audio in Holland (the originals were, apparently, prone to the coating slowly disintegrating). Very room friendly at approx 4' x 12" x 2" in silver anodised frame with black grills. You do need a sub of some sort though unless all you listen to are female vocals and violins. 86db efficient (although I feel they do need a decent amount of welly). I supplement them with a pair of piano gloss black Lyngdorf W210 corner woofers (passive bass units) crossed over (active bi-amping) at about 250Hz. This saves the 'stats from having to worry about large panel excursion at low bass frequencies and lets them play a little louder. These are designed for corner use (handy for the WAF) and make use of room reinforcement. Quoted 96db effiicient for the two 10" lightweight coned woofers in each enclosure. These are not your normal subs - they are passive and designed to crossover at higher points than a normal sub due to their lightweight and fast reacting cones. Photos to follow. £1200 all in. As mentioned one setup has to go . . . . I live near Glastonbury, Somerset. Sorry for the photo quality . . .
  12. liffy99

    Code of Practice for Scalford

    After my second visit I wonder whether there are things to make the event more informative / accessible and enjoyable ? So I have thrown together some thoughts that might improve the experience for both visitors and exhibitors; EXHIBITORS OK, we are not all Steve Jobs copies, and probably not used to talking in public etc but maybe there here are some suggestions that might make things a little easier all round. 1) Don't succumb to the feeling that music needs to be played continuously. Leave a minute or two between tracks so you can; 2) Tell people about the music you are playing and the equipment it is playing through (you will need to repeat this as the day passes to reflect the ever changing audience) 3) Take a breather yourself and perhaps make any system tweaks you need to 4) Listen to, and try to answer, questions - many will be of interest to others so can save you time repeating the same responses over the day 5) Watch the volume - high sound levels are OK in short bursts perhaps but can mask dynamics. Can also exacerbate existing room problems. Not to mention protecting our mostly middle-aged failing lugholes ! 6) Don't put chairs too close to doors - try and keep the entry / exit reasonably clear 7) Write clear details of equipment on the doors and in the rooms (write clearly, legibly etc - 12pt text does not work well in a dark corridor). Consider placing "Now Playing" cards on the equipment in use at any time (sometimes it is difficult to tell which set of 'speakers are actually in use) VISITORS 1) Don't stand in the doorway. If you are coming in, come in and let others come and go 2) STOP TALKING during playback. People are here to listen to the music, not to you. 3) Try not to hog the demo with lots of your own music. Several others may also want selections played so listening to very long or multiple tracks can be a little selfish. Finally I wonder if there is a leaf to be taken from the Hi Fi shows of old in organising 20-30 min 'sessions'. I remember these to be really good where the demonstrator would spend 5 mins introducing the gear and music, play selections and system changes and then discuss at the end. Takes a lot or pressure off, gives everyone a chance and a better chance to listen properly. Hmmm - what do you think ???
  13. liffy99

    Code of Practice for Scalford

    Ah well, I have obviously misjudged the sensitivities of Wammers on opening this thread ! Mea culpa - maybe calling the thread a code of practice wasn't the right way to go, I just thought it a bit of a snappier title than "here's some things I think would make the show better next year" . . . Never had I intended to cause offence to any of the brave and dedicated souls that contribute to making this a truly unique event. At least a little levity is creeping into this thread. As I said before, none of my comments were criticisms of anyone personally although offence seems to have been inferred by some. My suggestions were (are) based not just on my thoughts, but also on things I heard and saw others doing at the show - e.g. wandering around lost, struggling to read signage, asking others to be a little quieter (I wasn't the only one to make such a request). There's a lot here I think the hotel itself can improve, not simply be left to Wammers. It's at least a little comforting to see some posts agreeing with some of the suggestions after all - I start to get the feeling that the oprobrium shown in this thread wasn't so much about the content, just the reaction to what has been perceived as over-organisation. I don't think my (relatively ?) low number of posts are relevant - I visit several HiFi forums, as I'm sure we all do, and have a busy working life. So it's generally when I am looking to change something / solve a problem / share a revelation that I login. Otherwise I just get on with listening to music. I've been to just one local bake-off (and taken gear along) which was great. And it didn't simply cost me £15 for a ticket. I may not have spent as much as most exhibitors but my costs ran to the region of £150-£200 after travel, accommodation, food, charity donations etc. So please don't crucify me - just talk to me - I don't bite (nor am I a city lawyer / high flyer - wish I was and then perhaps I could afford a pair of Acapellas). And I'll bring my own muffins next time
  14. liffy99

    2nd timer show thoughts . . .

    Wow, second time to Scalford as a mere prowler and bowled over by the effort, dedication and enthusiasm shown by all the exhibitors and organisers. I even managed to find my way around the venue better this time (must be a way to better signpost, surely). Managed to fill the whole day (and a good few hours on the Saturday night) and repeated several visits to specific rooms in the afternoon. Things to improve ? 1) Signposting - it's not an easy venue to find your way around 2) Big board showing arrangements for drinks / food etc - I didn't realise the Saturday buffet stopped at 8pm 3) Message board so that people not staying at Scalford can share rides / taxis etc 4) Cheaper muffins ! 5) Publish playlists after the show where possible so people can follow up some of those tracks they may have forgotten to write down (I'd be happy to collate these and distribute if people want to send me them - Belvoir room especially ! Had some real favourites at the show mind so here are my top 5 (in no particular order) a) The big horns in the Colman from I_should_coco and Hayward. What can I say - totally surreal and different. Utterly unrealistic for most of us but just a showcase for what can be achieved. I would guess the turntables in the room alone would rival the cost of my house ! b) The Snells and VAD DAC in the Belvoir. I've always had a soft spot for Snell / Audionote speakers and this room showed them at their very best I thought. So musical, dynamic and lively. Rushed home to look at details of the DAC (described as "affordable" at the show) only to find it's £7k price matched the worth of my entire system. Ah well . . . c) It Cost How Much and Oldius in Room 211 showing the Lentek amp and JBL 96 speakers. Affordable music playback for mere mortals - sublime sounds and a great music selection (I need that CD collection . . . ). Almost rivalled the Snells / VAD setup for me. d) Syndicate 2 with Jerry and Fatmarley - driving some amazing DIY three ways with cheapo amplification and DAC. Room resonances aside how on earth did a low powered tranny amp drive those beasts so well? Made me rethink the need for megabuck systems (though I guess those external crossovers were not cheap to build). Would love to learn more of the speaker construction. e) JVS and Brownellm's Bergmann / Modrwight / Acapella system. A bit of a wild card this one for me. Sometimes it sounded lovely, with such an unforced soundscape but at others seemed a bit disjointed. Were the speakers a little too far apart or just in too big a room ? Fascinating plasma tweeters mind. Plenty of other noteworthys too (the Quad 57 array, refurbished Impulse HS2s especially) and a s a recent builder of a Raspberry Pi streamer I enjoyed that experience (though disliked the 'speakers). A couple of disappointments too alas, which I won't mention. One thing I did find though was the volume levels a bit too high for my liking in some rooms, especially the small ones, which seemed to simply mask dynamics to my mind. I've a few thoughts on an exhibitor and visitor "code of practice" which I've chucked into a separate thread. Great show guys and the Park and Ride worked well.
  15. liffy99

    Code of Practice for Scalford

    I'd be more than happy to apologise if I thought I had done something wrong here. But where exactly have I been negative ( other than perhaps my opinion of unnecessary chat during demos ) ? All of my comments were suggestions at improving the event, not running anyone down yet some of you seem to have tried to turn them into personal insults. As I said, they are opinions and ideas you do not have to agree with. And I would also agree that Scalford is an event like no other and would not exist but for the hard work put in by many, for which I am extremely grateful. And if I am still allowed after all this I would love to consider exhibiting in future too. Now, if anyone has rational and collected thoughts about any of the suggestions I made, without turning them into a personalised attack, I would love to hear them. For example, would you think a colour coded venue map would work, or making signage text larger and clearer ? I would love to hear of the suggestions placed in the box - perhaps some of those may even support some of the ideas I have been so obviously misguided to post publicly . . . .
  16. liffy99

    Code of Practice for Scalford

    Wow, I do seem to have opened a Pandoras Box ! And am very upset that suggestions I intended as just that, have instigated such vitriol from some members . I think some of you should be ashamed. In no way we're any of my comments intended as personal criticisms and if you have read my other thread posted this morning ( some of us have to work on Mondays) you will see that I enjoyed the show, listened to and saw some interesting stuff, have already ordered some of the music I heard and had a chance to put a few faces to names. I am not a frequent user of the Forum, do not know very many on it personally and have only been to Scalford once before, so the notion I am picking up is of a giant, rather closed, clique that some people seem to think is perfect as it stands ! I am sure ( and as experienced at Scalford) that members are only too happy to help each other out but is there some sort of mafia sub- culture at work here ? The show even had a suggestion box in the entrance - I wonder now what that was for - ritual burning ? Surely it's very presence suggest that people want to know how to improve the event and my suggestions were just that. No one had to agree but they could provide food for thought, or so I assumed. And no, the show wasn't perfect - especially I would think for a first time visitor. So let me expand on a couple of my suggestions; 1 Signposting. Of course we are all grateful for the effort put in . But the fact that many, many people were struggling to find their way around the venue strongly suggested to me that more needs to be done ( perhaps by the hotel itself). So here's a radical idea; colour code the show guide plan and associated notices and signs. that would be much clearer and easier to read. 2 Written information. I found some of the door signs difficult - for those with less than 20 20 vision small or poorly handwritten text in a gloomy corridor is not easy to read. It doesn't. Take any longer to just make the content larger and clearer. Similarly it takes just a minute or two to stick a flip chart on the room wall itself describing what is in use ( and would save time answering questions on this very topic over and over again). Again I heard many such questions in many of the rooms I visited. Some exhibitors took the trouble to put info on whiteboards where available - nice one! 3 What buffet information ? I didn't have any. Was it on the ticket ? I would have thought it was in the hotel's interest to clearly advertise what was available, when and where. A board in the foyer was all it would have taken. I appreciate that much of this can be found on the forum but you would have to read a lot of threads to find it. Also plans may change rapidly ( eg if people suddenly decided to go into Melton for a nosh or something) . For those of us that don't own a smartphone its not that easy to keep up to date electronically. 4 others have already commented on the amount of talking whilst exhibitors are exhibiting. Sure, some of this is inevitable but to be frank, I found some of this downright rude. For example I actually asked several gents to tone it down a bit who were just chatting about the previous night's rugby - nothing to do with what was happening in the room and in my opinion this could, and should, have been done outside. So please, please tell me how on earth such simple suggestions can be found so offensive. If they are criticisms I am sure you will agree they are constructive ones - no one has to agree with them and I realise that some may be impractical in the cold light of day ( e.g if 30 min demo sessions were all planned, people may not be able to see all the exhibitors they would like to see. A perfectly reasonable response). To be the butt of such, well, anger, is incomprehensible to me. I can only take some solace in the fact that some members have at least understood what I have tried to do, and in some cases agreed with a couple of my observations. Once again I can only applaud the time and effort people have put in to organise and deliver the whole shebang and I am not trying to belittle that in any way. I have merely shared my thoughts on what would make it better from my perspective. Goodnight
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    Scalford lift share

    Great, I'll sort out somewhere to stay. I think the lodge is fully booked though. Could either meet up at my place (10 miles from j22) or I can get the other half to drop me off at either the junction or the services between J22 and 21 (Sedgemoor) You'd be welcome to a coffee etc. If you wanted a break chez moi. I will pm with contact details.
  18. liffy99

    Scalford lift share

    Hi John I'm thinking of going but not looked into hotel etc yet. Where are you staying, how getting from hotel (if not Scalford) to the event ? I'm halfway between Glastonbury and the M5 (j22) so could be possible. Share petrol etc. Stephen
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    Dismantling Tannoy crossover

    Ah' I see. I'd have to separate the two parts to have much hope of getting the soldering iron in there without doing damage I think. But anyway, I've decided to just make a new terminal plate and replace the crossover and cables to the driver with a new set. That way the originals will remain completely intact if I need to replace them. Thanks for the info.
  20. liffy99

    Dismantling Tannoy crossover

    I want to bypass the stock crossover on my DMT15s completely (will use external electronic active crossover) but need to connect the tags on the speaker cone direct to the terminal block. The terminal block and crossover board are however connected together via small plastic struts with some sort of fastener (not a screw unfortunately) and I need to split the terminal block from the board. Obviously I don't want to damage anything in case I need to put them back together again. I've got some photos to show the situation - how do I attach these to the post ? On the top view of the crossover board you can see there are 4 connecting points (three are masked by blobs of white sealer of some sort, the fourth just shows the small black circular thing). Anyone know how I can get these apart safely ?
  21. liffy99

    My Yamaha NS1000M refurb..

    So do I use the ink undiluted ?
  22. liffy99

    My Yamaha NS1000M refurb..

    Did the ink go on neat or diluted / mixed with anything else ? Thinking of freshening up my dual concentrics but worried about wetting a paper cone. I've heard some people also use some diluted PVA mixed in . . .
  23. liffy99

    Tannoy DTM and crossovers

    OK, here's where I show my ignorance ! I have a pair of DMT15 dc monitors and Lyngdorf amplification. At the moment the speakers are bi- amped (they liked that a lot) with 200w/ch going to both LF and HF sections of the stock crossover. The Lyngdorfs have the facility of setting an active crossover so that amp 1 drives the HF and amp 2 the LF. The crossover facility allows control of; Crossover frequency Crossover type (Linkwitz or Butterworth) Slope (I think up to 24db/octave) Time delay between HF and LF The level of the LF output can be reduced (but not increased) So I'm interested in pursuing two more possibilities; A) still using the stock crossover (ok well almost as it has an upgraded Mundorf cap or two in there) but just set a crossover at the amps to simply deliver only HF to the speaker HF connection and LF to the speaker LF connection. But at what point ? 1500hz (same as Tannoy's crossover) or elsewhere and a gentle or steep slope. B) which may involve a little cabinet surgery, to bypass the internal crossover completely and leave things to the Lyngdorf. In which case are the parameters I can control enough, and do I need to find a way of reducing power input to the tweeter ? Additionally, the Lyngdorf has inbuilt room correction software (Roomperfect) which may help to refine overall output in relation to the room.
  24. liffy99

    Tannoy DTM and crossovers

    OK, thanks for the suggestions. I have spoken to Tannoy who told me feeding a 200w amp direct to the tweeter (albeit steeply rolled off below the crossover frequency should be OK. Placement near a rear wall would be a bonus for lounge space and hopefully the room correction in the Lyngdorf should cope ( I think it mainly affects frequencies up to about 500hz). So now I just need to look inside and see how easy it is to bypass the original crossover and hook up the drivers to the binding post terminals. That would save drilling any new holes. Does anyone know whether the tweeter is in or out of phase with the bass cone ? Doubt if I could tell just by looking at the crossover. Cheers
  25. liffy99

    Tannoy DTM and crossovers

    Hmmm, could get tricky and well beyond my o level physics quickly, Best I can hope for I suppose is to just try it - that is bypass the passive crossover completely, set a crossover point and slope (sadly the RoomPerfect version of the Lyngdorf does not allow different points and slopes in both directions) . My worry though is hooking up a 200w amp direct to the tweeter, even though it would only be sending signal above, say, 1khz. Just need to find a way of connecting up without, for the time being, drilling holes in the cabinets. If all the internal connections are push on types (as they are to the drive units) it should be easy. Can only let my ears be the judge though . . . .