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  1. Valentines week end bump, swapsies ?? trade ???
  2. Thats bad news all around. just reinforces what a great resource the WAM is.
  3. Somebody must have an itch to try one of these, im up for most types of trades
  4. Amp arrived just now, simply magnificent effort spent on packaging and such a pleasant deal all around many thanks willie
  5. i sent 3 , must have mucked it up. Will you pls try to PM me pls ? willie
  6. Open door, did you get my PM ok ??? not sure if it was sent properly. willie
  7. open door, ill pm you in the morning if thats ok willie
  8. Sure why not , anyone got the plans ???
  9. looks like a good place to start, would you recommend a massive pipe type horn or more regular type, construction is no problem for me . NEVER had full range in all my years of hi fi willie
  10. I have an itch to build some large horn speakers, so looking for a pair of drivers, e.g. Lowther, Tang band or Fostex ? willie
  11. For me , every time I go at the system ,changing , adding etc, there is always a drama. if we could just leave them alone we would be grand, but sure thats what makes us do what we do !!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Yup you are indeed correct. Its battery powered and officially a head amp. I tried 3 different Ortofon SUTS plus a Klang Film one, then a SOTA head amp, the ML was the clear winner for me . Matched with and Ortofon Rohmann cartridge . Horses for courses and we are all different so it's actually really hard to make a recommendation for anyone unless you know the type of sound they like.
  13. not sure, another avenue is a SUT. I just got a mark Levinson one from 1978, simply amazing , battery powered.
  14. The Primare R32 is the best I have ever heard, beating Tom Evans and many more I tried.
  15. Thanks Richard, Unfortunately I cant change no to the SUnday so as the tickets are paid for we will go over on the Saturday and mosey around, i'm sure by later in the day there will be some systems set up and sure it will be nice to chat to fellow enthusiasts who are only email names up to now willie
  16. Monday bump, any interest,?? im open to most any interesting trade.
  17. Gotta brave the Ryanair website now!!!!!!!!!!! thats a real challenge. Think ill ask SWMBO to do it
  18. flying in and out same day, yes will buy tickets , what price will they be ?
  19. booked flight for the Saturday, so its all go. Looking forward to seeing some things that will probably end up emptying my wallet !!!!
  20. Thanks Maverick, i think we will go on Sunday. Been meaning to go to this for years so looking forward. willie