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  1. yup, there were idiot pubs, Cork was mentioned in one report. And yes they will have a job to get their licences renewed. The shopping has quietened , at least here in galway. Special times for over 60s to shop also. The lockdown we have now im told by a friend in London is more severe than in UK at the moment. Strange times for all.
  2. As of midnight last night (Friday) we are on as near to a lockdown as one can be without using the name. Its for 2 weeks , but im sure thats just an optimistic date. Family members allowed to walk 2 KM from home and after that its similar to the UK. Essential visits to shops, pharmacies etc. All building works and most shops closed now. loads of time to clean, paint , listen to music etc. Take care everyone willie
  3. This is probably a time for trades or swaps more than sales, so if anyone wants to try a pass labs Class A amp then im up for an interesting trade/ swap. Each one pay own shipping.
  4. Thanks for the offer , I appreciate it. I dont think its for me , but still open to swaps if anyone out there is interested.
  5. Valentines week end bump, swapsies ?? trade ???
  6. Somebody must have an itch to try one of these, im up for most types of trades
  7. Amp arrived just now, simply magnificent effort spent on packaging and such a pleasant deal all around many thanks willie
  8. i sent 3 , must have mucked it up. Will you pls try to PM me pls ? willie
  9. Open door, did you get my PM ok ??? not sure if it was sent properly. willie
  10. open door, ill pm you in the morning if thats ok willie
  11. Sure why not , anyone got the plans ???
  12. looks like a good place to start, would you recommend a massive pipe type horn or more regular type, construction is no problem for me . NEVER had full range in all my years of hi fi willie
  13. I have an itch to build some large horn speakers, so looking for a pair of drivers, e.g. Lowther, Tang band or Fostex ? willie
  14. what is the difference between rtf and srtf versions.