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    Technics SL150ii
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    AT1010 / ADC XLM1
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  1. Hi Lionel

    Hope you are well.

    I've been trying, and failing, to figure out how to delete classified ads or mark them as Sold.

    Can you do it for me, or tell me how to do it?
    There doesn't seem to be an option for doing that from what I can see!

    The ads are  ....

    Thanks, and happy New Year!


  2. Power cords

    Not sure how you have applied the tape, but you don't need to wrap it all the way round. Just a short section along one side may work well.
  3. Amp arrived plugged and tunes are singing once again Thanks so much Jerry

  4. All sorted - amp is on its way to SImon.
  5. SALE ADC XLM Mk1 Integra mm cartridge

    OK - thanks Stuart
  6. Excellent condition - loads of life left I am sure. Comes in its own integral headshell with standard SME fit. Wow - what a sound! I subbed this for some quite expensive mc carts and didn't feel I was losing out at all. A bit of a shock, that, actually! Built in stylus guard so posting is not a problem. Cantilever is nice and straight. £75 UK posted.
  7. Headshell and cartridge not included. But I can supply a standard SME fit headshell free. ADC XLM I Integra cartridge listed today for £75 inc uk delivery.
  8. In really nice condition - a few marks to the lid. Arm clamp no longer works properly. A lovely thing, and sounds very nice indeed! £100 - collected from Glos GL17 9SR - or may be able to meet up somewhere. No posting, sorry.
  9. OK. No worries, Simon. PM me your full name and address and I'll keep you posted.
  10. I can probably find a box for it now if you can pay postage. Less than a tenner with Hermes should do it. I'll check for a box over the weekend.
  11. Confused ? Spotify vs CD

    Yes, that is pretty much my finding after quite extensive comparison. I have used Spotify Premium as my main music source for a year or so now. I think it sounds great.
  12. Or perhaps similar makes/models.Must be in decent nick (perfection not required) and PWO.And courierable if not within reasonable driving range of Glos. Sensible £ paid.Wood or silver finish, not all black What have you?
  13. Vintage Ears

    Yep, freq losses are included in age related hearing loss. I think we adapt to that as well.
  14. Vintage Ears

    From my observations of other people and of my own experience (also entered my 7th decade a year or so back) I don't think that 'normal' hearing loss due to ageing is noticed by the person concerned until it gets very extreme. So no corrections are needed for relative youngsters like ourselves. I suspect that either you just like a 'hot' sounding tweeter, the other Wammer likes a warmer sounding top end than you, or, perhaps more likely, the overall synergy in your system is well matched with that component.
  15. The previous owner has got on to me asking what the hell am I doing and that it's priced way too cheap! He's right - this sounds way too good to sell (you would probably be amazed how good it sounds!) and it has great personal nostalgia value. Withdrawn from sale.