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  1. Thanks, George - a real treasure trove!
  2. Not much of a collector myself -- generally ins = outs. I do tend to keep a spare of everything, as being without decent music reproduction is not worth thinking about. A "backup" pair of speakers, and an amp that suits them well, seems now to be the way I like to run things. Every now and then I fancy a bit of a change from my MBL speakers, so the pair of Podium 0.5 panels get lifted down from the top of the CD shelves behind me and plugged into a delightful little EL84 valve amp that really suits the panels nicely. Then 2 maybe 3 days later it's back to the MBLs with ears refreshed and newly appreciative for the next 6 months or so. I did the collector thing for a while with vintage gear - some lovely looking B&O pieces, a big Rotel receiver or two, a couple of gorgeous 1970s Marantz, and I still have a JVC JR-S200 receiver that Bandit Pilot kindly gave me. They sounded pretty decent, but I only really had them for the eye candy aspects.
  3. Hi Malcolm - yep, nice idea. I'll drop you a PM.
  4. Hmm, yes. Good point, well made, Keith. The trouble is that I am pretty well convinced that any change would now be a backward step with regard to amps and speakers. Never say never, I guess ... but I can't see it happening for a while. Yep, I think I am going to have to start listening to some music soon, rather than tinkering with the hifi.
  5. The Brainwavz pads are genuinely circum-aural and don't touch my earlobes at all. I'm not sure you can get more cumfy than that. And, as you say, great sound. Right then, DACs .... although I have to say that my Audiobyte Black Dragon is reasonably awesome!
  6. That's it - fully sorted for headphones now. Brainwavz HM5 ear pads fit nicely on my Beyerdynamic DT 250 - top sound, top comfort. Very pleased. Box swapping seems to be coming to an end, for better or worse. Speakers (MBL 116f), amp (Marantz HD-AMP1), oh and interconnect cables, and now headphones have reached Destination status. Only DACs and non-interconnect cables left to play with. Mmmm, and maybe equipment supports.
  7. I've never heard any added noise or distortion from the Behringer 2496, use it in pure digital mode (digital in and digital out) and it is surprisingly transparent. The main issue with the Behringer ime is that it isn't that reliable I have had 2 of them fail on me. Not much that you can do then except get another! You can get quite noticeable degradation from analogue eq, but Behringer have done it well with their digital device.
  8. You can, in fact, adjust both the dynamic envelope range and the stereo width/spread with the Behringer 2496, making them wider or narrower. It's a remarkably flexible device!
  9. Doesn't time just fly by when you're having fun.
  10. eddie-baby .... Yes, I do still have the Behringer equaliser!! But it's not plumbed in at present. BUT my current (and probably final) amp does have tone controls, AND I do use them sometimes.
  11. Just to round my headphone journey off - I have settled on Beyerdynamic DT 250 as being the perfect headphone for me. By far not the most comfortable; barely adequate, really, in that regard. And they look cheap and plasticky. But for me the sound is absolutely spot on. Sorted.
  12. The Hifiman 560 have gone the same way as all planar magnetics, I just cannot get on with the characteristic sound of that particular technology. A pair of Audio Technica ATH-AD700 have arrived. Astonshingly light and comfortable, with an airy and immersive sound that is very enjoyable. Also, I thought I should resample some Beyerdynamic DT 150. A 'no nonsense' kind of sound, clear and dynamic and forthright. But ultimately not a very open sound, they are a tightly sealed closed back design, and I've a been there, done that kind of feeling about them. Also a pair of AKG Q701 has come and gone, Very distinctive looks. They do a hell of a lot right, huge amounts of dynamically inflected detail and marvellously open sounding. But just a little lacking in warmth for my classical music tastes So where am I now? Back with my Fostex HD600 and loving them. Thank goodness I withdrew them from sale before someone bought them.
  13. Time for a change My 'best' cans are on the move. The Grado PS1000 are sold and the Fostex TH600 are up for sale. Arrived a few days ago some Beyerdynamic DT 880. Very light and comfortable. Seem to be astonishingly neutral tonally - the 'V shaped' tonal contours of most headphones becomes very obvious in comparison. A little flat dynamically - my Benchmark DAC1 should be enough to drive them, but they do lack a little in excitement. Musically insightful, have spent several 1 hour and more enjoyable sessions with these. And arrived today, Hifiman HE-560 planar magnetics. Yes, I know I said I don't like planar magnetics, but these were offered as part of a px deal and reviews suggested they might largely avoid the overly smooth sound that bothers me in others of the breed. Early listening is encouraging. Still somewhat smooth, but a fuller and richer tonality than the DT880 - perhaps that just indicates that the 560 are less neutral. A bold and interesting sound. A nice contrast to the Beyers.