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  1. JANDL100

    What no CARY owners thread?

    Wow! - very nice. Martin Colloms in his Stereophile review regarded these as the big brothers of my old Cary STE-572se amps. I'm a bit jealous. Going back quite a few decades (probably circa 30 years, I guess) I had one of these CAD 5500 valve preamps. A very warm and cuddly presentation!
  2. JANDL100

    New Headphones for Xmas ?

    How much are you looking to spend? Used or new? Are you bothered about sound leakage?
  3. Yes, they have a way of filling the room with sound that is quite surprising for their size. I suspect that is something to do with the omni-directionality associated with a downfiring woofer.
  4. Not classic British - but musical Italian. 34 inches tall. 3-way - downfiring woofer arrangement. Chario Syntar 100T. £200 - Glos.
  5. JANDL100

    Podium One speaker review in HFW ...

    T'was suggested to me that there was excellent synergy between the Podiums and class D amplification, so in line with Deggie's not-very-serious suggestion I plumbed in my Amptastic Mini-T t-amp..... yay, result! It sounds fab. Have now remembered my Wadia 151 PowerDAC - not class D but pure digital till it gets to the speaker output. Ooooo. Very nice indeed. I'll settle in with this for a while.
  6. JANDL100

    Podium One speaker review in HFW ...

    Now there's a thought! I think it would work rather well.
  7. JANDL100

    Podium One speaker review in HFW ...

    My goodness, that little bit less tilt has made a big improvement to the tonality (fuller now, less brightly lit) That's actually quite a transformation, they sound like a substantially bigger, more powerful speaker now. Starting to be really impressed with these. Maybe that cheque really will be in the post!
  8. JANDL100

    Podium One speaker review in HFW ...

    Quite lightweight in tonality - bass is about equivalent to a not very big standmount box speaker. Subwoofer needed, really - and I have a small one plumbed in now. It needs that little extra tonal weight in my system/room. But very, very lucid and articulate. And the soundstaging .... astonishingly good - 3D with excellent depth and image focus. I find so far that they are best facing straight ahead. I was trying out various 'test tracks' as one does .... then I just settled down with one of my favourite albums, and got carried away and submerged in the sheer musicality of it. Which is what matters, imho. It took a couple of hours, or more, of listening to start to adjust to the presentation, which is quite individual.. So, yes, a very good start. I look forward to the coming days of re-exploring music Podium-style!
  9. JANDL100

    Podium One speaker review in HFW ...

    I shall give that due consideration (i.e. can I be bothered? - they are good enough that I just want to sit here and listen )
  10. JANDL100

    Podium One speaker review in HFW ...

    I'll send a cheque. It might be a bit bouncy. Yes, the Hifi Hangar ones. My MBLs are having a bit of a rest after over 8 years.
  11. JANDL100

    Podium One speaker review in HFW ...

    Well, over 11 years later, here they are! - although the Podium 1.5 version according to the box.
  12. JANDL100

    DALI Owners Club

    I've never been a member of the 104 Club, but I had a pair of Dali Skyline 1000 about 12-13 years ago. Open baffle design with 12 inch paper woofer, 5 inch paper mid cone and an 80cm ribbon high freq driver. Really enjoyed them, but had problems with massive bass resonance peaks in my room - about 15dB! I couldn't really shift the resonances by placement tricks and I needed to use a Behringer DEQ2496 digital tonal equaliser to remove them. Sounded great after that, though.
  13. JANDL100

    New hifi up to £30k

    Assuming you are buying new, not used .... Listen to some speakers to find what you like. Up to £15-20K I would allocate out of £30k. They all sound different, often very different, from each other. Only you can decide what you like best. Then work back from there with the help of a good dealer - i.e. what amp would work well with the speakers. Then sort out a streamer/DAC.
  14. JANDL100

    boenicke Owners Club

    I'm intrigued by the W5. Any owners out there within sensible reach of Sunny Gloucestershire who could provide a dem if I came a-visiting?
  15. JANDL100

    Experience/opinion on Rotel RP-3000 TT?

    Yup! Not from here, though. I've had quite a few queries since.