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  1. JANDL100

    Headphone Heaven

    The Hifiman 560 have gone the same way as all planar magnetics, I just cannot get on with the characteristic sound of that particular technology. A pair of Audio Technica ATH-AD700 have arrived. Astonshingly light and comfortable, with an airy and immersive sound that is very enjoyable. Also, I thought I should resample some Beyerdynamic DT 150. A 'no nonsense' kind of sound, clear and dynamic and forthright. But ultimately not a very open sound, they are a tightly sealed closed back design, and I've a been there, done that kind of feeling about them. Also a pair of AKG Q701 has come and gone, Very distinctive looks. They do a hell of a lot right, huge amounts of dynamically inflected detail and marvellously open sounding. But just a little lacking in warmth for my classical music tastes So where am I now? Back with my Fostex HD600 and loving them. Thank goodness I withdrew them from sale before someone bought them.
  2. JANDL100

    Headphone Heaven

    Time for a change My 'best' cans are on the move. The Grado PS1000 are sold and the Fostex TH600 are up for sale. Arrived a few days ago some Beyerdynamic DT 880. Very light and comfortable. Seem to be astonishingly neutral tonally - the 'V shaped' tonal contours of most headphones becomes very obvious in comparison. A little flat dynamically - my Benchmark DAC1 should be enough to drive them, but they do lack a little in excitement. Musically insightful, have spent several 1 hour and more enjoyable sessions with these. And arrived today, Hifiman HE-560 planar magnetics. Yes, I know I said I don't like planar magnetics, but these were offered as part of a px deal and reviews suggested they might largely avoid the overly smooth sound that bothers me in others of the breed. Early listening is encouraging. Still somewhat smooth, but a fuller and richer tonality than the DT880 - perhaps that just indicates that the 560 are less neutral. A bold and interesting sound. A nice contrast to the Beyers.
  3. JANDL100

    Listening to music with hearing aids

    Interesting and congrats on a good result! Mind if I ask roughly how much they cost you? ... and that was your 1st post here - welcome to the forum!
  4. JANDL100

    Headphone Heaven

    I had DT150 for quite a while and enjoyed them a lot. But I do think that there is more to be had. Something like the Grado PS1000 will not only open a window or two but will remove the wall as well. At the opposite cost extreme a diminutive pair of B&O Form 2i can sound remarkably open and clear. Often to be found used for £25 or so. I've got a couple of pairs.
  5. JANDL100

    Headphone Heaven

    I've had a couple of Grados before these, SR80 and 325i, I think. Both good, which is why I wanted to try a top model, but the PS1000 are in a different league altogether in terms of clarity, detail, staging and sheer presence. I heard GS1000 at a Show when they first came out, that was a jaw drop experience. I didn't know that headphones could do that! The PS1000 are even better. But they do have the distinctive Grado top end.
  6. JANDL100

    Headphone Heaven

    I had been on the point of selling my Grado PS1000 headphones having started to find them just a bit too Grado-ish (surprise! - whodathunk a Grado headphone would have the Grado house sound?). Just a mite too feisty at the top for me, it gives a wonderful sense of musical enthusiasm, but a bit wearing after a while on my classical choons. But a thought struck - it does sometimes - why not team them up with a tone control? And I had great success previously driving incredibly hard to drive Wharfedale Isodynamic headphones with my vintage Rotel 603 receiver - but the Rotel is now in the loving and very appreciative hands of Audio Al. But there on a shelf, doing a wonderful job of looking fabulous, was a vintage JVC JR-S200Lii receiver, very kindly donated to me years ago by Rick / Bandit Pilot. And it has a 5-band equaliser. Wired it up using spare output sockets from my DAC, some subtle nudges on the equaliser sliders and bingo! - that will do nicely. Goldilocks time. Those old Japanese receivers had real heft behind their headphone sockets, marvellous. It sounds fabulous with the Grados.
  7. JANDL100

    Headphone Heaven

    I would never describe the Stax bass as soggy, on the contrary it is taut, detailed and vibrant. But in my setup, at least, it does lack heft and weight. I dare say that Grounded Grid amp may well get the best out of them/
  8. JANDL100

    Headphone Heaven

    Yes, I think I understand. That's probably why I have 4 pairs and all are in regular use. That's an admission that none of them totally hit the spot. Horses for courses and all that. But I do need headphones, wouldn't want to be without music while the mrs is asleep in the mornings.
  9. JANDL100

    Headphone Heaven

    Hmm. Seems like you are looking for perfection. Best of luck with that!
  10. JANDL100

    Headphone Heaven

    >> Some of the trouble is I think that I dont even have these headphones long enough for their sound to break in and open up Headphone break-in can sometimes totally transform the sound, imo. I've bought several used on eBay which sounded awful - pretty obvious why they were sold! They must have taken them out of the box and thought "Yuk, horrid" and put them on eBay. But a few days of continuous running in and suddenly the positive reviews make sense.
  11. JANDL100

    Headphone Heaven

    SRD5 energiser with mine. I might investigate others if they come along on eBay at an appropriate time! I tend to leave them on charge all the time but not convinced it makes much if any difference.
  12. I've been increasingly into headphones for the last 2 or 3 years and have been investigating the various technologies and makes. It's the wife's fault - she's a late riser and I'm an early one. And being unwilling to wait to start the music until 11-ish when she gets up headphones are the logical way to go. Here's the 4 I seem to have settled with for now ... I guess the leader of the pack are Grado PS1000. Very clean and open and detailed and dynamic. They also cost the most, which is a bit of a disappointment! They do suffer a little from the distinctive Grado Treble, which is a little on the enthusiastic side for my tastes, but some careful fettling (I shan't mention cables on the Wam) and they are just fine and dandy. Stax SR3 electrostatics live in the conservatory along, usually, with the Fostex TH600. The Stax are awesome for transparency, but can't really be regarded as all-rounders as they do lack heft in the bass and rather water down big dynamic swings when they can get a bit strident. Still great fun to listen to on a lot of material, though. The Fostex TH600 are marvellous for when closed-back is necessary (the Grados and Stax leak an amazing amount of sound). I got them after owning and liking Fostex T50RPmk3, similar sound but even better. And finally Even H1. These have settled in the bedroom, fed by a portable CD player! They have a little in-line widget which provides a hearing test and corrective DSP. You press the button and a series of 8 music tones are played at increasing volume. You press the button again when you can hear each one. This is done for left and right. Works well, but they do like to add a bit of extra bass. A pleasant listen. They may become increasingly useful as the years go by. I've tried various planar magnetic from Audeze and Hifiman. But have come to the conclusion that they are not for me - I almost always hear a layer of "smooth" that comes between me and the music. Some people love them, but I miss the final layer of dynamic resolution. In the main system, usually with the Grado PS1000 I use a Lehmann Black Cube Linear headphone amp which I am very pleased with. The Stax (which require a pukka power amp) are fed from a Topping VX1 (25wpc).
  13. JANDL100

    Wam show 2019 photos

    vintage Spendor BC1 being fed by TIDAL. Hehe. ... and sounding great.