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  1. JANDL100

    Classical bLog Cabin

    Bruckner 0 (Nullte)
  2. JANDL100

    Classical bLog Cabin

    Bloch violin concerto https://open.spotify.com/album/5p4Fp03rhJRlw6za6oFJ84?si=8cpyoV1NRlGLtQ5tNhjhlA
  3. JANDL100

    Classical bLog Cabin

    Pavlova's 3rd symphony. Yes, it sounds like film music. That doesn't make it bad, though. Melancholy stuff, for the most part. But very lovely.
  4. JANDL100

    Classical bLog Cabin

    Yes, he wasn't a happy chappy. He had a lousy childhood (poverty and a violent drunken father) and struggled with agonising chronic arthritis for a lot of his adult life, barely able to shuffle along. The anti-Pettersson Brigade find his works full of self pity. I think the music goes a lot deeper than that - but it is seldom, if ever, an easy listen.
  5. JANDL100

    Classical bLog Cabin

    Comissiona and the Swedish RSO' recording is also a very fine one. More dynamic in the outer sections, but with less 'quiet intensity' in the central 'adagio' than Segerstam, and with a clearer recording. A different feel to the performance. I suspect I like both in different ways although I think Segerstam makes it seem a more inspired work. Bafflingly coupled with Mozart;s bassoon concerto!
  6. JANDL100

    Classical bLog Cabin

    Interesting, thanks for that, Jamie. I'll try and tune in. Pettersson's 7th may not be the easiest work to conduct, Lindberg makes a bit of a pig's ear of it imo in a later BIS release. I see that Sergiu Comisiona has a recording on Caprice from 1992 with the Swedish RSO - I've no idea how I missed that! I shall have a listen. But Segerstam really seems to nail it.
  7. JANDL100

    Classical bLog Cabin

    Alan Pettersson's 7th symphony - a fascinating work. Classify it under Atmospheric rather than Structured; astringent rather than tonal. The opening 17 minute sequence is a sometimes climactic build up to the 18 minute heart of the work; an oft-mesmerising adagio-like sequence of great emotional power. To my ears at least! The more I hear it the more I love it. Segerstam's performance is best, imo.
  8. JANDL100

    Classical bLog Cabin

    Quite exceptional (and individualistic) playing from Deyanova in this selection of Schubert piano sonatas. Daringly slow (Richter-like speed) in the 1st mvt of D.894. I guess this will be a Marmite-thing; I don't like Marmite but I do like this! https://open.spotify.com/album/3WiNDb5cTVuoQnUdLfbnv7?si=bZo-gh-ZQY2r25QuYkZcrg
  9. JANDL100

    Classical bLog Cabin

    I'd never heard of Easley Blackwood (American composer b1933), but the 5th symphony here is very listenable!
  10. JANDL100

    Classical bLog Cabin

    Pergolesi Stabat Mater
  11. JANDL100

    Classical bLog Cabin

    The Brahms symphony cycle by Janowski and the Royal Liverpool Phil has come in for a bit of a critical pasting, but I think that he nails the tempi and after that everything just falls into place. And the sound is extraordinarily good, imo. I loves it. https://open.spotify.com/album/2RIRDo3F4o5mcabdWDwCed?si=9YL-XXvUSdq7uu-_By2RGw
  12. JANDL100

    Classical bLog Cabin

    If you enjoy Rachmaninov's lush romanticism, then wrap your lug-holes around Andre Mathieu's 4th piano concerto.
  13. JANDL100

    Classical bLog Cabin

    Some fine English music - light and melodious - for a fine English sunny afternoon.
  14. JANDL100

    Classical bLog Cabin

    One of my favourite recordings of Saint Saens famous Organ symphony is with Geoffrey Simon conducting. He plays it in a 'straighter', more symphonic manner to my ears, it's a different kind of approach. A good music buddy of mine is a great fan of the music, but prefers a more emotional approach to me in all of his listening, and he dismissed this one out of hand as boring! Oi loiks it, though. (As a considerable bonus, the album includes a quite rare recording of the SS Requiem).
  15. JANDL100

    Akhnaten in 2019

    ... and those intertwining body builder guys, always on stage, representing the powerful forces of the hurly-burly of the outside world - at the back to start with, dissociated from the events on stage, then at the end approaching and engulfing Akhnaten. Amazing!