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  1. It's time to replace my car. I currently drive a Vauxhall Insignia, but it's getting on a bit and I no longer need anything that big. Budget is about 12K (I'm looking at used cars up to about 3 years old). I've tested a 2017 Astra 1.6 CDTi ecoFLEX Elite Nav, and really liked it. These days, I value comfort and economy over thrills, and I'm committed to a top spec trim - I love gadgets, and I want my next car to have them all (including the ones I know I'll never use). I've spent my whole life with basic spec cars. No more - if it can be automated, motorised, controlled via touch screen or heated, I'm having it . A decent sound system would be nice, too. My commute is 25 miles on the A1, so decent fuel economy would be a plus (the abovementioned Astra seems to tick that box). Strangely, I've never owned a Ford, so should probably try a Fiesta (or is the Focus a more appropriate alternative to the Astra?). My brother is a Seat fan, so the Leon/ Ibiza are also in scope. Anything else I should have a look at (or avoid)? Cheers
  2. I stopped spending anything like serious money on CD players when I realised that they are all just a discontinued transport mech or laser assembly away from being doorstops. Streaming devices are similarly at risk, but because of discontinuation of firmware support. The difference is that a good vintage CDP could go on for decades if you're lucky, whereas your streamer will be ripe for upgrading as soon as it fails to be compatible with the latest upgrade to your favourite music app - My old iphone has finally been laid to rest now that Amazon Music has gone HD, and the HD version of the app requires a newer OS. Turntable, anyone? Oh, the irony...
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    Yes - got to justify the postage costs, after all...
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    I love this album, but have never owned a copy on vinyl. Very tempted...
  5. Speaking as an owner of the original DIA-250, I reckon this is an absolute bargain. Truly.
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    'I'm sorry sir, but we don't have any bags big enough for the speakers'. 'That's a pity - In that case, I'll just have a couple of metres of 79 strand'. 'Right you are sir. See you again soon.'
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    A total nightmart

    Speaking of songs that don't translate well, I once had the dubious pleasure of hearing 'My Way' sung in Vietnamese by a drunken octogenarian in a karaoke bar in France. Thirty years on, it still haunts me...
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    A total nightmart

    It's OK - but when they depart spatially, start worrying. Oh, and go easy on the meths.
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    A total nightmart

    If it's any consolation, the other day Mrs horace (after a couple of large sherbets) described one of my son's classmates (who is a big lad for his age) as 'built like a sh*t brickhouse'. I managed not to wet myself - which is a notable achievement at my age.
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    A total nightmart

    Make sure you wait for the assistant to get back to the window with the bottle before asking for the hula hoops - and the Mars Bar.
  11. By the end I just wanted all the main characters to get shot and be done with it. A flm that failed to persuade me to care - at all. Dire.
  12. Indeed. I had one of those, and regretted parting with it so much that I replaced it years later with a Jupiter/IO - which I still use.
  13. Pretty good shout, that. Simple, fuss free, good sound.
  14. Niche porn really has diversified recently...
  15. You Sir, are in no position to criticise
  16. Arnowld SchwarzenEGGer? I'll stop now, I promise.
  17. Suspiciously little about the owls, too. I'd have expected the Daily Mail to blame the whole debacle on the lack of controls on owl immigration (damn those foreign owls - coming over here, taking our small rodents etc).
  18. Good point. From now on, when people ask me what relevance the royals have in the modern world, I shall simply say 'Owls'. End of discussion. What a relief it is to have finally put that issue to bed.
  19. Will the royal couple have to pay for their own owls now, or should the taxpayer still bear that considerable burdon?
  20. I worry that they won't find their way back to their holes. Nowt worse than an owl in the wrong hole.
  21. They have lists? Those owls are more organised than I feared.