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  1. I've really enjoyed getting to grips with my X-T2/18-55 2.8-4/27mm 2.8, but found myself yearning for a fast(ish) portrait lens and a medium telephoto. I'm broke, so Fuji's options are off the table for now. Instead, I decided to go vintage manual focus, and picked up an Olympus F.Zuiko 50mm 1.8, the matching 135mm 3.5, a cheap OM/FX adapter and (because it's small, uses the original X-Trans sensor and was stupidly cheap) an X-M1. Total cost for the body, lenses and adapter was a laughable £120. They should all be arriving today. I have fond memories of the Zuiko 50mm, which lived on my old OM body, back in the day. I'm very curious to find out how it performs on a modern digital sensor. We'll see...
  2. horace


    My best guess is that they already have a legal workaround/fudge in mind. Other possibilties include: They already know that at least one EU member state is willing to veto a further extension (in which case, job done). Sometimes, if I've eaten too much cheese before bedtime, I have a rather unpleasant recurring dream, in which Boris says bollocks to the law and takes us out without a deal anyway.
  3. horace


    Well, if their sausage rolls are only 20% pork, I think they'll be OK - the 80% sawdust and silage are probably tariff-free.
  4. horace


    I would be keen to know if anyone here is actually posting in the name of Christ, as I have found precious little spiritual solace in any of it so far.
  5. horace


    Posting, yes. Bothering, not so much.
  6. horace


    One assumes that the provision of personal unicorns in a post-brexit scenario would be subject to WTO rules. That being the case, the price of unicorns is likely to rise. If Unicorns-R-Us were to adopt the same philosophy as Cadbury did when cocoa prices went through the roof in the 1970s, and reduce the size of the product rather than increase the unit price, we could all be walking three-legged unicorns. Just a thought. Please continue.
  7. horace


    Or in the House of Commons.
  8. horace


    I've picked up a few life lessons recently: If you ever find yourself on the wrong side of the law, all you need do is disagree with the outcome and it will all be peachy. While you're at it, why not have a pop at the judge's integrity - can't do any harm, can it? If you do decide to try this approach, be sure to let us know how it works out for you. Anyone who disagrees with you is part of the Illuminati. Fact. If all else fails, keep banging the drum and reminding people that you are doing it all for them - and you'd already have delivered if it weren't for those evil deviants, hell bent on thwarting the will of the people (or some other such bollocks).
  9. horace


    Your misunderstanding probably applies just as well
  10. horace


    It's OK - comes to us all in time.
  11. horace


    I know - I was agreeing with him
  12. horace


    Dunno what you're talking about. We were once a great nation, and got through two world wars. Yeah, apart from the millions who spectacularly failed to get through those wars, and ignoring the help we got from our allies, but anyway... Things used to be much betterer than they are now - in the old days we had a huge empire and people all over the world loved us for it - apart from the millions who hated us as acquisitive, imperialist scum who massacred their citizens and stole their national assets, but anyway... Yeah, the good old days - can't beat 'em.
  13. Ah, but the royalties ain't bad...