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  1. Having had a whinge about focus distance scales, I'm delighted to find that my new (to me) X-T2 has one in the viewfinder display (wow, that's brilliant). Having been attracted by the manual controls (which are everything I hoped they would be) it's ironic that the retro exterior hides the most complex camera I've ever used. Truly, it's dizzying. I've actually started reading the manual (wot? Surely not...). Having had a good look at some of my older shots, I am inclined to think that the issue I have encountered may be atmospheric (haze, perhaps) rather than optical. I was shooting full frame at 24mm, f8-11, so depth of field really shouldn't be the problem. It is curious though. I'll dig out one of the images in question and post it here. I imagine it will be obvious to a more experienced eye than mine.
  2. SOLD As per title. Unused, never out of the box. The packaging has some surface wear from storage. £25 including UK delivery.
  3. SOLD STP Squeezebox Touch in very good condition (a few light marks on the screen - not visible when the screen is on). With original power supply. Duet remote with cradle and power supply. All in perfect working order. I will also include the original candy bar remote, but with the following caveat: I mislaid it for a few months and discovered it in a box in the garage. The batteries had leaked, leaving signs of light corrosion on the terminals. The remote then refused to work until a few days later. It appears to be working fine now, but I'm not sure I'd offer any guarantees. It's included anyway. £80 including UK delivery.
  4. SOLD Canon ef-m 15-45mm f/3.5-6.3 is stm lens. Black. Comes with front lens cap (the rear one is missing, but they are cheap on eBay). Fits any Canon EOS M series mirrorless body. It's a tiny, lightweight lens with a 24-72mm equivalent range. It's image stabilised and has Canon's STM motor (nice and quiet for video use). I'll throw in a Viltrox EF-EOS M adapter, which is functionally identical to the expensive Canon branded version. This one is missing the screw-on tripod mount, but I doubt you'll miss it (I didn't). All in very nice condition and full working order. Lens optics unmarked. £60 including UK delivery.
  5. Thanks. I work at the airport, so could easily get to you after work one evening. Will drop you a PM.
  6. Just sold my Canon EOS M5 and replaced it with Fujifilm X-t2 with 18-55mm F2.8-4 and 27mm pancake. Result: deep joy. After only a couple of days, I find myself tempted to sell my Canon 6D and lenses in order to invest in more Fuji glass. Not quite ready to do that yet, but it could happen. The X-t2 is a bloody lovely thing.
  7. Update: Canon EOS M series gear is (almost) all gone. I bought an X-t2 with 18-55mm. It's not what I thought I needed, but who cares - it's awesome. I haven't enjoyed a new camera this much in a long time - it's a joy to use (and will be more of a joy once I've read the manual, no doubt). The 'kit' zoom is very nice too. I need that 14mm for landscapes, and maybe the 27mm pancake for portability. Better start saving... Edit: just found a used 27mm pancake - it's on its way to me now.
  8. This one is years old, but I discovered it when going through the files on an old phone before recycling it. The resolution is only 640x480, so I decided to accentuate it with some film grain effects. Edit: would this image have been any more pleasing at 24MP? - Food for thought....
  9. Smartphone cameras really are coming into their own. I'm using my P20 Pro all the time, but didn't realise it could throw backgrounds out of focus like this. Is there a setting for that? Edit: Ah yes, portrait mode. Sweet!
  10. Another one from sunny Scotland (Cape Wrath). I'm just finding my feet with the concept of the digital dark room - it's really hard to know when to stop messing with it and say 'it's done now'.
  11. True - moving away from the auto-everything-face-tracking-G&T-making cameras I used to prefer has proved a steep learning curve. When I first got my 6D, I couldn't even get the shutter to fire (true!) without looking at the manual. I still have no idea what to make of a histogram, have never focus-stacked or shot HDR, and have no idea how to pronounce 'bokeh' (which, incidentally, sounds like something one might find on a niche-porn site...)
  12. I have my 6D set up that way - single central focus point, lock with half press, recompose. I suppose my issue is that even if you know where in the scene to focus, it ain't much help if that point is somewhere in the water and you can't get the camera to lock onto it. Manual focus isn't much use in those circumstances either. If I were designing a camera, manual focus would bring up a distance scale in the viewfinder. Job done. Of course, I may just be missing something important here. Edit: Yes, I am an idiot. My 24-105 has a whopping great distance scale window on it, the existence of which ecaped my attention until now (how is that even possible?). Ignore me and move on...
  13. That's a very strong image. You make a good point about knowing what you want to say. When I started out, I bought an ultrawide zoom, thinking how great it would be to be able to include the whole world in every shot. Quickly discovered that it was not so - ended up with shots of a whole lot of nothing, so that lens is now gone, in favour of a 24-105 and a nifty fifty. in truth, I could be happy with only the latter these days. I've conquered my laziness and carry a tripod now, for the simple reason that it encourages me to slow down and think. My biggest frustration is poor technique. I've learned a lot from Youtube (there are some excellent 'how to' videos there), but there's no substitute for learning from your own mistakes (and unlike the days of film, it costs nothing but time to do so). I delete all my failed shots (ie most of them) but not until I'm sure I know why they failed, hence my original question. My next challenge is to learn to use Lightroom.