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  1. horace

    Thinking of buying a Fujifilm X100S...

    Thanks everyone. I went out shooting with my Canon EOS M50/22mm f2 this morning and got some nice images. But I've realised that I just don't enjoy the process of using the camera - the only controls I regularly change are shutter, aperture, ISO and exposure comp. That's why the Fujis are so appealing to me. Those early days with a Pentax K1000 spoiled me for life, I think. I think my EOS M series bodies and lenses are soon going to be sold, at which point I will go Fuji. The only question is whether an X100 will be enough, or if I'll be tempted by one of the X series bodies with a prime lens. Then again, I've just spotted a lovely X100S for £320, and am tempted to bypass the careful decision making and just buy it. We'll see.
  2. horace

    Thinking of buying a Fujifilm X100S...

    Thanks, that's helpful. I'm grateful for your offer to meet up - reminds me that I've met far too few of the wam's NE contingent. Enjoy your holiday, and we can perhaps arrange something when you get back. I suppose the main issue with the XE-2/18-55 combo is that it isn't really small enough to be the camera I would carry when the 6D is too bulky. This points back to the X100s, which is as big as I'd go, I think.
  3. I've lusted after a Fujifilm camera for ages. It's those dials, they call out to me. Truly, I hate menus. I really fancy the X100S - I can get a really clean one for £350. It's bigger than the RX100 III it will replace, but I think I can live with that. Alternatively, an XE-2 with either the XF 18-55mm or the 27mm pancake could be mine for about the same price. I'm definitely leaning more towards the X100S - I love the simplicity of it, and the S seems to offer the best bang for the buck when looking at used X100 series cameras (do you agree?). The truth is that I loved lots of things about the RX100 III, but found it too fiddly. The real killer was having to deal with the camera switching off every time I closed the viewfinder - that drove me demented. I realise later models don't do that, but they are starting to look really expensive for what you get. my main camera is a Canon 6D, but I'm just not using it as much as I used to. I've flirted with an old EOS M (not bad - the 22mm pancake is a lovely lens), but it's not quite there for me. I'm not averse to buying used cameras, trying them for a while, then moving them on if they don't suit, so I'm not afraid to take a a punt here. My only doubt is whether I'll regret not having the flexibility of interchangeable lenses offered by the XE-2. I know there are some Fujifilm users here, so I'd be grateful for your thoughts.
  4. horace

    SOLD: Impulse H2

  5. I've spotted this, which looks very good for the money: https://www.cyclesurgery.com/p/marin-nicasio-rc-2018-Q3214219.html?colour=103 I'd obviously want to sit on it first (though the frame is my size, which bodes well), but would be grateful for your thoughts. It ticks most of the boxes, including hub gears (though with a chain rather than a belt). Would work out exceptionally cheap with my cycle to work discount on top. Also worth mentioning this one: https://www.cyclesurgery.com/p/marin-fairfax-sc4-2018-Q3214221.html?colour=2157 Rather different to the first one, but generally well thought of, as far as can see. Also cracking good value. Cheers.
  6. horace

    SOLD: Impulse H2

    Ah, that's a pity - would have been ideal.
  7. horace

    SOLD: Impulse H2

    Just seen it - reply coming your way shortly.
  8. horace

    SOLD: Impulse H2

    I really can't reduce the price any more, but I am open to swaps. I'll consider most things other than speakers, so don't be afraid to make me an offer - you never know.
  9. Thanks guys. Will keep you posted.
  10. horace

    SOLD: Impulse H2

    Still here.
  11. Thanks Amormusic and Parcelmonkey - I now have a much better idea of what's what. I spoke to Cycle Solutions (again) to ask why so many of the bikes on their website are out of stock. It transpires that the 2020 ranges will be released quite soon, so I'm going to wait and see if I can score a bargain on a 2019 model. I'm 5'6", which would seem to be right on the margin between a small and a medium frame size. That being the case, is there a consensus as to whether it's better to go for small frame and adjust everything upwards or a medium frame with everything adjusted downwards? Cheers
  12. Thanks, much appreciated. You prompted me to look more closely at the way the scheme works, and I don't think the Cycle Solutions website explains it very well. It turns out that I can buy the bike from another retailer from the list on the CS website (there are about 8 shops listed in my area), but I'd have to submit the price quote to Cycle Solutions who would then do the admin side with my employer. I'm not sure how heavily discounted bikes fit in, but will phone CS tomorrow to clarify the whole process. I think a budget of about £800 for the bike seems sensible, as it leaves money for accessories. I've found two bikes with hub gears and belt drive within my budget: Cube Hyde Pro (£799) and Marin Presidio 2/3 (£700/£850). If you have any thoughts about those, I'm all ears. In line with your comments above, some of the local shops are advertising some heroic discounts on last year's/ex display (etc) models, so I might well chance my arm and see if a bargain can be had. Examples: https://www.cyclesurgery.com/p/cube-ex-demo-ex-display-hyde-race-2017-Q3214324.html?colour=3595 https://www.startfitness.co.uk/outlet/bike-clearance/cannondale-2017-quick-2-mens-hybrid-bike-blue-c31257m20.html https://www.startfitness.co.uk/cycle/bikes/cannondale-2018-bad-boy-4-mens-hybrid-bike-black-c33407m10.html https://www.startfitness.co.uk/cycle/bikes/scott-2017-sub-sport-10-mens-hybrid-bike-grey-249783.html Cheers
  13. Wow - thanks for taking the time to post that, it has really helped. I've set a budget of about £800, which becomes nearer £500 with the tax break applied. The Cube Hyde Pro seems to tick all the boxes (on paper, at least), and a local shop has stock so I'll go and try one out. I'm definitely going to need mudguards (and a rear rack would be very handy), so I will follow your advice and negotiate over the accessories. A suspension seat post sounds like a good idea. Well, plenty to think about. I am sold on the idea of hub gears and belt drive - in my youth I used to dread messing with a derailleur. Mind you, I only had cheap ones. Many thanks for the advice.
  14. A bit of digging reveals that I can in fact look at bikes in a selection of local shops, so I'm not limited to the ones on the Cycle Solutions site. A few that have caught my eye so far are the Marin Presidio 3, Cannondale Bad Boy (stupid name) and the Cube Hyde (the variant with belt drive). It seems that most manufacturers offer several variants of a given model, with the base one starting at (say) £500, and the more expensive ones offering extras such as hydraulic disk brakes etc. Plenty of retailers in Newcastle, so I'll go and check a few out and see what feels comfortable.
  15. I'm 5'7", so a medium frame will be fine for me. I've just hit 50, and am realising that no further weight will come off without some effort! That Orbea looks great value, but apparently bikes with sale reductions of over 12% can't be bought via cycle to work scheme. I did look for a bike with a belt drive, but the only one I could find on that site was the Marin Presidio 3, and that's out of stock. the last bike I owned was a Raleigh racer. That was a very, very long time ago - I can remember being awestruck that it had twelve (yes, TWELVE) gears. Wow - impossible... I was only about 12 myself...