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  1. Chris Packham: Asperger's & me

    Probably particularly in this hobby, and I suppose any other that involves ludicrous levels of idiocy, I suspect we are all somewhere significant on a scale of Asperger's and autism. Not to mention OCD. That all, of course, assumes there is any such thing as 'normal'. I know one or two 'normal' people and they are the most boring, awful individuals you could ever hope not to meet. I am mostly pleased not to be normal. Most of my pals are abnormal to some degree and some are extremely so. Thank f**k for that. I don't do beige.
  2. Seeking amp advice - New to vinyl system

    Part of me agrees, but part disagrees. Project Phono box or similar can be picked up for peanuts. A cheap turntable is not necessarily a bad thing. Add a £50 cartidge, and you've got a front end that will surprise with its ability. I'm often tempted to go back to basics, because there is some serious performance to be had for relatively little money. By comparison, we are chasing the dragon half the time, spending ever increasing insane money on things that actually make very little sonic difference. Like that a lot. That would make very pleasant sounds indeed.
  3. Brain teasers

    17 is correct, unless you are counting the individual fries.
  4. Brain teasers

    This is definitely the correct answer.
  5. Otway and Barrett last night

    Amazing. I had no idea they were still alive, let alone gigging. Last time I saw them was in north London about 40 years ago and and at the time I'd have not put a bet on them lasting more than 12 months. Bloody fantastic show though. Wonderfully insane.
  6. The Protégé of SERGE

    Single-ended and horns are not Sergeness I'm afraid. These are the spawn of the anti-Serge.
  7. Guess the album cover

    You couldn't make it up could you?
  8. Seeking amp advice - New to vinyl system

    You may want to keep it small, but you are going to limit your options seriously if you make that a priority. There is always a way to arrange things so even relatively large kit does not look out of place. That said, sorry but I have to disagree with Dave on one point. I would never, ever advise placing a turntable on top of anything other than a sturdy support or selh, and definitely not directly on top of an amplifier for various reasons: heat and electrical interference being the main two. As for the rest, take your time, browse, read the assorted chaos spoted here, but definitely look to go down the second hand route. It will demand much more research, but basically you'll get at least three times as much bang for your buck.
  9. Ruark Prestige

    Only one: The Strain, Bonzos.
  10. Digital cable question

    BP DAC appears to have a standard wired connection. I would use the RCA out into the similar RCA input on the Border Patrol. The oiptical will work fine, but received wisdom is that the straightforward connection is better.
  11. Cartridge Choice

    I can. I don't think the 103 is a rusty old nail, but I do think it can be substantially improved on. However, that's just my taste. I find the 103 a little too 'in your face' and lacking in really fine detail. I also don't particularly like the bass, which to me always seems a bit congested. Each to their own. With a decent stylus (done here) it is no way a poor cartridge, but at the price range in mind here, and bearing in mind the presentation I like, I think you could do massively better.
  12. Any doubts about attending the 2018 Scalford show will be dispelled by the opportunity to hear Abraxis in quadrophonic.
  13. Do you have a Favourite Jeff Beck Album ?

    'Performing this week', the live at Ronnie Scott's gig. IMHO, one of the best live recordings ever, and one of the best bands as well.
  14. I fondly remember listening to Mike Oldfield in quad in your Scalford room. Enormously enjoyable sound.
  15. Delicate Sound of Thunder reissue?

    Much the same. I've got at least two copies of most, but like you, Delicate Sound of Thunder and Pulse I only have on CD (and DVD for Pulse). It will simply have to be done.