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  1. A switch-mode power supply is a switch-mode power supply. Buying an uprated one is like getting a better version of herpes. They all have the same inherent issue, which is feeding stuff back into the mains. There is, I'm sorry, no such thing as a better SMPS. You could certainly look at a linear supply, and for £50 I'm sure you could find something suitable.
  2. rabski

    Living voice IBX r3

    Lovely, but too much.
  3. rabski

    Forum old wives tales

    The old wives tale is that ESLs, in particular ESL57s, are a capacitive load. They aren't.
  4. rabski

    Forum old wives tales

    Henry, I'll happily debate this with you, because you have both knowledge and experience and I respect your abilities. What I'd like to see is the entire circuit you prose for this experiment. There has to be something powering the primary, because a capacitor on its own would obviously do nothing. A transformer needs some AC input.
  5. rabski

    New PMC Twenty 26 a tad light

    Jesus people. I really don't think anyone is actually suggesting rolling a cat into a ball and throwing it against a wall. There might be one forum member that would benfit from the idea, but please, take a chill pill.
  6. rabski

    Forum old wives tales

    More to the point. You cannot just run a transfomer without some sort of power to the circuit, and that rather changes things.
  7. rabski

    Forum old wives tales

    No. It's not. Please can you show the circuit, because as expressed I cannot get what you are suggesting.
  8. rabski

    Your Top 5 Bowie Albums

    You make some serious assumptions my dear.
  9. rabski

    Forum old wives tales

    Load of s**t.
  10. rabski

    Forum old wives tales

    Please give it a rest. OK. You're right. Everyone else is wrong. Now please do what I've suggested. Learn the basics. Read Morgan Jones and others. Then come back and debate based on knowledge, not quotes. My last reply on this subject. I'm getting enormously tired of this.
  11. rabski

    Tiswas v Swap shop

    Stop it. Oh lord I remember that...
  12. rabski

    Forum old wives tales

    I would go for knowledge and experience, rather than picking things up off the internet. The internet is full of utter rubbish that claims to be proven, but usually is totally crap. If you want to support an unsupportable argument, you'll find 'proof' for it on the internet somewhere.
  13. rabski

    Cartridge impedance matching

    This is a subject I adore, and anyone trolls this, their posts will be dead. Nope. MC carts do not 'have' to be used with an SUT. I have heard some sound magnificent through a high gain stage, and others sound better using a transformer. I really think this is one place where subjective is of equal importance. Once you get the gain and loading correct, everything else is down to how things sound.
  14. rabski

    Alfa Romeo

    Alfas like Lancias are fundamentally sound. The trouble is, the fundamental sound is usually that of money going down the drain. I'm an unashamed petrolhead. Always have been. Therefore, as any petrolhead, I've owned a few Alfas. They have always been incredible to drive and a nightmare to own. Late night blasts down country lanes, listening to the spine-tingling wail of the V6 right on the rev limit. Balanced by early morning, freezing cold, waiting for the recovery truck. Those days are gone. Too many speed cameras and too many idiots.
  15. rabski

    Cartridge impedance matching

    I understood what you said. However, inductive load on a low output MC cart is important. Using a transformer can cause as many issues as it can solve, but it's not necessarily the wrong answer.