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  1. David Wright ‘Ultimate’ preamp

    When I was looking at some pre upgrades, I did investigate the Dueland Cast silver caps. IIRC, it would have come to around £15k for the caps alone in my pre. I'd love to hear this, but it would be pointless as even a lottery win wouldn't put me in the region where I'd spend that. Good luck though Keith. The world needs people who simply say 'make the best' and without that approach, it would be a worse place. It's how and why we have Vox Olympians among other things. A desire to make the very best possible without compromise. I can't afford to do that, but I admire and support the premise.
  2. Diving, dear boy. And that does not include the word 'muff'.
  3. Apologies already given and I was absolutely gutted to miss this, but all the self-employed among us know what it's like. Frankly, hi-fi is fun and an escape, but there are bills to be paid and clients waiting. Lurch (bless) was up at five to get there. If it's any consolation (it isn't to me) I was on the computer a 6am working and eventually gave up about 9pm. This morning was the same, as will be tonight and the whole damned weekend. And I didn't get any lasagne. And on top of that I missed Jack being the thoroughly lovely person he always is, and Steve taking the piss over my lack of recent underwater activity. Next time. I sincerely hope, because it looks like I missed a good'un.
  4. Only goes to show. Frankly, I think Steve DiStanislao is an utterly superb drummer and at least as good as Nick Mason. I've seen him live with Gimour three times and he's held the whole thing together spectacularly and with delicacy and real style. Each to their own.
  5. You all know what I'm going to suggest. ART amplifier? Living Voice. Add an ART Vinyl One and that's a system for life. YMMV.
  6. Speaker cables

    As someone who used to be a 'believer' but had proof otherwise, I would generally agree, but would be slightly wary of mains cable. Some does actually have some unworthy electrical characteristics. Whilst most is OK, there is no reason to not use any decent OFC copper or similar. Maplins and the like offer stuff that is extremely cheap for what it is, and you can then stop worrying about it. For what it's worth, I use Maplins 4mm OFC copper and it does the job perfectly.
  7. Upgrade Turntable or purchase a record cleaner

    To an extent it does depend, of course, on how much vinyl you own. Nevertheless, if you have more than a handful of older vinyl, I think a cleaner is possibly the best investment ever. I put one down on my 'big birthday' list a few years ago, and my lovely Mrs gifted me an Okki, together with plenty of chemicals. Since then I've played with various mixes and accumulated a pile of stuff. I would not be without it. It's noisy, fiddly and time consuming. But then there's the occasion when you clean something you haven't played for 30 years and it suddenly sounds better than it ever did. You cannot polish a turd, but sometimes you get an LP and the difference is really surprising.
  8. Bullshit George. That's like saying getting your leg broken is fine because it could have been your neck. Gilmour can still be brilliant, but a lot of Pompeii is not as good as it dhould have been. Especially as Gilmour is usually incredibly fussy about everything. As for X Factor. If you turned it on by accident, you are slightly forgiven, however, admitting to carrying on watching it?
  9. An audiophile restaurant?

    And another bloody gripe, which really gets on my nerves. Why is the '£' symbol so abhorrent to some people? Grilled cheese and ham is 8.75. Does that mean that I get eight and three quarters of it? Or does it mean you are so embarrassed by the prices that you think leaving out the £ will somehow make it better?
  10. An audiophile restaurant?

    Rule number one with a website. Make sure the links are accessible. The main site does not have a working link to the menu. The link posted above, does. But you can't get to it from the original link posted. FFS. It's not that hard...
  11. An audiophile restaurant?

    This. I love music and a decent system, but if I go to a restaurant, I'd like some idea of the food on offer please. Seems not too much to expect. I f****g hate this sort of crap. Publish a website for a restaurant, put in a link to 'menu' and then don't show any food at all. Sometimes, I really despair at the utter ineptitude. Forgive me, but it would appear to me that if you are running a restaurant and have an online presence, a 'menu' should actually give some sort of indication of the food available. Maybe I'm being silly. On the other hand, maybe I just think that when people don't attend to the absolute basics, there's a reason it will go tits up before long.
  12. 100% I actually like the backing singers, but the arrangement was way too OTT on some tracks. Why can't they leave stuff alone? They didn't improve it, they spoiled it.
  13. Mixed feelings about all of this. I have Live in Gdansk on vinyl, CD and DVD and they are probably the absolute peak. However, I have the Pomeii on blu-ray now, and Rattle That Lock is stunningly good. A much-anticipated 200 mile round trip to watch it with pals in the cinema was frankly disappointing. Dynamics were awful, it was far too quiet and the poxy backing singers and that dreadful keyboard player wrecked it for me. They are all doubtless great musicians, but they didin't and don't suit the music. We cannot bring back Rick Wright, but Gilmour said he'd never play echoes live again without Rick's input, so I find it tricky to understand why he's effectively doing stuff that is just as bad. On the other hand, Anne gave me my birthday treat a couple of years back to watch him live in Tienen (her home town in Belgium) and it was utterly spectacular. He has always been so pernickety about quality in every way, so please David. Don't become another McCartney and go on. Similarly, I have seen Clapton live about fifteen times now, the last was the Albert Hall last year, and it was crap by comparison. Obviously the income is important, but I don't think either Clapton or Gilmour are on the poverty line, so please guys, time to pack up.
  14. What are you listening to right now?

    Not on most peoples' list, but definitely on mine. I think it's a magical work. Utterly mesmerizing in places.
  15. Glad it's not just me. BBC used to be excellent in terms of transmitted sound quality, but everything I've watched lately has been very underwhelming. For those who remember, Old Grey Whistle Test used to provide sound quality equal to anything else at the time. Currectly, the BBC output seems overly compressed and seriously lacking.