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  1. rabski

    Best Saturday night upgrade...

    Buy the cheapest vodka and just neck the entire bottle. System sounds wonderful.
  2. rabski

    Cable Elevators - Experiences

    I feel a little unwell.
  3. rabski

    Dedicated radial main (pt 2)

    Now, we need to talk about that bottle
  4. rabski

    Dedicated radial main (pt 2)

    I could grow to dislike you. People will learn. It's a good thread with lots of sensible information, so really should stay. And stay open to sensible comment and questions. We do try to be very light with moderation.
  5. rabski

    Dedicated radial main (pt 2)

    My damned patience is really running out here.. The whole point, which apparently I HAVE TO MAKE YET AGAIN. Is that it is all irrelevant. Nobody cares what may or may not be 'legal' or within or outside of Part P and other regulations. It breaches the AUP. END OF STORY
  6. rabski

    Dedicated radial main (pt 2)

    You need to come and listen to mine then. Pass the favour on
  7. rabski

    Dedicated radial main (pt 2)

    Bloody wish I was there The point is so simple, that we really should not need to continually have to remove posts and re-state it. No matter what anyone's opinion of the current regulations are, we cannot permit any post that suggests in any way deviating from them. You might think they are dumb. In many ways I might well agree. However, that's beside the point.
  8. Like him or not (and I actually do not), everyone needs to read 'the blind watchmaker'.
  9. rabski

    Dedicated radial main (pt 2)

    Thread left. At the moment. People have sensibly commented regarding the AUP and mains and we have had to remove posts, yet again. To make it prefectly clear. We do not care about anyone's opinions about what may or may not be legal or accord with current regulations. Quite simply, it is nobody's place to make any such comment here.
  10. rabski

    Cable Elevators - Experiences

    No fear of that mate. I'm holding a beer. Before long, I'll be clutching a pillow.
  11. rabski

    Cable Elevators - Experiences

    OK. Proof please. Proper, peer-reviewed, evidenced proof about how lifting a cable off the floor can have any effect whatsoever at audio frequencies. A simple request, the anwers to which I much look forward to.
  12. rabski

    Cable Elevators - Experiences

    Well, naturally the manufacturers of 'multi-blocks' will recommend their use. Why would they not? So. You have a triple-shielded cable, but there will be some effect on the signal by having it closer or further away from the carpet? I seem to have fallen into an alternative reality where the basic laws of physics no longer apply.
  13. rabski

    Cable Elevators - Experiences

    You all carry on
  14. rabski

    Dedicated radial main (pt 2)

    This I totally agree with. Mains wiring into sockets can and does deteriorate over time. Similarly, taking apart, cleaning and re-connecting every part of the syetm can have a seriously large effect.