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  1. It means that there are very few people who can imagine how, considering what it actually does, an ethernet cable can affect 'sound' in any way. And ever fewer people who can imagine how a fuse can do so either. However, if you think they can, and you can hear a difference, who is anyone with any knowledge to contradict. Go ahead. If it makes you happy, that's what this is all about.
  2. rabski

    Valve amp questions...

    1. Online manual as Nick says above states that the bias measurement is from a jack plug, so you need a plug and it will have a positive and negative connection. Don't just stick a probe in the hole, or you'll possibly short it out. 2. A multimeter doesn't need a battery to measure voltage. 3. The amp will need to be on to set bias. There won't be any voltage otherwise. 4. 845 tubes are pretty robust electrically, but surrounding circuits may not be and 845s run at very high voltages. The bias being a little out is very unlikely to do any damage and 845s tend not to drift. Unless you're certain about what you're doing, I'd personally suggest trying to find someone who is.
  3. rabski

    Garrard 401

    That plinth falls into the 'cannot be unseen' category.
  4. rabski

    High End 80’s Kit - ‘Barn Find’

    To be honest, much as some of that lot definitely has the 'want' factor, the words 'damp' 'ten' and 'years' do not bode well. Apogees are not renowned for being simple to maintain or re-instate, and damp would be a disaster. Factor in the cost of moving some relatively heavy kit a long way, and none of it really makes that much sense. I suppose if you can get any of it for peanuts, it's worth a try. However, it probably cost the owner a great deal of money at the time and I think you're more likely to offend than succeed. Mind you, why not? If you do get any of it, I'd check visually for any obvious damp damage, and power up with a variac and some dummy speaker loads.
  5. rabski

    Rolling power amp input valves - is it worth it?

    Incidentally, I had (and built and modified) a Transcendent pre-amp and the designs are very good. Amusingly under the circumstances, you'll see from the Transcendent forum that Bruce Rozenblit (the designer) is definitely NOT a fan of tube rolling, or any component swaps for that matter!
  6. rabski

    Rolling power amp input valves - is it worth it?

    Generally, always check on t'internet for any valve specifications and only use ones that are identical. As mentioned above, this can really matter for heater current, as many designs spec power supplies for heaters quite marginally. Look out for operating voltages too, as many supposed 'drop-in replacements' arte anything but. As for signal tubes, there are hundreds of alternatives out there. Some make a surprising difference, but only some tubes and only in some circuits. I have had more than a few bits of valve stuff over the years, and some were almost immune to swaps. When buying, unless you have extremely deep pockets, stay clear of the big-ticket NOS stuff lurking on the web. Things like gold-pin Telefunkens are 'worth' such insane prices, that fakes are all over the place, and more so tubes that are out of spec or hideously microphonic. For modern replacements for 12AU7 and 12AX7 I'll forever bang the drum for my favourites, respectively the JJ Gold Pin ECC802S and ECC803S. They also now do an E88CC (6922 equivalent). These are under £25 a go and I've found them close to some of the best NOS stuff. And bear in mind that my daft collection includes some 'holy grail' Telefunken ECC803S for comparison.
  7. Without an AV receiver/processor, what mb suggests seems the only way, unless I'm missing something.
  8. Thanks guys. Probably 'suck it and see'. TV will be a couple more weeks (waiting to see what happens to prices come New Year). Although I've got the receiver and UHD player, I'll wait to set the whole lot up in one go. I could run everything into the TV and use ARC into the Denon, but most reviews highly rate the Denon upscaling, and as the majority of our viewing will not be from 4K sources, that's a significant factor. Also, running all the sources into the TV means Chromecast thing, Bluray, receiver, Virgin box and laptop connection. That's a lot of power and HDMI cables up the wall. I'll experiment with WiFi. We have a very fasrt cable connection and a very fast router. My desktop here is connected via wireless and I'm getting over 170mb download speed even at peak times. The AV setup is in the room directly under the room with the router, so it might be OK. Running a wired connection is less than ideal, as it's going to mean running a cable up the outside wall and some hole drilling. Not out of the question, but I'd rather avoid it if possible.
  9. About to embark on a fairly major upgrade without going insane. Based on assorted advice, shortly arriving will be a Sony UBP-X700 4K Bluray player and a Denon AVR-X2200W receiver/processor. In a few days, we'll also be upgrading to a 4K 'smart' TV. The whole lot will be operated (I hope, correctly) by the Harmony One remote I already have. The Logic website suggests all devices are fully supported. Issue is simple. I want to stream at least Netflix 4K. All the devices seem to have the ability to connect via wifi and support Netflix. I obviously need to use the receiver to power speakers, but what's the best way to route it all? My logical head says feed all the sources to the receiver and use the receiver HDMI out to the TV. Use the receiver to stream and keep it simple. Does this make sense? Moreover, will the Harmony One allow all the Netflix commands, etc. for the Denon?
  10. rabski

    Gordon Welford Pre

    Probably sold, subject to the usual 'if they actually pay' stuff. This is one I will probably regret forever. Needs must.
  11. rabski

    Gordon Welford Pre

    I'll cover the difference. I'd much prefer collection in person.
  12. rabski

    Gordon Welford Pre

    No PM recceived yet. Please send again or sort out.
  13. rabski

    M2 Tech

    USB to digital converter thingy. Basically, converts USB to proper digital. Much loved and superb, but now not used. Needs a DAC, of course. They were a fortune new, but £80 seems about the going rate. £5 Royal Mail signed for. Collectio welcome. Kettering, East Mids.