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  1. I love the soft tones in that. Not over-saturated, sharp where it needs to be.Beautiful image.
  2. What is the problem with boxes? I love the flexibility that comes with it. I have a three-box phono stage (which ironically I don't use at the moment) an SUT, a separate one-box phono (not currently in use also) a two-box pre, a power amp, a pair of monos, some solid state amps, two DACs and assorted other bits. Why? Really that is the question. Why? More boxes generally means more ease in accommodating other things in the system.
  3. Exactly my thoughts. A number of companies under that umbrella are involved in car audio and other OEM stuff. There must be something patented that Samsung wants. Quote "Harman recognises the value and potential of Arcam’s people, technologies, and brands, and we expect the combination will deliver growth opportunities and benefits to our customers". Bullshit frankly. The 'brands' aren't known outside the entusiast market and unless I've missed something, Arcam's technology is no different to anyone else's. There is some brand loyalty and doubtless a customer base, but I can't see Samsung buying into that unless there is more to it. Anyway, it's not a bad thing I suppose. Without it, they'd probably have gone to the wall in a few years. Maybe they simply sold for peanuts (the buyout price is not mentioned) to avoid the inevitable.
  4. Booked a while back. Saw him at Albert Hall and my 60th treat was Anne booking to see him live in Belgium. Her town of birth where the family is quite well known, so we were not treated badly. Utterly amazing performance and how they managed those SPLs in a residential square is beyond me. Glad they did though....
  5. One more that's under 5mb Both Pentax K5 with DA 35mm 2.4.
  6. Not added one for a while, but went out with papa a while back to Wrest Park, this is one from the day. Loads more, but I'll have to link outside, as they're too big.
  7. Excellent John. Exactly what I need. Many thanks.
  8. These days I actually print very few pictures, but there are a few I'd like. My hideously costly A3 Epson has died and won't feed paper properly, and for the few images I'd like to produce physically, I can't justify the cost of a replacement. Anyone got any suggestions for a decent online service? I've looked at a few, but most seem a bit flaky. None (surprisingly) of the local camera stores offer a printing service, so some recommendations would be appreciated.
  9. Never heard a pair of ARTs I didn't like, but I do find the aesthetics a little challenging. Nevertheless, that's a superb system.
  10. DQ

    For anyone who does not know, Daniel Quinn has suffered a stroke. Regardless of any forum issues, he has a family and a young child, and this is a dreadful thing to happen to anyone. I send him my personal wishes for a full and speedy recovery and I hope to be arguing with him again before long. I hope that all here will join me in sending his family our positive thoughts.
  11. Stick with whatever you are comfortable using. The image quaility is irrelevant. I had Canon DSLRs and some decent optics and I never got on with them. No idea why, but I just could never get it right. Swapped to Pentax stuff. I currently have a K-5 and some decent lenses. It works perfectly for me. The controls seem intuitive, I can set focus the way I want (easily) and I usually now get decent shots. I came from film stuff and have used medium format a lot. I genuinely struggled with Nikon and Canon DSLRs. Just about anything from an iPhone upwards now has the technical ability to capture a good image, so it really is down to what suits you and what works the way you like it to. For many (if not most) that's Canon or Nikon, but not me. You can hire stuff at a very reasonable price, and a lot of places will lend you things to try. It really does come down to what 'feels' right.
  12. The real issue with earthing rods is that they should NEVER be connected to mains earth. You could potentially (forgive the pun) end up grounding all the users on a local network and trust me, that would not be fun. If you really must (and there is no reason to) then attach signal grounds to an earthing rod as long as they are in a balanced configuration and isolated from chassis earth. Totally isolated. Ham radio enthusiasts do use earthing rods, but to ground specific sections of RF devices. Not ever, ever, to add to or link to chassis or mains earthing. The real truth is that there is no reason for this at all. It's playing Russian roulette for the sake of perceived differences. Earthing is there for a fundamental safety reason and the electricity supply network operates in assorted ways to ensure safety. Bypass that only if you live alone, are far away from other houses, and have a death wish.
  13. I use Capture and Photoshop, but the latter is an earlier paid-for version. I will not use cloud because I consider the pricing method an utter rip off. I may not be getting the most from it, but to me, Capture is brilliant at batch processing, whereas PS excells at processing individual images. I'm afraid I don't get Lightroom. I'm sure I'm probably missing something, but I don't find it flexible enough.
  14. Ah, the wonderful 'bolleaux' joke. Psychology or philosophy cannot, with respect, change the effect of DC offset on mains. 'I think, therefore I am', said Descartes, but he too would have been upset by a humming transformer.
  15. Unisis at that price would be a no-brainer frankly. Alternatively, if it proves impossible, then £4-500 would buy a seriously good tube integrated and then hide one of the little Pro-ject phonos round the back. I have one here. No, it doesn't match a good SUT and phono, but it is really surprisingly good. More than enjoyable and very small.