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  1. I've got Amazon Prime, but after the free trial, HD would add another £12.99 a month to the £7.99 Prime already costs. What with Netflix and all the rest, I'd need to justify to myself the outlay, and to be honest I can't. £12.99 a month isn't the point, it's just that I wouldn't end up using it. I don't have enough time to listen to all the stuff I've already got!
  2. No problem Alan. It'd be pointless for me to end up with the lot, because I can only fit two on the second rack, and the other rack is the larger shelf size. Anyone else interested in the others?
  3. Please keep threads clean in the classifieds. Discussions etc. belong elsewhere or by PM.
  4. I could definitely use two of those, but I don't really need four (or the glass one). Would you consider splitting? Or possibly is there anyone else here who could use a couple? If the latter, I could maybe organise collection and post.
  5. As per the very few rules for the classifieds, please add a photo of the actual item and a location. Thank you.
  6. I used to use one of the hefty Isotek transformer-coupled conditioners. I believe it had a similar DC blocker.
  7. To an extent Keith. However, a transformer is not the most efficient way to get rid of DC. It obviously depends on the extent of the problem, but the DC will affect a 1:1 transformer in exatly the same way as any other. The worst condition is under low or zero current load, when a transformer is most susceptible to DC, when even a small amount can cause a significant partial saturation. Basically therefore, the isolation transformer will be as susceptible to mechanical buzzing as anything downstream. The bigger the transformer (in terms of current capacity) the worse the issue, as the resistance is lower. Therein lies the problem. A small transformer will work OK, because the winding resistance is higher, but a small transformer won't be suitable for isolation of power amps or the like, which are also the most likely to be affected in the first place. A capacitor on its own will block DC and pass AC, but a suitably large value capacitor capable of handling the voltage is impractical. The best possible method uses diodes, capacitors and a couple of resistors. I won't give the circuit here for obvious reasons
  8. You will, as some lunatic made me a mod Glad the career is good. I must try having one some day.
  9. Lovely Belgian, tick. Still around, tick. Wine? Alas, no longer
  10. Which reinforces your point. You need to know what the problem (if any) is before trying to address it. DC offset is a contributor to transformer saturation and mechanical buzzing. It will not be cured by using a transformer
  11. A quick Google image search suggests not.
  12. I suspect most of us had figured that out...
  13. Might work for Keith's bass bins. However, the phrase 'cone excursion' would be likely to take on a totally different meaning.