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  1. Regardless of any real or perceived differences in sound quality, the sheer pleasure of a physical medium does it for me. I think vinyl sounds better than digital, but I don't care to measure it. The act of putting an LP on the turntable, cleaning it and then listening is part of the overall experience. Streaming, no matter how good the quality, just doesn't give me the same buzz. It's not about sound quality, but then to be honest, most of this hobby isn't. You can have the best quality imaginable, but all the pleasure is removed. Sorry, but I'll take my distorted vinyl source, my distorting tube pre (though not, in fact) and my hideously distorting (wonderfully so) tube power amp. And I'll enjoy listening. I do download and stream stuff, but not to the extent that it sucks the life out of the experience.
  2. rabski

    Boys and their Toys.

    Absolutely this. I need 48 hour days. Being semi-retired, I just can't figure out how I ever managed to get things done in the past. There is never, ever enough bloody time to do anything now, and the list of things that needs to be done increases far faster than the time available in which to do them.
  3. rabski

    Boys and their Toys.

    I really get this. Anne had to ask me last week what I wanted for my birthday. To be honest, the only things I could think of were a bottle of aftershave or a Ferrari. Only one of which was practical. I currently have way too much hi-fi equipment, way too many LPs and CDs, way too many cars (don't ask) and to be honest, more than everything I really need. By far. I think what I really yearn for is time. Time to sort out things that need sorting out. Time to do things around the house and garden. Time to relax. Time to listen to at least a small proportion of my LPs would be a start...
  4. rabski

    What's yer bits'n'bobs?

    I love it! Given the space and the symetry though, I'd have gone for an even bigger screen. Fantastic room though.
  5. rabski

    Do I still need a valve preamp?

    Whatever works together, for you, is what works. I have hosted just about every combination here. Some have been good, some have been awful and some have been utterly stunning. Often, it's the unexpected. When I was reviewing stuff, I had the Oavation High Fidelity 1501/1701 combination here. All solid state and looking at specs, with my vinyl front end and Living Voive speakers it should have been average at best. In fact, it was one of the best combinations I have ever run. Detailed, massive soundstage, clean bass, stunning instrument placement, subtlety, yet enough knackers to rattle the roof. I have eqaually had some all-tube pre-power combinations that left me utterly cold. Flat, boring, nop de[th to the sound etc. Overall, for what it cost (which was not insignificant), my fugly Gordon Welford pre will go with me to the grave. Short of utterly ridiculous stuff, it remains the best active pre-amp I have ever come across. The nest stage here, I suspect, is to finally wavre goodbye to the 845 power amp and try some reasonably hectic solid state power.
  6. rabski

    Guess the album cover

    Sadly, I am about to abandon ship and bugger off to Wales for my birthday. Someone else will have to take this, but I'll post one after the weekend when I;m sober enough!
  7. rabski

    what classical music are you listening to now ?

    Please make it go away.
  8. rabski

    Guess the album cover

    This is the first one in years that I actually recognise, because I have it. And not least, because I was playing it a few days ago. The Kinks. Kinda Kinks.
  9. rabski

    Summer Cars

    The history is quite interesting. Volkswagen (people's car) is frequently associated with Hitler and the Nazi regime, but it's not that simple. The fundamentall design stems from much earlier and ironically took much inspirationfrom the Czech Tatra. This to the extent that VW paid Tatra a substantial sum of money in the 1960s for what was effectively copyright dues. Hitler was always seen in public in Mercedes. Although (partly) designed by Ferdinand Porsche, the Beetle was actually only produced for public sale under British management after WW2.
  10. rabski

    Summer Cars

    Nor do I really disagree with you to be honest. I get misty-eyed over more than a few 'classic' cars, but I'm afraid the original Beetle is not one of them for me. The camper van, I get (I originally wrote 'the camper I get', but I knew where that would go). That's an icon to me, and still practical and fun, though not without rust and reliability issues, it has to be said. And they're as slow as hell. There's an early Beetle convertible locally with a 'for sale' sign in the window. From a distance, looks lovely. Pale blue with a brown hood. Get up close and it's a different story altogether. Rust all over the place. Apalling repaint, and loads of trim either manky or missing. Price? £7950. Looking around, that's not mad pricing for the market, but it is for me. The 2004 one runs like clockwork and apart from the daft folded roof (I absolutely agree with you) looks good. It owes me (us) about £1500, though a major service and cam belt change added a fair lump to that. I might just keep it. No idea what, but there is something about it that's just fun. Most of my driving these days consists of being stuck in traffic jams on the M6 or A14 roadworks, so anything that lifts the spirit a little is worth it. I can enjoy the same in the SAAB, but somehow, although mightily slower, the Beetle is in some ways more enjoyable.
  11. rabski

    Phase inversion

    Exactly the sort of response I would have expected. I did not conduct failed tests, nor have I ever done so. I have conducted more than a few tests under controlled conditions that have proven some things do not seem to exist. That is not failed tests, that is successful tests, but producing the results you do not agree with. I have posted many times here the results of properly conducted tests which refute, with proper evidence, some of the daft claims that have been made, and not necessarily by you, before you take that personally. By contrast, you told us what speakers and amp were used that 'showed the difference', but have provided absolutely zero evidence of any actual difference apart from the 'fact' that you heard it. You have given possible explanations. I accept those with an open mind, but that does not mean I necessarily agree. It is pointless carrying on with this. You are perfectly entitled to your point of view, as I am to mine. I don't 'disbelieve' you. I have no doubt you heard what you heard. However, you continually accuse me of 'sneering', when all I have done is to suggest that you have no evidence to support your suggestions. And you still do not have. I don't pretend anything. I have no need to. If you feel you have no need to provide proper proof of anything, then simply state it as an opinion, which I have no issue with. To state it as fact, however, I do not accept.
  12. rabski

    Summer Cars

    Ah, but then 'iconic' is an odd word really. Something becomes iconic not through inherent worth, but through other means. I am more than old enough to not only remember the first generation Beetle, but to have owned and run a few. They were, not to beat around the bush, utter crap. Most had absolutely no performance at all, the ones that did soon exposed the lethal handling flaws. Mind you, they did at least have the decency to self-destruct both mechanically and by rapidly turning into iron oxide. They rusted worse than Lancias ever did, which I suppose is a tribute to VW's marketing in that they got away with it. The mechainicals were apalling. Unnecessarily complex and an utter pig to fix. No. The new one is not an icon. It's built on Golf underpinnings, so it's relatively reliable, handles resonably and doesn't disintegrate into a pile of rust at the first sight of anything wet. I'm pragmatic about cars these days, and after many years in the motor trade in a past life, I see things somewhat differently and without rose-tinted spectacles. I'm happy to take a slightly less 'iconic' car that's quite fun to drive, reliable and looks reasonable. I see that now 'original' Beetles have attained classic status, and people are asking utterly insane money for pieces of shit that are rusty, unreliable and handle like Bambi on roller skates. Thank you, but no thank you. Icons are things you stick on the wall in churches.
  13. rabski

    Summer Cars

    I really couldn't give a toss mate. I know it's crazy and I know what you mean. If I want to rag it, I've still got the SAAB, which is also a convertible and was originally ramped up to over 300 brake. At 160000 miles, a few of the horses have left the paddock now, but it's still not slow. None of which matters. Driving that stupid beetle is quite simply fun. That's something I'd forgotten.
  14. rabski

    Summer Cars

    A very long and messy story, but we have somehow acquired out youngest daughter's beetle cabrio. I'm selling it, but in the meantime I've been cleaning and detailing it, and to be absolutely honest. much as I should hate it, I really actually quite like it. It's fun. Obviously deliberately designed to sound a bit like the old flat four, it handles and corners surprisingly well. It's retro and daft, but it does seem to bring out the best in people. I have never, ever driven anything else where so many people smile at you and let you out of side roads. That in itself slaughters journey times. I can't help but smile when I drive it. And yes, it's got the original flower in the vase.
  15. rabski

    Phase inversion

    I did document mine. I have tried it more than once and heard no difference. I have also done so under controlled conditions with other listeners. Still no statistically evident difference. You, as usual, choose to regard that as some sort of personal attack. Further, 'double blind nonsense'? Strange that it is an accepted methodology in many if not most scientific disciplines. However, your ears are obviously the ultimate test. Except, you offer no proof, documented evidence, or anything other than hearsay. And insults. As always, I have done my own tests, whereas yours seem to be purely based on whay you claim to have heard, mine have been conducted properly, under controlled conditions and with a panel of listeners. Result? As above. No statistically evident difference. I find it quite strange that you immediately go on the personal attack yet offer no evidence whatsover to support what you suggest. When anyone offers evidence to contradict your world view, it is always a 'knee jerk reaction', 'flapping your gums'. You have documented your experience? Documenting your personal experience does not in any way at all constitute scientific proof. All it means is that you've stated your belief.