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  1. rabski

    Roon 1.7

    Have to agree with this. No company ever is somehow obliged to continue an existing pricing model for new customers, either logically, commercially or even ethically. Unless I've missed something, if you already have a lifetime sub, then nothing changes. If you don't, but you want one, you have to pay more than people did in the past. How is that unusual?
  2. Classifieds rules please gentlemen. Discussions, offers, etc. by PM, not by posting on the thread.
  3. Not that I am a 'believer' either way, but you are all aware I presume that 'blind testing' or 'unsighted testing' does not normally mean wearing a blindfold. It merely means that the items being compared are not visually identifiable.
  4. I coudn't, but that's because I use it for business. apart from that, it's pleasure, not necessity. I wouldn't expect or think it reasonable for the government to provide free broadband, much as I wouldn't expect them to pay for my TV, radio or music. That said, I haven't seen the details. Is the suggestion that it will be free, or that it will be nationalised? There's obviously a major difference.
  5. I wouldn't class it as one really. To be fair, how much of our fast broadband use would (outside of business) be genuinely considered a necessity?
  6. Don't try and get clever. You aren't capable of it, and it will end in tears for one of us. It won't be me.
  7. I'm sure you did. Probably, so did Frank about your comment. You see, Frank is a fairly unassuming sort of person, who is not in the least arrogant and full of his own self-importance. Unlike some people posting here. He also understands more about proper engineering than most people here put together.
  8. The UK is the only major country in the EU that has a privately owned and operated rail service. And unsurprisingly, it has the highest prices for rail travel in the EU. By sometimes vast margins. Do you know that the prices are so low in Luxembourg, that next year they are dropping all charges completely. That's right. Rail travel will be free. In fact, as I believe will be all its public transport. I am not at all sure about the idea of nationalising broadband, because what will you actually nationalise? The ISPs as well as the network? That's going to be anything but simple, especially as many are incorporated in their entirety with other operations. How would you, for example, tackle Virgin Media, when the packages usually provide broadband, TV and telephone all via the cable? Rail and utitilities, however? Yes please. Privatising the rail network has been a disaster for everyone except for the companies that own it. Plus, whoever thought up the great idea of having different companies running different parts of the same service deserves an 'untimate dumb arse' medal. Three companies running one service means three times the profits, and the profits have to be generated from the fares. Insanity. Same for electricity, gas and (especially) water. Total lack of investment in the infrastructures, basically because why should they bother? There's nothing delusional about it whatsoever. However, if by some miracle we do end up remaining in the EU, things will be slightly complicated by the EU's Fourth Rail package, which will effectively mandate some private involvement in rail. But only at a small, localised level.
  9. Should work fine though, as it has a 'per-amplifier' built in
  10. Regardless of the content, although I certainly don't disregard it, what an absolute pleasure to read something well written. I'll have a better read of the content later, but I certainly find the emphasis on timing of interest. Rather backs up what many of us who believe in both measurements and listening tests have always stated: that measurements are only appropriate if you are measuring the right thing, and measuring part of something and claiming it tells the whole story is poor science.
  11. Moved this to 2-channel, where it might get a reply.
  12. People rarely sell 845s once they're sorted and running well. That tells you all you need to know. Papa Laz, ex of this parish, has a Mastersound that was tweaked a little by Coco and IIRC he's had it for longer than I've been a member here. I've had mine for years. 805s are an alternative, as are 211s. Fundamentally, large directly-heated triodes have a lot in common in terms of how they sound, though the implementation in terms of the circuit is quite different. I've heard the URs, but then I've heard various 845s and they are all quite close sonically. There have been a few rubbish ones, but they don't seem to last long because people improve them or use them for parts. They are ridiculously inefficient and they throw out ludicrous amounts of heat. The latter can be an issue in terms of siting them. Mine usually kills two adjacement houseplants a year thanks to the heat output. Frankly, if I'd never heard one or lived with one, I wouldn't have given one a second glance based on the specifications. But it would take something more than serious for me to think of parting with mine. Even if I went deaf, I'd still enjoy looking at the glow.
  13. Definitely. Although most or a lot might fall well outside budget, anything from Puresound, Audio Innovations or Primaluna will be decent. There are many others and I'm sure you'll get recommendations galore, but those come to mind immediately. With the Far East stuff, the problem is not inherently quality, but total inconsistency. Some have lots of decent components, good build quality and a few small issues that are an easy fix. But from the same 'manufacturer' you can find horror stories. Generally, they can be a great way to get into the world of valves, but it's a gamble and most of the time they won't sound anywhere as good as they potentially could.
  14. Lovely shots of the goldcrest keith. We have had a family of them in the garden for many years now and each generation seems to get just a little tamer. They're real little characters.
  15. Maybe I've been unlucky, but I've heard 370s in two different systems and I really wasn't impressed. To my ears, a bit bloated and indistinct and muddy top end. Maybe just bad matching. Similar to your comment, might just be me though. As to the two above, I refer the right honorable gentleman to my earlier comments. Or to put it more succinctly, neither