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  1. fordy

    FS: AKG K702 headphones

  2. fordy

    FS: AKG K702 headphones

    For sale is a mint boxed pair of AKG K702 headphones. Bought on PFM just a few weeks ago. They are about 2 years old but the previous owner used them just a couple of times, as have I so i doubt they are even run in really. They still have the original packing cellophane on the cups! My new obsession continues and after a rush of buying, some consolidation of the rapidly expanding headphone stash is in order. I’m looking for offers close to £85 plus post for these.
  3. Room is 6x5 metes I think. Any offers for the bank holiday weekend?
  4. I bought one of these a couple of months ago (with the same arm) and am delighted with the performance of it. I’ve had umpteen Linns and PT’s and SP10’s and currently a TW Acustic Raven AC3 and the Voyd is indeed in the big league. By the way I know where new armboards can be sourced for most arms.
  5. For sale are a nearly new pair of Grado SR325e headphones. Just a couple of months old, boxed and as new. They are not even run in as they only have about 20 hours on them. These have a vitality that most headphones miss out on and are a joy to listen to. I went a little further up the Grado tree and that is the only reason for sale. £190 + postage.
  6. Still available at only £2000.
  7. fordy

    For Sale

    What on the NAP is completely loose? The circuit boards are meant to wobble a bit on these. Cash on collection from where?
  8. price drop to only £2000 for the weekend.
  9. Still here waiting for a reasonable offer from a committed bargain hunter prepared to travel.
  10. Surely someone must pair this with Lurch's OL deck. What a marriage!
  11. bump for the weekend