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  1. Any offers on this excellent tonearm?
  2. Absolutely mega tonearms. One of the very best in my experience.
  3. I’ve finally had a bit of time to put the FR64fx on the Voyd. First thing to note is that the FR64fx is very heavy and it took a bit of work on the suspension to adjust it level. I shudder to think what fitting an FR64S would be like! Secondly , the armboard was cut for a 231.5mm S2P but I’m struggling to even get Stephenson alignment with the cart slung all the way forward as far as it can go. Funny buggers these FR’s with alignment sometimes. Anyway before I faff about with different carts and headshells I thought I would give it a listen. Wowsers! Where did all that detail come from? Maybe there is some kind of synergy here but there is just so much more information coming at me. It’s going to take a bit of tweaking to dial it in to satisfaction but it’s a hell of a start. More to come.
  4. SOLD is a Naim NAP 150x. I've owned this for about a year. Great power amp in partnership with a CD5/112x/FC2 that I've greatly enjoyed but an upgrade forces sale. There are a couple of scratches on the top plate but that's all. Looking for £375 including UK delivery.
  5. For sale is a pair of my beloved Proac Tablette 50 Signature. I've had two pairs of these for a very long time now but must stop hoarding things I am not using and so 1 pair must go! These are a lovely premium Birds Eye Maple finish. They are in great condition for their age and have their original boxes and biwire jumpers. One of the cabinets has a scuff centre of the top edge. The other has some dings on the rear corners and down one of the rear edges. There is some degradation of the foam around the tweeter. The drive units are in excellent condition. They are overall though in very good condition and sound superb. I did buy some Tablette 10 Signature's last year and only kept them a week. Although they had slightly better resolution than these, they had no bass at all and were very hard to listen too, they were sold on straight away and I reverted back to my 50 sigs. These Tabs do give a very full and well rounded sound and to my ears best the latest version. They are very versatile too having used these with many amps, systems and rooms over the years including MF X-150, Naim Atom, 72/140 and 112x/150x, various EL34 and 6550 valve amps, Denon home cinema, Marantz PM15, Avondale S100 and others I've probably forgotten about. These Proacs have always given a very good account of themselves on all of these systems. I'm looking for £450 posted in the UK. If anyone wants to collect from Wirral I have some suitable Atacama stands that I would be prepared to sell with these for a nominal price.
  6. For sale is my Helius Orion II tonearm. I received this when i bought my Voyd and the arm is in excellent condition. I'm moving further up the Helius range soon so this is surplus to my needs. The tonearm was fitted with Audionote silver wire (AN-VX I think) from tags to plugs from new. Needless to say this is a superb sounding tonearm. I have a proper tonearm box for shipping from Audio Origami to keep it safe. I'm looking for £475 delivered in the UK.
  7. these could be in your listening room by Sunday and you'd be all set for the hifi season :-)
  8. Bump from the depths. I’d be interested in p/ex swaps on a pre-amp with balanced out for these Tannoys.
  9. Love the angle on the big horned beasty Les. Wonderful.
  10. I presumed the rehab would be being taunted by lettuce while pounding away on the treadmill but there was no sign of lettuce! Actually it was very educational and after 12 weeks I came away fitter than I’ve been in 30 years. Sustaining it too with a much healthier lifestyle and attitude to food.
  11. Good to hear you are OK Richard. I had a serious heart scare earlier this year and came very close to a quad-bypass. Long story but stents have done the trick for now but it’s put the fear of God into me. Hope the recovery goes well.
  12. A couple of iPhone snaps worked up in Snapseed from recent months
  13. This is my standard rosewood Voyd which I initially received with a Helius Orion MkII. Actually a very nice combination with the Shelter cartridge but I immediately was on the hunt for other tonearms to try I already have a couple of FR64 (S and fx) tonearms to try and have read that these may be an excellent partner to a Voyd. I'd also picked up an SME V that was looking for a home and recently acquired a Helius Cyalene that requires an external rewire. I contacted SJS Acoustics and Simon made me a couple of armboards for a reasonable price. They are really well made and superbly finished so it was well worth going this route rather than bodging something myself. Here is the FR one. Once I'd got used to the sound of the Voyd/Orion combo I installed the SME. I've read very mixed reviews on the Voyd/SME combination but to my ears and the system that this player sits in, I find it superb. Bass and timing are standout and I've got improvements in imaging and a finer detailed top end compared to the Orion. One watch out though with a 9" SME is that the standard Voyd cutout for an SME is based on a 10" and when using a 9" SME the sled is all the way forward. Although I could get the alignment I needed, I was right at the end of the adjustment with the cartridge used. I think a 10" SME was really the intention for that cut out. I'll be spending a bit more time with the SME before moving on but will try an FR64fx next and eventually will sort out the Cyalene's wiring situation.
  14. Have you got your PSU back yet Chris? Hope you are up and running by now :-)