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  1. fathers day present to yourself?
  2. bump. There has been lots of interest in the Proacs but I'm not splitting this set yet.
  3. Hi folks, I have for sale the following Naim system that I would like to offer as a complete system initially. The set consists of: Naim CD5 - SN 175xxx Naim NAC112x - SN 214xxx Naim NAP150x - SN 228xxx Naim Flatcap 2 - SN 196xxx Proac Tablette 50 signature in Premium Birds Eye Maple with stands All in good condition and with all relevant cables included. This is a really well balanced system with significant synergy in my room and it would be a shame not to at least try to let someone benefit from it as it is. I'll leave it on here for a few weeks before I think about splitting it all up. I'm looking for £1600 which is a significant saving on what you'd pay for all this on eBay. Auditioning and collection welcome.
  4. offering these at £1900 now
  5. fordy

    Rogers LS55 speakers - any experience?

    I owned a pair of these back in the day. I think they came from a time when Rogers was sold to a Hong Kong company in the early noughties. They were on silly special offers in the big box shifters at the time. They are budget chipboard floorstanders built to a price. Nothing special unfortunately.
  6. fordy

    FS: Grado SR325e headphones

  7. A classifieds rule is that all items must have a price and location stated. Most of the Hifi forums are the same.
  8. fordy

    FS: Grado SR325e headphones

    Bank holiday bump
  9. fordy

    FS: Grado SR325e headphones