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  1. jkbmusic

    A Rats Nest of Cables

    Inspired by Mike's post (Yoda900). Never mind a "Panel of experts", "a band of musicians", or an "audience of listeners". Show us your "Rats Nest of Cables".
  2. jkbmusic

    What's yer bits'n'bobs?

    I agree, but I hope you realise, I had to go back and have another look . Better still, I've had an idea for another thread for a while now. Watch this space .
  3. jkbmusic

    Boys and their Toys.

    I think being Sheik Yerbouti with seven wives might have been the answer. Several to delegate all the unpleasant and tedious jobs to. Sex every night if you want it. Different cooking styles to experience. However, seven lots of nagging might be too much to bear.
  4. jkbmusic

    Boys and their Toys.

    Exactly!. After all, what the hell are you going to do with aftershave. Now the Ferrari sounds fun . "Time and tide wait for none", is the obvious proverb, and as "I get older, loosing my hair" is now past tense, rather than singing about the future, "When I'm sixty four" . I've always tried to do as much as I possibly can, in the time left, but find the more I try do do, the less time I have to do it. My mind tells me to do one thing, and my body tells me to stop trying to be a young sprog, and act your age, not your belt size .
  5. jkbmusic

    Boys and their Toys.

    I have always liked the saying "The difference between men and boys, is the size and value of their toys". With this in mind, it's always nice to see what the "Boys" have bought with their hard earned cash, or been given as Christmas/Birthday/Fathers day presents. The "What's your bits and bobs", and "The last album I bought was" are good examples. However, looking at fellow wammers possessions and experiences, there must come a time, usually late in life, when you realise you've got all the Hifi, Albums, Cameras, Sports Cars, Motor Bikes you are ever going to need or want. You also decide you've had enough of the Holidays in far flung, exotic places, and the Cocaine snorting parties with nubile porn stars . So what or where do you go next?. Sink all your ill gotten gains into Bitcoins, and watch them devalue by the second. Give everything you own to the nearest corrupt charity?. Join a monastery?. Emigrate to the Antartic?. What's next for the Boys with Toys?.
  6. jkbmusic

    FIFA World Cup 2018

    I enjoyed the first half hour, but after that the game was ruined by the biased ref. How Kane didn't get awarded two penalties defies logic, after the very doubtful one awarded against Walker. After that, the Tunisian team showed how dishonest they were at trying to con the officials. Roll on to the next match
  7. jkbmusic

    What's yer bits'n'bobs?

    Size isn't everything though
  8. jkbmusic

    Three Words Daily

    Durex specs faulty
  9. jkbmusic

    Three Words Daily

    Tatties with eyes 👀
  10. jkbmusic

    one word daily

  11. jkbmusic

    Three Words Daily

    My crocodile shoes
  12. jkbmusic

    one word daily

  13. jkbmusic

    Three Words Daily

    Stop messing about
  14. jkbmusic

    Guess the album cover

    Ok, my excuses. The World Cup doesn't finish till the 15th July. My ipad is too slow. The dog ate my homework. Please sir I forgot .