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  1. Welcome to the Wam. Sorry for your hearing loss, but glad you are still able to appreciate the music. I had a similar revelation when I was fitted with hearing aids to both ears. It was as if I had been listening to music via noise cancelling headphones. Then after being fitted, I could hear many things on albums I had probably not heard for years. It took some getting used to, but was worth it. I think the neighbours might appreciate my music listening at a lower level these days . Dont forget to update your profile details.
  2. Back on topic, the last album(s) I bought this week was this Steven Wilson box. I wish I’d been there, the accompanying brochure with the Indian dances looks brill.
  3. 0-0 draw, with England going through after penalties.
  4. jkbmusic

    NHS Advice.

    I suppose it would be difficult .
  5. Vinyl is for Hot Rats, CD is Hot Rats Sessions consisting of 6 CDs. https://ultimateclassicrock.com/frank-zappa-hot-rats-sessions/