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  1. I’m delighted that they found the money tree that had been hiding all these years?
  2. Where Brexit is concerned my opinions are objective, where yours are demonstrably subjective. But against my better judgement I ignore P.T.F’s most excellent advice.
  3. Thanks for your post Michael, Ron’s was so conflated I was stuttering with my ability to comprehend where he was coming from, and where he was going to, all I could fathom was it was pure shite 🤮 Apologies to Sunbeam, it was his post I was referring to.
  4. I refer the right honourable gentleman to the statement I made earlier.
  5. It all goes over your head Ron.
  6. That’s bollock’s Julian, why wouldn’t they want a bit of the capitalist cake, it’s not like they are not worthy, or sick on too rich a diet for their working class roots, the problem with the scheme was the government's insistence that the money could not be used for new council housing stock. You have a very weird idea of socialism, I think you don’t actually grasp that socialism isn’t one immutable ideology stuck in a cul de sac.
  7. Don't see many complaining who brought their council houses at give away prices due to Thatcher's right to buy policy. And in the area of mining towns where I come from ,most of the people who brought their council houses where miners and labour supporters. I’m finding these two statements baffling, exactly what is being suggested here?
  8. I would agree with much of that, Blairs credo of everybody going to university resulted in lower standards and an expectation of lazing about in an office on a huge salary, and whiling away the evening in a wine bar discussing Porches. But I do find the heaping of blame for the ill’s of this country on one end of the political spectrum galling, that people cannot hold their nose and vote this appalling government out is disturbing to me. Suddenly the Tories have found the money tree ( the same money tree that the Tories said wasn’t available for Labours agenda) hidden these past ten years, strangely just in time for an election, money that had it been invested over the last ten years in the more deprived areas of our divided society may have meant a more contented population that could have avoided the Brexit divide which will surely mean further painful division. Its no good saying accept the vote, it’s far too close for either side to accept, one side see it as liberating, the other debilitating, Its a fucking mess and all that’s happening is each side blaming the other and ending up with everyone up to the nostrils in shit.
  9. Not going to debate our relative levels of childhood poverty with you Ron, but being born in 53 post war britain, I did have a mum and dad and six brothers and sisters in a shit council flat with two rooms and a lavy in the garden, no rickets in our house though because a socialist Labour government brought in the NHS, so loads of orange juice for me, I did have underwear but don’t remember many changes, so no I wouldn’t joke if I had been brought up in the leafy west end, but where you see socialism as a prime cause of your suffering, I see them as the saviour of mine.
  10. Should have seen the ole in the ground mum and dad and my six brothers and sisters had to call home.
  11. Recognised yourself? Yes, half and half, and as far as I can manage the better half of both, been many years since I worked for the man, and like many on here, I would guess, I have paid my personal and company taxes, done my bit as an unpaid tax collector too since the inception of VAT, as for altruism I’ve not kept a diary, since as a socially leaning humanist, didn't think I would need to produce one. Kindest regards, ジョージ
  12. Oh’ dear it seems we have another sanctimonious twit in our midst.
  13. Well, Corbyn did, back in the day, she was bit of a looker then.
  14. It’s fine lads, Electro had just listened to the Trump Farage interview on LBC, and he has reassured me that Trump has no desire to interfere in our NHS, now he had said differently in the recent past, but Electro is positive that they won’t make it an issue in our future GREAT and easiest trade deal ever . Incoming... Trump doesn’t like Boris’s deal, could pose problems with the Trade deal.