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  1. TigerTiger


    It’s going to be a double whammy though, the USA has huge unsustainable debt, have a gander at usdebt.org Trump is banging in the last nail, there are no fiscal manoeuvres left for most western economy's, its going to be very very bad, probably far worse than 2008. Asia and china will be hit too, but they are fiscally pretty sound having rebuilt their economy and banking systems around actual cash, and will be quick to recover, the west on the other hand....🤮
  2. Jim Clark, he would take a car out, it might understeer or oversteer, the brakes might be a bit snatchy, but he would do a few circuits pull into the pits and the mechanics would ask him if he needed anything adjusted, no he would reply, he would drive the car understanding it’s limitations, that’s skill.
  3. Definitely not prickish, but I knew a butler, who told me the story of Stirling and his wife being invited to dinner by a his people, he presented a box of chocolates to her ladyship, it had been opened and two chocolates were missing, but he was good company apparently. Andy Murray is in there but so too are many others, suppose it depends on what enthuses you, Hamiltion is surely a great driver, but it's team and car + driver, for me it has to be individual or at least a team reliant on pure skill and fitness, and there you have practically every member of the 66 world cup team each in there own way were the best in the world at the same time for a couple of weeks.
  4. TigerTiger


    Lovely bit of booing for Boris today as he met our own glorious leader, he ignored them obviously, smiling and waving just like Trump, he will point out the huge crowds cheering him on as he sets out the pittance of a bribe for the poor people of the province.
  5. Course he will clothy, he’s a genius, Ivy League education, knows more about astrophysics than any man alive or dead, he’s got paper, crayons and everything, all the words and stuff, sleeps just three hours a night, so make it two, job sorted. You seriously underestimate the the sheer drive of the man, Ivanka will obviously get the contract for the space suits, hell he’ll do the Moon via Mars, he’s that good I tell ya. He’s even got a plan for getting rid of all the piss😐
  6. No..it’s merely smaller, the first one is around a meter + more strings. But proportions are better.
  7. Thanks, here’s another, spot the difference, and my personal favourite.
  8. Can’t play a note on anything, but spent 20 or so years building these things for people who can 😂
  9. Tend to agree, if I run a Primare transistor amp through my 1007s then I get fatigued very quickly, however my Copland Vave amp makes them sing for hours. It doesn't help that for over 20 years I listend through AR3a's, hell of a change.
  10. I guess his suspension was unloaded at the point he hit the brakes which won't have helped, besides he took that corner too fast, If he knew the road, even sillier, he should have been braking into that bend in anticipation of loads of nastiness including the road dropping like it does.
  11. He sounds like a complete turd, in this interconnected world and as a professional cyclist he should have known it's the law to have a front brake, its nearly 50 years that I first had a fixed gear bike, and even my mother knew that, admittedly she was a club cyclist. And yes you can stop quicker as I remember.
  12. This unholy alliance with the DUP may go down as one of the blackest periods in modern British political history.
  13. Putting aside the political stance of the standard, I would have hoped that the party, that caim to be the only party capable of negotiating Brexit, would have enough strength in depth to allow Mrs Rudd to take a few days off.