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  1. Pots and kettles........
  2. You are just talking crap then really aren't you? Just have a look at the manufacturers fixing specs. Carry on I'm out.
  3. Dry fix are used a lot these days, but if you look at the picture (if you know anything about roofing) you will see that these are (very badly) bedded and there are no fixings in the end hips.
  4. If the ridge slide down the roof and hit someone he might wish he had. All it needs is the bottom ridge tiles taking off, hip irons fixing and ridge bedded back on.
  5. Marantz PM4 + Impulse H6, £650 ish + Garrad 401 = Jelco 750L, AN IQ (used) should come in at around 2K. This of course is my system so I would say that, but it is one of the best sounding set up that I have owned at any price.
  6. Any cheap brush will remove fluff, the vibrating magic eraser removes any accumulated clag too.
  7. I think there may be too much movement with the toothbrush, the razor just vibrates. A "personal" massager might work
  8. I have a stylus cleaning device which was made by Thrunobulax (late of this forum). It consists of a piece of magic eraser mounted on the body of one of those vibrating (Wet) razors, you hold it to the stylus and switch it on. I believe a very similar device was marketed by Audio Technica?
  9. It's a pleasure, if there's anything else I can help with...........
  10. An LP12 sounds by far the best when the arm lead stops just short of the phono stage/amplifier, IME it makes a massive improvement to the enjoyment of the experienced.
  11. That makes far more sense than anything Chumpy has ever posted.