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  1. Simplifying

    I was going to disagree but I'm downsizing my system and my other half is expressing relief.
  2. Simplifying

    Have you noticed the increase in threads related to simplifying or reducing system size? Seems to be a trend.
  3. Time To Look At The Nikon D810?

    But would you spend £3.5k? I don't think I could when the 810 is £2k less and a proven, bug free package.
  4. If I were to ask one company to build a system for me, Michell would be in the top three.
  5. Random image of the day 3

    I Care About My Hair by HectorHughMunro, on Flickr
  6. Random image of the day 3

    Local adjustments to the background. Basically, I darkened it and slightly blurred it. The trick is to do it in a way that isn't fake. The other trick is to get close to make the most of the natural bokeh. I'm working hard with my people shots but these aren't going well on Flickr at all!
  7. Random image of the day 3

    Looking Back by HectorHughMunro, on Flickr
  8. Time To Look At The Nikon D810?

    It's a significantly more powerful camera. I just don't need 2/3 of what it does.
  9. Random image of the day 3

    Good bokeh.
  10. Random image of the day 3

    Still learning Capture One. It takes a lot longer than Lightroom but the files are gorgeous. Shopping With Her Friend by HectorHughMunro, on Flickr
  11. Arcam Solo Movie 5.1

    I'll be using Dali Helicon 400 in stereo. I wanted the 2.1 version but could not find it. The rest of the stereo has to leave the house before I start plugging it in should be a few weeks. My first impression, before switching it on, is that it is a well built piece of kit.
  12. Arcam Solo Movie 5.1

    My TV isn't 4K so it works for me. I'm selling three full systems and I'll live with this for a while.
  13. Arcam Solo Movie 5.1

    Down to £800 at Sevenoaks. Just bought one this morning.
  14. Is a Fuji X-T2s in the works!!

    It must be a while away unless they're thinking of selling that side by side with the X-T2. They're struggling to produce enough of the X-T2. Same image quality but with IBIS and an shutter the quality of the A9 would be enough for a lot of people to upgrade. The current T2 is still class leading.
  15. How do you get your head round downsizing the hifi?

    I'm just about to make the move to a small system. The only things that I'll be keeping are the Dali Helicon 400 speakers. The thing that really triggered it was my one of my power amps going and I swapped in a little Monitor Audio A100. £100 and it's actually good enough. Half of it is going in auctions this week and the rest will hopefully go in the following weeks.