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  1. HectorHughMunro

    High Quality 320kbps streams for all BBC radio stations

    Agreed, Sounds is a complete dog of an app. It seems to be an attempt all of the BBC Radio channels in to a single interface and it has no Chromecast support. It also only supports new versions of iOS so anyone using an old iPad just as a radio will find this to be obsolete when the BBC makes the change. The old app is far preferable. Sounds is pretty but form and function don’t aligne in this case.
  2. HectorHughMunro

    Random image of the day 3

    Good story and frames.
  3. HectorHughMunro


    Not as good as TheFlash, mine is a favourite writer and my avatar is a portrait of the same man. Hector Munro wrote under the name of Saki and was one of the great writers of short stories. The Wam is a well read group of people and several people here have recognised the reference.
  4. HectorHughMunro

    CD mats- WTFoo?

    I actually tried it. Couldn’t hear a difference.
  5. HectorHughMunro

    Random image of the day 3

    London Portrait by HectorHughMunro, on Flickr
  6. HectorHughMunro

    Feb 14 Releases

    A lot of new releases today. A cheap full frame Canon, another Fuji APSc. This though, is the one that is calling to my wallet;
  7. HectorHughMunro

    CD Alive and Well?

    My most used CD shop is Oxfam. I can imagine a resurgence in CD. Streaming on anything other than Bluetooth seems to be going backwards. Every time we get close to a standard, like Squeezebox and Chromecast Audio, they get discontinued. CD is massively compatible and easy to use. It is also due a hipster renaissance.
  8. HectorHughMunro

    Anyone here used an original Canon EOS M?

    Well, the thing with reviews is that they don't cope well with significant software updates. It's very true of Fujis and quite true of the early Canon M. I think I remember there being a significant software release for the first M that improved the AF. The sensor is basically an EOS 650D so it's moderate for it's age. It should feel like a step down from the M50 but vs a camera 'phone, it's going to be preferable. The M50 is something I'm watching. It's a good camera that is already cheap for what it is and could go very cheap indeed when it is superseded by the next model.
  9. In an ideal world, I would rather have gone Nikon mirrorless but it’s at least a generation or two from being a finished piece of work. For the moment, the Sony has been a good decision for me. I’m not keen on the ergonomics but the number of missed shots has been fractional and there’s a further upgrade due in April. Admittedly, I’m tending to favour it for use with the 16-35 which focusses easily. In the end, the ergonomics and the technical ability to design better lenses with that larger flange bode well for the Nikon and Canon systems.
  10. This is remarkable. So well deserved and done without a camera.
  11. HectorHughMunro

    Random image of the day 3

    Further Above The Clouds by HectorHughMunro, on Flickr
  12. HectorHughMunro

    Random image of the day 3

    That’s impressive. Can you actually get up the Scalpel as a member of the public?
  13. HectorHughMunro

    Don McCullin

    He’s undoubtedly on of the greats but I find them tough to look through. It makes you realise what easy times we live in now.
  14. HectorHughMunro

    Random image of the day 3

    Thanks. What a shame you didn't - I'm sure it would have been good to see. Despite the newer cameras, I'm still principally working with the X-Pro2. This is a reflection in a ceiling panel that I flipped in Capture One. Ceiling Reflection by HectorHughMunro, on Flickr
  15. HectorHughMunro

    Random image of the day 3

    No Plan B by HectorHughMunro, on Flickr City In Fog by HectorHughMunro, on Flickr