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  1. HectorHughMunro

    Laskys and Tandy

    This was all pre internet when you could only have things that were in shops that you could get to! For me, it was Lasky’s and Comet. Lasky’s sold me my first pair of Hi-Fi ‘speakers; AR18LS ex dem with no grilles. I think I used those for a decade.
  2. HectorHughMunro

    Random image of the day 3

    Brick Lane Types by HectorHughMunro, on Flickr
  3. HectorHughMunro

    Sony A7/A7R

    Nope, they do cashback body only for UK stock. You definitely don't have to buy a lens. I believe Panamoz is UK based but grey market. https://www.sony.com/articleimage/servlet/servlet.FileDownload?file=0155F000007XRlEQAW For an A7, it's £150.
  4. HectorHughMunro

    Random image of the day 3

    Aphid by HectorHughMunro, on Flickr
  5. HectorHughMunro

    Sony A7/A7R

    Because if you go grey market, they match the second hand prices or just about shade above; https://www.e-infin.com/uk/item/2671/sony_alpha_a7rii_mirrorless_digital_camera_body_only https://panamoz.com/digital-cameras/sony/sony-alpha-a7r-ii-ilce-7rm2-mirrorless-digital-camera-body-only-pal.html So, if an A7Rii is £1,100 used, grey is £1,109 for E-Infinity or £1,175 Panamoz (I prefer Panamoz but have used both) and that will have a clean sensor and probably more of a guarantee. Buy it on a credit card rather than a debit card and it is even more the case. Personally, I think the A7Rii is an excellent camera. Cash back is of use to you if you want UK stock as it applies to bodies not just lenses. If you go grey market, this doesn't apply. There is no live view as such for the Sony. If you've heard an early A7, it is noticeably louder than the last DSLR that I owned.
  6. HectorHughMunro

    Sony A7/A7R

    Me too. I have one of those for landscapes. I have to say that I’d buy new rather than secondhand. The original A7 is only £650 after cash back and the far superior A7 mk2 is only a bit above that. That’s without going grey market. Those original cameras were typical first generation. Very loud shutter, some worried that vibration could be an issue at low shutter speeds. Focussing is pedestrian and there is viewfinder lag. As a system, yes the older bodies are cheap and very good value but there are few cheap FE lenses and not a huge choice second hand. Of course you can go adapted.
  7. The half case really makes a difference. I got mine as part of the package with the T3 in Asia. I wouldn’t ordinarily have bought the case but it handles much better with it on. It’s almost like the Graphite in colour isn’t it? Much nicer than the steel and black. XT30.
  8. https://www.behance.net/gallery/81150419/Dutch-Silence-I Worth a look. I enjoyed immensely.
  9. HectorHughMunro

    Stirling LS3/5a 11 ohms - Matching amplifier advce

    There is actually a LS3/5a community on Yahoo. The consensus there is to place in free space away from walls (ie not how the BBC did it). For stands, IFDesigns Tallis were the gold standard but these are not manufactured now and change hands for silly money but if you’ve tried them, you’ll understand why. Foundation Designer II are next on the list; these are particularly prized in Asia where they weren’t able to get the Tallis. After that, open frames like the old Linn Kan stands or Something Solid XF. LS3/5a are more stand dependent than other, larger BBC ‘speakers. Partington Dreadnought are also well regarded.
  10. As I'm not otherwise a massive lover of her work so I'll probably actually wear it rather than keeping it as objet d'art. I saw someone selling one as secondhand because someone had written their name on the strap. It was Liebowitz's signature.
  11. I really hope you enjoy it. Talking about art, I’ve got one of these coming to me in the post. Untitled by HectorHughMunro, on Flickr The photos are very Leni Riefenstahl/Olympia. It’s signed by Annie Liebowitz. I like it though Liebowitz isn’t my favourite.
  12. HectorHughMunro

    Advantages and disadvantages of pre/power over intigrated

    After years of pre/power, I realised that I’ve neglected integrated amps. The advantage is that you know the pre and power are (should be) perfectly matched. I wonder if we make the sound worse as often as we improve it by putting together diverse pre and power amps.
  13. Not shiny and only new to me, this is excellent. Most of it falls within the Camerawork style of photography. Almost all of these pictures were unknown to me and as a work is absolutely beautiful. I bought it for £3 at Oxfam but it can be had for £8 delivered secondhand from Amazon.
  14. HectorHughMunro

    Stirling LS3/5a 11 ohms - Matching amplifier advce

    I’ve got a pair of Stirling LS35a. An easy drive. I was using mine with a Leak St20. They work particularly well with valves. Amp matching was the easy part. Finding the right stands and positioning was what took time to get right. The position and stands are basically the only things to fix the treble. Stands can be transformative, unlike other larger BBC ‘speakers. I enjoy mine massively but agree LS3/5a are overrated in comparison to contemporary ‘speakers like this BC1 or SP1. I certainly prefer Stirling to vintage LS3/5a.
  15. HectorHughMunro

    Adverts on BBC

    The news problem has become a big issue for them. They’re not reflecting the the generality of the population and they know it. They have tried to work on their neutrality but they are so far from the population outside London media grads that it isn’t working. I think advertising is pretty close.