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  1. If you don’t want to spend much, Audioquest Beetle for about £100. Alternatively, a normal DAC and a Chromecast Audio will do most of what Bluetooth does but sound better.
  2. It was decent kit. I owned one of the DACs. I wasn’t thrilled to see Schifter convicted of charity fraud and had I not already got rid of it at that point, that would have triggered me to sell. The current DAC market is way in advance of where Perpetual Tech was then. Chord Mojo and IRDac for instance are really several steps above that. Mothersky, I thought Dan Wright’s response to you was very good. I’ve also dealt with him and found him helpful.
  3. I can’t help directly but I wonder if Modwright has the answer as they used to modify them. http://www.modwright.com Honestly, I would buy something else if the repairs cost more than about £200.It was good for the money in its day but that was a while ago.
  4. I think Sandwich 250 might be Rank period (I’m sure I’ll be corrected) and not that collectible but still might be enjoyable for small money. If they were under £150 and in a charity shop on my high street, I probably would try them. The Leak ‘speakers I like best are the very biggest and the smallest. The Leak Mini Sandwich is great as is the 3090. If I had a 3090 in new condition, that might be a destination ‘speaker for me. Unfortunately, there are probably fewer than half a dozen in that condition in the world. The problem is that the bargain classic Hi-Fi of our youths is now almost sixty years old and collapsing.
  5. It actually happened to me and I didn’t take them.
  6. I wish I’d known these; High end second hand beats What Hifi 5 stars. Silver is not as good as really well made copper in audio cables. If someone offers you a mint pair of Leak TL12.1, for £800, take them even if you’re going to default on the rent. Integrated amplifiers are not always a bad idea infact the reverse is often true, Above a basic level of competence, digital cables are a poor investment. Don’t trust musician‘s opinions about hifi. They only listen to their own instruments. Be ruthless and only keep one system. 90% of the ability of your system is determined by the ‘speakers. Small insensitive speakers are a compromise. At the first sign of unreliability, fix it and sell it. Highly technological products have a life not much longer than their guarantee. Don’t sell that Quad 99 system; it’s better than the three following upgrades.
  7. She should definitely make a 50. My list was a very cut down 15. Amateurism is fine. Hardly anyone other than wedding photographers are making a profit these days.
  8. You may be able to interpolate the image up to something a bit bigger. It depends on the picture. Roughly 14”by 9” maximum, I’d say. Very image dependant.
  9. Stieglitz is an interesting one. He’s my biggest photographic influence but I think his greatness is as a critic and an editor. It’s why I went for Steichen instead.
  10. Cartier Bresson. No explanation needed, he is the only photographer with the quality and breadth to make it. Alfred Eisenstaedt. Beautiful work. Darker than HCB. Fan Ho Bill Brandt. Despite his German heritage, a very British talent. Stands above the genre. Edward Steichen. Links photography with abstraction Robert Capa. The greatest war photographer. Cecil Beaton. Deeply underrated. Man Ray. Like Brandt, stands above genre. Diane Arbus. Extraordinary depth of quality. I went to an exhibition of her work and there were rooms and rooms of photographs that were of the quality that many achieve only once in their life. Julia Margaret Cameron Don McCullin. Second greatest war photographer but defined the memories of my generation. Inge Morath. Greater talent than her husband. Leni Riefenstahl Weegee. Original and unrepeatable. Horst P Horst. Amazing fashion photography. I’d go with this for my top fifteen. I can’t do fifty.
  11. I do love a window seat shot; Looking Down Like God by HectorHughMunro, on Flickr
  12. Have you tried Silverprint? https://www.silverprint.co.uk/ I used to use them but now I just get commercial prints from Bayeux or ThePrintspace.co.uk and don’t bother with a printer. It works out cheaper for me because I print so rarely and I want archival quality when I do.
  13. They have gone up in price quite strongly since the Mk1. I have two Mk1 which did yield a difference on a Beresford DAC and a Squeezebox Touch. At current prices, the MCRU one looks more interesting.
  14. No, it’s very good at what it’s designed for. It also helps if you isolate it a bit. I think it’s at its best with Spotify and internet radio. I think it can trip over on higher resolution music, more in terms of it being buggy. It’s a terrible shame that they didn’t develop it further.