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  1. IanS

    For sale: Inspire Eclipse SE V2 12 TT

    I'm very interested. Pm sent
  2. IanS

    Apogee Scintillas

    I've been lucky enough to hear these in situ. Awesome sound. Excellent coffee as well...
  3. As the owner of a late pair of these I would say this is a very high end speaker at a good price. They are a fabulous sound with all types of music
  4. IanS

    Best show yet?

    Thanks all. Great show. I can't believe after being saturated with music all day I'm now ignoring my wife and spinning my old vinyl. All those decks got me excited about the blank stuff again. Edit. Oh yes, the parking
  5. Nice re ECM, I have the older Mechanika model. I bought it two years ago from Bella Barista and it has been excellent. One thing to note, don't screw up the steam and hot water valves tight. They rest on a soft rubber stopper which can get cut up if you are too brutal. I couldn't resist and bought a gene cafe roaster at the same time, plus a Eureka grinder. I roast about a kilo every 3 weeks, and couldn't go back to mainstream blends.
  6. IanS

    Dad passed away after long fight.

    I can only echo the sentiments to enjoy it while you can. 3 months ago I got a double heart bypass for my 50th birthday. Very sudden, I look after myself etc. You don't know what's around that corner.
  7. IanS

    Bicycle disc brake gurus?

    My feelings exactly - I have far too many bikes, trikes, recumbents, tandems and velomobiles. Each has a very different setup, with drums, disks, cantilevers, V-brakes, hydraulic rim brakes. I ride each one as its' setup dictates and am happy with all. Aside from the fast and relatively heavy velomobile that only has a pair of 70mm drums, but discs would arguably overheat and stick with road dirt in that environment (especially Avids ).
  8. IanS

    Bicycle disc brake gurus?

    Having a number of bikes with various braking systems I almost agree with Alan. My 95 Klein Attitude with xt rim brakes in perfect conditions is almost as good as a light set of disc brakes. On a long steep descent they do get soft and fade. Introduce contaminants like mud sand and water and their effectiveness is severely reduced. Snow and ice forget it. Discs are much more consistent. Discs on road bikes, I'm definitely on the other side of the fence. Although I am only a fat 49 year old I'm still not taking you on down Fort William. On discs or otherwise:nup:
  9. IanS

    Bicycle disc brake gurus?

    Both pads and discs wear. The discs, depending on material can become very shiny, or ridged. This is much more likely than people realise. However, in this case you need to buy new pads. Over the years I have tried sanding, cooking, soaking and burning pads to revieve them, with little long term success. They get contaminated very easily. Just don't forget to clean the discs thoroughly before the new pads contact them.
  10. IanS

    Interesting Focal based speakers

    Been a while since I've seen these. I watched their build over the months of loving care it took. With the active system he drove them with, they make a hell of a big, cohesive sound. I'd like to say they are less obvious in the flesh, but they are very much in your face. Extremely well built and a lot of care went into the design.
  11. IanS

    Power inspired 1500W mains regenerator

    I have a PS Audio PPP regenerator, which I got initially to drop my sometimes 249v to a more acceptable level. Despite having a dedicated mains unit etc I found an increase in sound quality with the PPP connected. However, recently, I put my valve integrated straight from the mains and gained a little more definition, especially in the bass. I am wondering how the Power Inspired compares (Jerry?), as I am looking at trying a Pure Power as well. The regeneration concept is definitely for me, to sort voltage if nothing else, but wondering if I can better the PPP for less than the Pure Power?
  12. IanS

    Fuck me!!

    I think they look great and if I could physically fit them in my room I would be very interested.
  13. IanS

    Linn vs Naim Mid-range Streamers

    I had an ADS/0 for over a year and although I was pleased with its general presentation, especially over the Naim alternative, it did leave me cold. I tried both Klimax variants in my system and they were hugely impressive, with detail and soundstage aplenty from the later model, However, for me, all the Linn variants lacked a certain something and did not involve. The Naim I have heard had more rythmn, but sounded muddled. I now have a PSAudio PerfectWave mk2, which brings together the qualities I was looking for from the others. Perhaps the ultimate etched detail of the KDS/1 is missing, but that may just be aural memory anyway. Sorted. There is definitely a gain to be made by sorting the server settings though. Different methods of serving up the bits has made a difference in my system/mind, and I am currently using Asset on Windows Home Server transcoding FLAC to the network bridge in the DAC. Happy for now, and it is so much easier than CD. I cannot comment on CD v streamed at the level I am now at, but if I want to get up and select music in a tactile fashion, I play vinyl. That is another story.
  14. IanS

    What streamer

    As a follow-on to my comments above, I have upgraded to the MkII version of the PSAudio DAC with bridge to allow streaming. If I was impressed before, I am very impressed now. It plays very nicely, still in an unforced manner, and has a great deal of flexibility. I can control the music by IPad or Android phone. Even my wife can listen to our FLAC library through her iPhone dock in the shed, then come in and control the PSAudio through the same app (PlugPlayer), without ITunes rearing its ugly head I am of the opinion that there is a great deal of difference between digital sources before the DAC, and the DAC itself. At the risk of repeating myself, I find the Linn presentation to be impressive, but just not for me.
  15. IanS

    Mains Regeneration (Any one using)

    Interested how you find the P5 in terms of sound quality. I tried a PSAudio PPP, the previous gen of the P5/10 at home and could not believe the impact on the sound. I had primarily considered it as my mains incoming varies from 240 to 250 and had already upset my integrated amp. My mains is already on a dedicated spur with its own RCD box and every component on its own tail, but the addition of the PPP really cleaned up the sound and brought out the music from the background. Much more dynamic sound. The P5 is being talked of as another step up in sound, but the price is very off putting, so I will avoid listening to one myself.