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  1. s2000db


    We've seen these performances time and time again over the past ten years, we have the odd brilliant game against a top team (though I'd argue that Chelsea aren't a contender this year), and then a couple of games later, lose to Swansea, Stoke or Southampton. There is something in the psyche of the club that stops them being consistent and fighting hard for every game, and don't kid yourselves you've seen this repeated every season. The club has never been the same since David Dein left, and he was an integral part to the management of the club/team.. You will not see anything but the same story repeated again and again under this manager, his time has passed... I've been consistently saying this, on this forum for over five years, but like misguided cable believers, some of you are blinkered by past glories and and a dream that the good times will somehow happen again under this manager... Despite being abused and sworn at on here over the years for saying what some of you don't want to hear, the fact is I'm right and the situation has not changed one jot during this time... in fact some of you have changed your position on the cause for the team's continuing performance rut, and I deeply respect you for that. Some of you wont change your mind or accept the reality of the situation, and good luck to you for that also.. Some of you are newish posters to this thread, and I admire your continued enthusiasm for the status quo at the club. However if you want to see change then it's in the supporters hands, if not then please continue as before. Just a suggestion, have a look at the first 20 or so pages of this thread, over five years ago, look at the comments and frustrations expressed. Has anything changed? Peace and love.. 😃
  2. s2000db


    Why did you think that anything would or should change?
  3. That's what you get, when you label anyone who opposes uncontrolled immigration, as racists and bigots.. imo..
  4. He was awful 20 years ago when I heard him in concert solo, at the Albert Hall... Total waste of skill and money imo...
  5. No problem for me either, jeepers, I'm a leftie, yet play golf right handed and can do everything equally with both hands bar writing... The reality is that right handed people are totally one-sided, and if faced with a left handed task only, would fail miserably! In fact lefties are far more intelligent than righties, and have a much more developed brain to work out and utilise our multi-faceted skills?
  6. Hopefully that'll stop KJ going bust every other year then?
  7. Both work equally well, just depends on what you prefer and how much you wish to spend! Good luck with your quest, I no longer work in the industry, so please contact UKD directly if you need more information.
  8. Nah, Karcher and Dyson, specially designed to break...
  9. Getting into Fuji Phil? If so that lens is a cracker, but the deal not so good..
  10. Yes, I suppose only a new number will avoid this for a while, sorry I can't help more...
  11. Oh ok, sorry that it didn't work, there's some other models also.. - - - Updated - - - Or go ex-directory and a new phone number???
  12. Try one of these mate.... http://www.springchicken.co.uk/technology/landline-phones/nuisance-call-blockers.html