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  1. unintended1

    Twitchers Thread

    I see loads of Red Kites flying around but very rarely see them perched. So I was pleased with this somewhat distant shot. Perched Red Kite by Keith M, on Flickr
  2. unintended1

    Sony A7R4

    Looks like a beast on the spec sheet and they have increased the size of the grip and buttons a bit which is good.
  3. unintended1

    Three Words Daily

    Glass for glaziers
  4. unintended1

    Twitchers Thread

    What a bird that is! Great shot Tillman.
  5. unintended1

    Three Words Daily

    mines a 99
  6. unintended1

    one word daily

  7. unintended1

    one word daily

  8. unintended1

    Twitchers Thread

    Another from yesterday. An angelic common tern: Angelic Common Tern by Keith M, on Flickr
  9. unintended1

    Twitchers Thread

    Thanks guys. After many failed attempts I was so pleased to finally get close enough for a shot like this.
  10. unintended1

    Twitchers Thread

    This one made my day! Juvenile Kingfisher: Kingfisher by Keith M, on Flickr
  11. unintended1

    Random image of the day 3

    Fantastic shot!
  12. unintended1

    one word daily

  13. unintended1

    Random image of the day 3

    Blue-tailed damselfly. A new species for me. Blue-tailed Damselfly by Keith M, on Flickr
  14. unintended1

    Three Words Daily

    A menagerie accompanied
  15. unintended1

    Three Words Daily

    Dawn enjoys bestiality