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  1. brucer2

    Advice, do I go valve, or stay SS class A??

    S**tlist = shortlist?
  2. Read the headline, people may not go, mistakenly thinking all tickets for the show are sold !!
  3. Great, glad you're sorted.
  4. It's only wire. I suppose shielding may help if your system is in a location with very high emf. But in a home ??? But everyone is free to spend their hard earned cash on whatever they like, and if it makes you feel good then spend to your limit.
  5. brucer2

    netflix - anything good on there worth watching?

    I did a month's free trial, but after a week ran out of good content to watch!
  6. Where in West York's, I'm going past Leeds
  7. brucer2

    How old are Wammers? Poll, Please Vote

    The poll should be extended to include sex and ethnicity. Don't think there would be any surprises.
  8. brucer2

    Logitech Harmony One universal remote

    Cracking product!
  9. brucer2

    Google has discontinued Chromecast Audio

    Wouls it be possible to use a regular Chromecast and convert the HDMI to RCA?
  10. brucer2

    one word daily

  11. brucer2

    PP's weekend quiz

  12. brucer2

    Spider's Xmas Bake off 1st December

    I'm packed and pie in fridge!
  13. Nice to see some cracking rock albums